Social Studies MCQs

Social Studies MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Social Studies MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Social Studies by answering these 70+ multiple-choice questions.
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1: Structural component changes include ________.

A.   ​physical, psychological, and behavioral

B.   Combining departmental responsibilities

C.   Coming up with things that​ don't exist

D.   There is a leadership change

2: The class date, calendar, and arraylist are in the ________ package.


B.   Java.lang

C.   Javax.swing

D.   Java.util

3: Using water more efficiently _______.

A.   Protects the environment

B.   Causes the loss of natural pollution filters

C.   Increases water contamination

D.   All of the above

4: Workers who get to be a part of effective teams are likely to have ______.

A.   Increased self-esteem

B.   Decreased skill sets

C.   Increased vacation time

D.   Decreased communication

5: The relationship between an interface and the class that implements it is ________.

A.   True

B.   It compiles fine

C.   Inheritance

D.   Abstract class A { abstract void unfinished();

6: The type of utility on which production and operations management focuses is ____ utility.

A.   Place

B.   Time

C.   Form

D.   Possession

E.   Need

7: Frequent use of metaphors is a key characteristic of the ____________ pattern

A.   Sequence

B.   Precision

C.   Technical

D.   Reasoning

E.   Confluence

8: A(n) _____ list is used to display information in sequential order.

A.   ​reference ​

B.   Tasks

C.   ​ordered

D.   Bulleted

9: According to mcclelland, _____.

A.   ​needs are learned, not innate

B.   ​people are motivated by their highest unsatisfied need

C.   Rewards are tangible, not intangible

D.   People can be motivated only by one need at a time

10: In a simultaneous move game, ________.

A.   Each player has to make his choice without knowing his rival's choice

B.   A game in which players act in rational, self-interested ways that leave everyone worse off

C.   Players choose their actions at the same time

D.   In which each player chooses strategies that are mutual best responses

11: __________signs communicate laws.

A.   Warning

B.   Regulatory

C.   Cautionary

D.   Guide

12: __________ signs communicate laws all drivers must understand and obey

A.   Regulatory

B.   Warning

C.   Construction

D.   Traffic

13: During a grand jury indictment only _________________ presents evidence

A.   The Prosecution

B.   The Defense

C.   The Accused

D.   The Judge

14: Positive thinking leads towards more creative solutions because positive thinkers _______.

A.   Think in differnt contexts

B.   Are more optimistic

C.   Eat food like carrots

D.   Are typically right brain dominant

15: Reading and gazing at the stars are two ways to __________.

A.   Relax

B.   Express yourself

C.   Increase confidence

D.   Seek support

16: The ming government chose to adopt a policy of _____

A.   Capitalism

B.   Isolationism

C.   Imperialism

D.   Socialism

17: The three leading causes of fatal collisions are __________________.

A.   Impaired drivers, weather conditions, and weaving in and out of your lane

B.   Failing to maintain lane position, speeding, and impaired driving

C.   Speeding, impaired driving, and the weather conditions

D.   Failing to maintain lane position, speeding, and inexperienced drivers

18: The time you save passing another vehicle is usually __________.

A.   Critical

B.   Negligible

C.   Massive

D.   Important

19: To avoid punishment for serious crimes, house members will sometimes _____.

A.   Perform community service

B.   Resign from office

C.   Pay a fine to the House

D.   Plead guilty to charges

20: To maximize learning, a ________ should be presented on a(n) ________ schedule.

A.   CS + UCS; intermittent

B.   UCS alone; continuous

C.   UCS alone; intermittent

D.   CS + UCS; continuous

21: Twitters organizational culture most resembles a(n) ______ culture.

A.   Clan

B.   Competitive

C.   Adhocracy

D.   Hierarchy

22: Typically homes ___________ over time and cars ______________ over time

A.   Appreciate;depreciate

B.   Depreciate;appreciate

C.   Do not get affected

D.   None of these

23: According to this video, linux is an example of _____.

A.   Microsoft Office

B.   Open source operating system

C.   Application software

D.   None of these

24: Profit incentivizes _____.

A.   Entrepreneurs

B.   Markets

C.   Customers

D.   Governments

25: The __________ form(s) the eastern limit of the russian core:

A.   Caucasus

B.   Ob river

C.   Volga river

D.   Ural mountains

E.   Permafrost line

26: It's a good idea to refine___________, which is a good study habit

A.   Your listening skills

B.   Your athletic ability

C.   Your class schedule

D.   None of these

27: By having antitrust laws, the government _____ in the marketplace.

