Manufacturing Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) MCQs

Manufacturing Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) MCQs

Answer these 100+ Manufacturing Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) MCQ and see how sharp is your knowledge of Manufacturing Engineering (Mechanical Engineering).
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1: What is the name of the method used to reduce waste during the manufacturing cycle?

A.   Flow-line process

B.   Continuous flow method

C.   Single-minute exchange of die

D.   Selective application of pressure

E.   Shear force method

2: What is the Standard Operating Procedure document used for?

A.   Recording and documenting every step of a process

B.   Increased efficiency and quality assurance

C.   Managing resources

D.   Controlling the budget

E.   Ensuring all work is conducted in accordance with company policy

3: What is the written record that documents and provides instruction for the steps included in a process or procedure?

A.   Procedure Manual

B.   Standard Operating Procedure

C.   Procedure Sheet

D.   Work Flow Chart

4: What is another term for a statement of work?

A.   Project plan


C.   SOW

D.   MAP

5: What kind of performance is measured by the Total Effective Equipment Performance metric?

A.   Production

B.   Capacity utilization

C.   Inventory

D.   Capacity

E.   Processing

6: How is TEEP used to determine a production environment's potential?

A.   By simulating production conditions on a computer

B.   By monitoring environmental factors

C.   To identify and evaluate potential new equipment

D.   To compare the performance of the current environment with that of other production environments

E.   Based on the performance level of its current equipment

7: What term is used by marketing and commercialization teams to describe the overall feedback from customers?

A.   Voice of the User

B.   Return on Investment

C.   Voice of the Customer

D.   Net Promoter Score

E.   Feedback loop

8: What is another name for the Voice of the Customer?

A.   Customer Service

B.   Voice of the Customer Rep

C.   VoC

D.   CRM

E.   Voice of the Customer Advocate

9: What type of customers experience is measured by VoC?

A.   Experiences with the company

B.   Experiences with the team

C.   Experiences with the product

D.   Experiences with the support

10: What does "shitsuke" mean?

A.   Shut up

B.   Please

C.   Sustain

D.   Successor

E.   Success

11: What are the five Japanese words in the theory's name?

A.   Seiri (sort), seito (set in order), seishin (shine), seiketsu (standardize), and shitsuke (sustain)

B.   Seiri (sort), seiton (set in order), seiso (shine), seiketsu (standardize), and shitsuke (sustain)

C.   Hana (flower), umi (ocean), honmono (person), and yakuza

D.   Kaze (wind), furu (thunder), kamui (rain), and tsunami

12: What does Wikipedia call an assembly line?

A.   A manufacturing process

B.   A factory

C.   A production line

13: A manufacturing analytics platform can determine the availability of a machine by collecting and calculating what?

A.   Percentage of done work

B.   Downtime

C.   Capacity utilization

D.   Energy usage

E.   Machine utilization

14: A BOM includes all the materials and parts needed to complete what?

A.   A specific part of a product

B.   A drawing

C.   A set of instructions

D.   A particular product

15: What is an example use of a bill of materials?

A.   Purchasing

B.   Manufacturing

C.   Procurement

D.   Consulting

E.   Project management

16: What is the name of the document that contains all of the parts and materials needed to complete a product?

A.   Parts List

B.   Bill of Materials

C.   Manual of Operations

D.   Component List

E.   Production Plan

17: What is the term used when equipment is arranged in small increments?

A.   The production line

B.   Cellular manufacturing

C.   Logistics

D.   Packaging

18: What does the term cell represent in cellular manufacturing?

A.   The process of manufacturing cells

B.   A factory floor

C.   Small increments

D.   A factory

E.   A single cell

19: What does the CMM ensure are correct?

A.   Processes

B.   Measurements

C.   Outputs

D.   Management Policies

20: What tool ensures measurements are correct?

A.   Ticketer

B.   Coordinate-measuring Machine

C.   Survey Meter

D.   Protractor

E.   Ruler

21: What type of product is affected by a CMM?

A.   Plastic

B.   Metal

C.   Glass

D.   Paper

22: For example, it is used by ERP and MES systems for what?

A.   Scheduling, purchasing, and production cost

B.   Database design

C.   Manufacturing

D.   Inventory control

E.   Inventory and receivables management

23: What term is used in the manufacturing sector?

A.   Production Line

B.   Capacity

C.   Cycle Time

D.   Speed

24: It is used by what systems for scheduling, purchasing, and production cost?

A.   Sales and marketing systems

B.   ERP and MES systems

C.   Budgeting, scheduling, and production systems

D.   Manufacturing systems

E.   Sales and purchasing systems

25: What is the amount of time a plant or particular cell or line is down, or off-line, and not producing any product?

