Network Analysis MCQs

Network Analysis MCQs

The following Network Analysis MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Network Analysis. We encourage you to answer these multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: The poles with greater displacement from the real axis correspond to

A.   Higher frequencies of oscillation

B.   Stable response

C.   Lower frequencies of oscillation

D.   Unbounded output

2: Two similar coupled coils are connected in series. The total inductance in series aiding connection is 100 mH. If currents is 3 A, the energy stored in magnetic field is

A.   0.9 J

B.   0.45 J

C.   0.225 J

D.   1.8 J

3: In a two terminals network the O.C. voltage measured at the given terminals is 100 V and s.c., currents at the same terminals 5 A. If a load of 80 Ω resistance is connected at the terminals, load current is

A.   1 A

B.   1.25 A

C.   6 A

D.   6.25 A

4: Two similar coils have self inductance of 1 mH each. Coefficient of coupling is 0.5. The mutual inductance M is

A.   0.25 mH

B.   0.5 mH

C.   0.707 mH

D.   1 mH

5: Which statement is true for an ac circuit?

A.   Active power is always less than apparent power

B.   Active power cannot be more than apparent power

C.   Active power is always more than reactive power

D.   Active power cannot be more than reactive power

6: Three resistance of 15 Ω each are connected in delta. The resistance of equivalent star will have a value of

A.   15 Ω

B.   5 Ω

C.   5/3 Ω

D.   45 Ω

7: In a parallel resonant circuit, the circuit current at resonance is maximum.

A.   True

B.   False

8: An RLC series circuit is under damped. To make it over damped, the value of R

A.   Has to be increased

B.   Has to be decreased

C.   Has to be increased to infinity

D.   Has to be reduced to zero

9: The terms RMS and average values apply only to sine waves.

A.   True

B.   False

10: The synthesis of minimum function was suggested by

A.   O'Brune

B.   R. Richards

C.   Bott and Duffin

D.   None of the above

11: A current is flowing through a conductor with non-uniform area of cross-section. Then

A.   Current will be different at different cross-sections.

B.   Current will be the same at all the cross-sections.

C.   Current will be different but current density will be same at all the cross-sections

D.   Current will be the same but current density will be different at different cross-sections.

12: A series RLC circuit has a resonant frequency of 1000 Hz. The maximum voltage across C is likely to occur at a frequency of about

A.   1000 Hz

B.   2000 Hz

C.   1025 Hz

D.   975 Hz

13: Two coils having self inductances of 10 mH and 40 mH are mutually coupled. The maximum possible mutual inductance is

A.   40 mH

B.   20 mH

C.   10 mH

D.   5 mH

14: A capacitor used for power factor correction is single phase circuit decreases

A.   Power factor

B.   Line current

C.   Both line current and p.f.

D.   The line current and increases p.f.

15: A two branch tuned circuit has a coil of resistance R and inductance L in one branch and capacitance C in the second branch. If R is increased, the dynamic resistance

A.   Increases

B.   Decreases

C.   Remains constant

D.   May increases or decreases

16: A ____ ip address is one which can be accessed by packets on the internet.

A.   BitTorrent

B.   Routers

C.   Routable

D.   DSL modem