History MCQs

History MCQs

Answer these 100+ History MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of History.
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1: ________ is a prime example of the rayonnant (radiant) of the high gothic age.

A.   Sainte-Chapelle

B.   Blanche of Castile

C.   Saint Elizabeth, Marburg

D.   Salisbury Cathedral

2: Most europeans live in _____

A.   One

B.   South Africa

C.   Urban areas

D.   Declining

3: The metric system was devised by _____.

A.   The French

B.   English

C.   Geometry

D.   Decimal point, right

4: The word that describes a person who is open-minded and understands all the facts is _____.

A.   Autocratic

B.   Enlightened

C.   Flamboyant

D.   Despot

5: The democratic split was so severe during the 1860 elections that _____.

A.   They ran two candidates for the presidency

B.   The majority of the members joined the Republican party

C.   They had no candidates running for the presidential election

D.   The party disbanded

6: Research suggests that undocumented immigrants are likely _____.

A.   Paying more at the federal level than they are receiving, and less at the local level

B.   The Constitution would be a living, breathing document that would change with the times

C.   The rise of a thriving domestic slave trade

D.   None of these

7: The framers created article 5 to ensures that ____________.

A.   The Constitution would be a living, breathing document that would change with the times

B.   Paying more at the federal level than they are receiving, and less at the local level

C.   The rise of a thriving domestic slave trade

8: The 1842 coal mines act forbade the underground employment of _____ in mines.

A.   Men

B.   Oliver Twist

C.   Women and boys under the age of ten

D.   Men and women over the age of fifty

9: When the harlem renaissance first began it was called the _____.

A.   New Negro Movement

B.   New Negro Renaissance

C.   Negro Renaissance

D.   None of the above

10: After her marriage, fanny mendelssohn hensel was responsible for _____.

A.   Conductor

B.   Quick moving notes that accompany the melody

C.   Organizing the family Sunday salon concerts

D.   None of these

11: A basic difference between psychoanalysis and the other systems of psychology was that ____.

A.   Helped to establish psychology as an independent science

B.   Ideas or experiences she found disgusting

C.   Other systems had an academic background and a focus

12: Hull intended to express the laws of behavior in the language of ____.

A.   Vectors (response directions and strengths)

B.   Field theory

C.   Valences (reward values)

D.   Mathematics

E.   Behavior

13: The dominant area of study for the neobehaviorists was ____.

A.   Perception

B.   The neurophysiology of the brain

C.   Learning

D.   Unconscious mental processes

E.   None of the choices are correct.

14: Alexis de tocqueville argued that the proliferation of interest groups promoted ________.

A.   Newsletter

B.   Governmental responsiveness

C.   Issue network.

D.   5,500

15: In 1996, the republican share of the presidential vote was approximately ___%.

A.   50

B.   60

C.   70

D.   30

16: A writ of habeas corpus requests an examination of the legality of____________.

A.   Conditions

B.   Confinement

C.   Length of sentence

D.   Sentence

17: ____ produced the theory of cranioscopy.

A.   Flourens

B.   Broca

C.   Spurzheim

D.   Gall

E.   Hall

18: A major theme of freud's system, borrowed from darwin, was the ____.

A.   Importance of the sex drive throughout life

B.   The concept of childhood sexuality

C.   Freud's System

D.   Nne of this

19: An approach to learning termed ____ was developed by thorndike.

A.   Connectionism

B.   Making connections

C.   Use of mentalistic processes

D.   All of this

20: Consistent with james's views, pavlov argued that ____.

A.   Psychology was in the preparadigmatic phase

B.   Psychology was a mentalistic interpretation of physiology

C.   Classical conditioning was the paradigm needed for psychology to become a science

D.   Psychology was not yet a science

E.   Psychology was still in the realm of philosophy

21: Despite romanes's deficiencies in methodology, he is respected by scientists for his ____.

A.   Stimulation of the development of comparative psychology

B.   Kant

C.   Apperception

D.   Stimulation of the development of comparative psychology

22: In the study of finches' beaks, the biologists peter and rosemary grant found that ____.

A.   Under drought conditions, more thick-than thin-beaked birds survived and reproduced

B.   When heavy rains became common, birds with slender beaks flourished

C.   Darwin had underestimated the power of natural selection

D.   In only one generation, natural selection produced a better-adapted species

E.   All of these

23: The "third stage" of behaviorism refers to ____.

A.   The implementation of behaviorism's laws of learning in clinical psychology

B.   The reframing of psychoanalytic concepts in behavioristic terms

C.   Sociobehaviorism

D.   The return to Watsonian thought

E.   The advent of humanism

24: Freud claimed that his discovery was ____.

A.   A way to scientifically study the unconscious mind

B.   The treatment of mental disorders

C.   Vives

D.   None of this

25: Object relations theorists emphasize the ____ influences on personality

A.   A peak experience

B.   Social factors

C.   Social and environmental

D.   College students

E.   Jung was not Jewish

26: Freud wanted ____ to take over the psychoanalytic school.