A.   Provides public goods

B.   Offers safer products

C.   Increases, lowers

D.   Increases competition

28: _____ are the agencies of the executive branch that make up the cabinet.

A.   Departments

B.   Commissions

C.   Bureaus

D.   Authorities

29: According to exploitation theory of prejudice, ________.

A.   People use others unfairly for economic advantage

B.   Childrearing leads one to develop intolerance as an adult

C.   Believe in equality among people and practice it

D.   Prejudice among specific subordinate groups

30: According to george herbert mead, the term significant other refers to individuals __________.

A.   Social contexts can have a huge impact on where individuals end up in life.

B.   Individuals close enough to us to have a strong capacity to motivate our behavior

C.   That we are always on stage, performing the self in the spotlight of others

D.   History and biography

31: Among korean americans, ________ is the organization holding the group together.

A.   The church

B.   Racial equality

C.   Maintaining traditions within the family household

D.   Developed ties to the larger economy

32: Diversity underlies virtually everything about arab americans, which is an example of ________.

A.   Racial profiling

B.   All of the above

C.   Sunnis

D.   Panethnicity

33: Drawing on the conflict perspective, sociologist howard waitzkin suggests that ________.

A.   Racial tensions contribute to the medical problems of African Americans

B.   Death resulting from hypertension is twice as common in Whites as in Blacks

C.   Significant differences exist among segments of the population with Blacks living longer than Whites

D.   Blacks are overrepresented while seeking medical care, donating blood, or signing up for organ donation

34: The stability of information over time is called its ____.

A.   Volatility

B.   Business-level

C.   Department-level

D.   Corporate-level

35: A collision occurs every __________

A.   20 seconds.

B.   30 minutes.

C.   6 seconds.

36: One disadvantage to the exemplar model is that there are __________.

A.   Very few features that need to be remembered

B.   Too many matches for each concept

C.   Too many exceptions to each concept

D.   Very few exceptions to each concept

37: Washington d.c. is to the united states as _________ is to canada.

A.   Winnipeg

B.   Ottawa

C.   Toronto

D.   Vancouver

E.   Montreal

38: You should give up your right-of-way when ______.

A.   Necessary to avoid a collision or unsafe action.

B.   Not necessary to avoid a collision or unsafe action.

C.   Necessary to avoid a collision or safe action.

D.   None of the above.

39: __________ is a good example of constituent casework.

A.   Helping a constituent navigate red tape

B.   To force a vote on a house bill that is otherwise stuck in committee

C.   Audits the financial expenditures of the executive branch

D.   Increasing jobs and revenue with federally funded projects.

40: ________ differs from aa in that there is no emphasis on spirituality or a higher power.

A.   SOS


C.   RR

D.   All of these.

41: _____ applies to laws that touch on the basic rights of a suspect class.

A.   Telling a lie to become a naturalized citizen

B.   The

C.   Rational basis

D.   The strict scrutiny test.

42: A student who reviews his notes every day after class is engaging in ____________ learning.

A.   Quiz

B.   Stimulus

C.   Intentional

D.   Individuals

43: A(n) __________ clause is typically contained in an acceptable use policy.

A.   Nonrepudation.

B.   Pirated Software

C.   Information MIS Information

D.   Agile MIS Information

44: _____ involve ranking or assigning importance to things, such as projects, goals, and tasks.

A.   Conclusions

B.   Positions

C.   Values

D.   Priorities

45: _____ may suspend a writ of habeas corpus in a time of war.

A.   Firearms are illegal for people who are mentally ill

B.   An indictment

C.   A law that applies to a crime committed before the law was passed.

D.   Congress and the President

46: ______ is an example of driving on the wrong side of the road.

A.   Cutting the corner on a left turn

B.   Making a right turn from a bicycle lane

C.   Making a left turn onto a two-way street

D.   Making a right turn into the right lane?

47: ______ play(s) a role in explaining why people obey immoral commands.

A.   Disclose less about themselves

B.   Use a peripheral route of processing information

C.   Moving the teacher and the learner closer together

D.   Social comparison and legitimization of authority

48: ________ is a common clue to law enforcement that a driver is impaired.

A.   Honking the horn

B.   Driving in a straight line

C.   Weaving

D.   Showing the right-of-way

49: ________ is the only state that does not require voter registration

A.   Voter ID laws

B.   California

C.   North Dakota

D.   Senior citizens

50: _________ is the science and practice of safeguarding information through codes.

A.   Polyalphabetic

B.   Cryptography

C.   Scientology

D.   Cryptanalysis