Railway Engineering MCQs

Railway Engineering MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Railway Engineering MCQs. We encourage you to test your Railway Engineering knowledge by answering these multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: What is a Conductor Rail?

A.   A rail constructed to protect the tracks from weather damage

B.   A rail through which electricity is supplied to electric-powered trains.

C.   A railway line used to transport passengers

D.   A railway line used to transport freight

2: How much volts is used to electrify a line?

A.   25,000 volts AC or 750 volts DC

B.   10,000 volts AC

C.   20,000 volts DC

D.   5,000 volts AC

3: What is the purpose of isolating electrical equipment?

A.   Energy saving

B.   Prevent electric shock

C.   Disconnect it from all sources of electrical supply

D.   Increase the voltage

4: What does Isolation refer to?

A.   The action of causing electrical sections or sub-sections of the OLE or CRE to be isolated

B.   The practice of separating people from the general population

C.   The action of disconnecting electrical power

D.   Creating a barrier between substances or objects

5: What is necessary for electrical equipment to be isolated?

A.   Disconnection from all sources of electricity supply in a secure way

B.   Connecting to a grounded source

C.   Adding extra insulation

D.   Connecting to a separate power source

6: What does Live Connected refer to?

A.   An electrical supply

B.   A water supply

C.   A fiber-optic connection

D.   A wireless network