A.   Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, and Karen Horney.?

B.   Carl Jung

C.   Anna Freud

D.   None of this

27: The ego psychologists emphasized the influence of ____ while de-emphasizing the role of ____.

A.   ​parents;biological forces

B.   Conscious forces;unconscious forces

C.   Conscious forces;social forces

D.   Social forces;biological forces

E.   The superego;the id​

28: Provided that students and colleagues were properly respectful, titchener was ____ to them.

A.   Kind and helpful

B.   Distant but cordial

C.   Titchener and külpe; wundt

D.   Intelligent, smart

29: Freud's self-analysis was precipitated by ____.

A.   The worsening of his own neurotic symptoms

B.   The outlines of the Oedipus complex

C.   Hostility toward his father

D.   All of the choices are correct.

30: Neither congress nor the states can pass a(n) ____ that inflicts punishment without a court trial.

A.   Miranda Rule

B.   Bill of attainder

C.   Existing death penalty laws were unconstitutional because they gave too much discretion to judges and juries

D.   The Bill or rights is for the National Government, and the 14th amendment is for the States and their local government

31: According to the perspective of shareholder capitalism, _____.

A.   Shareholders in public stock companies are restricted from buying shares of two competing companies

B.   Shareholders in public stock companies have the most legitimate claim on profits

C.   Shareholders in public stock companies have significant decision-making power

D.   Shareholders in public stock companies have unlimited financial liability

32: _________ is known for his traditional story ballets.

A.   Tchaikovsky

B.   Arbeau

C.   Piazzolla

D.   Stravinsky

33: The earliest organisms were most likely _____.

A.   Proto-cells

B.   Plants and fungi

C.   Prokaryotic

D.   Multicellular

E.   Eukaryotic

34: The creator of monadology was ____.

A.   Kant

B.   Leibnitz

C.   La Mettrie

D.   Watson

E.   Aristotle

35: If the fed were to impose a slight increase in the required reserves ratio, there would be _____.

A.   An increase in the money supply

B.   No change in the money supply

C.   An increase, then a decrease, in the money supply

D.   A decrease in the money supply

36: "a white heron" is told from the point of view of _____.

A.   Sylvia

B.   The hunter

C.   An omniscient narrator

D.   A first-person narrator

37: States that are too close to call in a presidential election are _____.

A.   Battleground states

B.   Battlefront states

C.   Blue states

D.   Red states

38: The __________ attempted to wrestle an eight-hour day from mining companies.

A.   Western Federation of Miners

B.   International Workers of the World

C.   American Federation of Labor

D.   Laborers and Miners Union

39: Both the greeks and the ____ had a major influence on the development of rome.

A.   Etruscans

B.   Aequi

C.   Sabines

D.   Hoplitese

40: Strict constructionists want congress to _____.

A.   Interpret the constitution

B.   Control trade between states

C.   Create new powers for government

D.   Use only expressed powers

41: This passage from the declaration of independence supports the ______________ of the document.

A.   He has abdicated government here, by declaring us out of his protection and waging war against us.

B.   He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

C.   He is at this time

D.   None of these

42: To help them handle minor civil complaints and misdemeanor cases, federal judges appoint _____.

A.   District attorneys

B.   Bailiffs

C.   U.S. magistrates

D.   Clerks

43: To try to gain control over west berlin, the soviet union _____.

A.   Threatened that part of the city with troops and tanks

B.   Set up a total blockade which cut off that section of the city

C.   Went to the UN and demanded control of that part of the city

D.   Operated a massive airlift to bring in needed supplies

44: Using either the district plan or the proportional plan to reform the electoral college _____.

A.   Would require constitutional changes

B.   Would ensure that the winner of the popular vote would become President would be considered unconstitutional

C.   Would not ensure that the winner of the popular vote would become President

D.   None of these

45: With its original sound created from a variety of musical styles, jazz became _____.

A.   Cause of new divisions between white and black americans a symbol of american

B.   Domination of the post-world war i world a demonstration of the depth and richness of african american

C.   Culture mainly associated with white musicians in the northern united states

D.   All of these

46: Last night, the jazz band __________ duke ellington songs in perfect harmony.

A.   Were playing.

B.   Have played.

C.   Play.

D.   Was playing if it was

47: Michael brecker is a _______________?

A.   Bossa Nova

B.   Gilles Peterson

C.   Two of the answers are correct.

D.   All the above

48: Sally manns photograph the new mothers was made ________.

A.   In black and white

B.   As a photomontage.

C.   In color

D.   All of the other answers.

49: Toward the end of titchener's career, he came to favor the ____ method instead of the ____ method.

A.   Psychophysiological; psychological

B.   Psychoanalytic; structuralist

C.   Introspective; Wundtian

D.   Behavioristic; mentalistic

E.   Phenomenological; introspective

50: The mass extinction at the end of the mesozoic era was caused by ______.

A.   Solar radiation

B.   An ice age

C.   A meteor or asteroid colliding with Earth

D.   Volcanic activity