Internet Programming MCQs

Internet Programming MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Internet Programming MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Internet Programming by answering these multiple-choice questions.
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1: To create a button that will clear the form fields, you use a type of ____.

A.   Command.

B.   Reset.

C.   Option.

D.   None of these

2: A mobile browser will interpret a _____ event as a tap event in which a user taps a page object.

A.   Selection

B.   ​compilation

C.   ​hover

D.   Block

3: If you do not set the orientation value, browsers print the output in ____ by default.

A.   Landscape

B.   Portrait

C.   Preview

D.   PDF

4: In a payback analysis, the ____ cost is a one-time cost that occurs in year 0.

A.   Operation and Maintenance

B.   Time-Adjusted

C.   Development

D.   Cumulative Time-Adjusted

5: What is Internet programming?

A.   The process of designing computer networks for internet service providers

B.   The process of developing and managing web applications and websites that run on the internet

C.   The process of configuring routers and switches for optimal internet connectivity

D.   The process of creating internet protocols and standards

6: Which programming languages are commonly used for client-side scripting in web development?

A.   Python and Java

B.   C# and PHP

C.   JavaScript and HTML

D.   Ruby and Swift

7: What does CSS stand for in Internet programming?

A.   Creative Style Sheets

B.   Cascading Style Sheets

C.   Computer System Standards

D.   Client-Side Scripting

8: Which programming language is often used for server-side scripting in web development?

A.   JavaScript

B.   Python

C.   PHP


9: What is the purpose of AJAX in Internet programming?

A.   To create responsive and interactive user interfaces

B.   To secure web applications from external threats

C.   To compress and optimize web page resources

D.   To enable asynchronous communication between the client and server

10: Which protocol is used to transfer data between a web server and a web browser?



C.   FTP


11: What does API stand for in Internet programming?

A.   Advanced Programming Interface

B.   Application Programming Interface

C.   Automated Programming Interface

D.   Active Programming Interface

12: What is the purpose of cookies in Internet programming?

A.   To store client-side scripts on the user's computer

B.   To enable secure data transmission between the client and server

C.   To store user-specific information and maintain session state

D.   To encrypt sensitive data in web applications

A.   Search engine optimization (SEO)

B.   Scalability

C.   Usability

D.   Web accessibility

14: What is the purpose of a web server in Internet programming?

A.   To store and manage databases for web applications

B.   To process client-side scripts in the web browser

C.   To handle incoming requests from web browsers and serve web pages

D.   To manage user authentication and authorization in web applications