A.   Suspended animation

B.   A week

C.   Shutdown

D.   Downtime

E.   A day

26: How much downtime is there in the industrial world?

A.   This is how long it usually takes to repair or replace equipment

B.   This is the amount of time it takes to restart or reactivate a plant

C.   The amount of time an average worker spends away from the plant

D.   This is the duration of a supply interruption

E.   This is the amount of time a plant or particular cell, line, or machine is down, or off-line

27: In a manufacturing environment, what are the products that have completed all stages of production?

A.   Finished goods and incomplete products

B.   Incomplete products

C.   Processed goods

D.   Finished goods

28: What are finished goods in a manufacturing environment?

A.   Materials

B.   Products

C.   Raw materials

D.   Parts

E.   Finished goods

29: What does HMI stand for?

A.   Host Management Interface

B.   Human-Machine Interface

C.   Health Monitoring Interface

D.   Home Automation Interface

E.   Hardware Management Interface

30: What is the term used to describe a system of interrelated smart devices?

A.   Smart Grid

B.   Internet of Things

C.   Automated Transport Systems

D.   Internet of Everything

31: What type of devices are used when referring to the internet of things?

A.   Phone

B.   Cellphones

C.   Tablet

D.   Computers

E.   Smart

32: What is the name of the organization that describes a world where just about anything can be connected and communicate in an intelligent fashion?

A.   A.I.

B.   IoT

C.   Social Media

D.   The Internet of Things

E.   Phone Company

33: What is a definition of IoT found in A-to-Z Guide to the Internet of Things?

A.   IoT is the use of embedded systems in buildings

B.   The IoT links objects to the Internet

C.   The IoT is a network of devices that can be controlled remotely

34: What does GSI stand for?

A.   Governmental Services Institute

B.   Government Sponsored Investment Corporation

C.   Governmental support institution

D.   Global infrastructure for the information society

E.   Gender-sensitive interpretation

35: Smart factories contain machinery and what else?

A.   Resources

B.   Analytics

C.   Human resources

D.   People

E.   Energy

36: Industrial sector is experimenting with which new technology?

A.   Industrial Internet of Things

B.   3D printing

C.   Robotics

37: In a MTA strategy, parts are available in what stage of manufacturing?

A.   Operate

B.   Make

C.   Plan

D.   Repair

E.   Test

38: There are a couple of different types of manufacturing production processes. A make to assemble strategy focuses on having what available?

A.   Readily made parts

B.   Quick assembly

C.   Low cost

D.   Parts that are readily available

E.   Parts that are easily interchangeable

39: What is not possible with an MTA strategy?

A.   Low customization

B.   Full customization

C.   Continuous learning

D.   You cannot use variables

E.   Continuous delivery

40: A custom piece of furniture or a custom car are both examples of what?

A.   A retrofit product

B.   An after-market product

C.   A customized product

D.   A made-to-order (MTO) product

E.   A personalized product

41: What is a term for MTS?

A.   Manufacturing Trade Statistic

B.   Make to Stock

C.   Mass Update Service

D.   Machine Translation Service

E.   Manufacturing Tax System

42: What is the acronym for Make to Stock?

A.   MKT

B.   MTS



E.   MTN

43: What is the MTBF for a machine or machinery?

A.   Mean Time to First Failure

B.   Mean Time Between Failures and Mean Time Between Repairs

C.   Mean Time Between Repair

D.   Mean Time Between Failures

44: MTBF calculates the average time between what?

A.   Maintenance activities

B.   System updates

C.   Requests for service

D.   Failures

E.   Product failures

45: What does MTBF calculate?

A.   The number of months between deliveries

B.   The average time between replacements

C.   The average time between repairs

D.   The average time between failures

46: What is the most well-known metric in the manufacturing industry?

A.   Cycle Time

B.   Cost per Unit

C.   Process Efficiency

D.   Line Speed

E.   Equipment Effectiveness

47: What is another name for Equipment Effectiveness?

A.   Reliability

B.   Effectiveness

C.   OEE

D.   WII

E.   PP

48: The OPC standards apply to what?

A.   Telecommunications

B.   Industrial telecommunication

C.   Computing

D.   Wireless networks

E.   Optical fiber networks

49: What does OPC stand for?

A.   Open Package Computing

B.   Open Process Computing

C.   Object-oriented programming

D.   Open Platform Communications

E.   Object-oriented database

50: In the factory , what is the software tasked with changing?

A.   Parts needed to produce a finished product

B.   Employees' work schedules

C.   Variety of products

D.   Packages of raw materials

E.   Machine processes