Web Browsers Knowledge MCQs

Web Browsers Knowledge MCQs

Answer these 30+ Web Browsers Knowledge MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Web Browsers Knowledge.
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1: If even after cleaning Internet Explorer's history and cache, the address bar still shows the previously visited URLs, what would you do to fix the problem?

A.   Run Windows in

B.   Deselect

C.   Open the InPrivate Filtering settings and delete the indexes there.

D.   Reset Internet Explorer settings.

E.   Delete the Index.dat file.

2: Which of the following can cause the "New Tab" function of Internet Explorer 9 to NOT work?

A.   Browser incompatibility

B.   Corrupted Internet Explorer files

C.   Incompatible add-ons

D.   None of the above

3: You are trying to print a webpage through Firefox, but your printer does not recognize a certain font on that page. What can you do to make the printer print the page?

A.   Change the language preferences in Firefox.

B.   Change the default font in Firefox to one which is similar to the font in question.

C.   Change the accessibility settings in Firefox.

D.   None of the above.

A.   Change HTTPS/SSL settings of Google Chrome.

B.   Make Google Chrome the default web browser for the system.

C.   Enable content advisor from the content settings of Google Chrome.

5: What can be a possible reason for Firefox opening with a transparent or blank window as shown below?

A.   A problematic or malicious add-on has been installed.

B.   Important updates have not been installed.

C.   A proxy is preventing the browser from opening correctly.

D.   JavaScript has been disabled

6: If you want that every time you start Google Chrome a particular set of websites should automatically open in different tabs, what would you do to make this happen?

A.   Add the URLs of those websites through the

B.   Open the specific websites in different tabs and select

C.   There is no option to do this in Google Chrome.

D.   Both a and b.

7: If you want Google Chrome to start with the pages that you were browsing the last time you closed Chrome, which of the following settings will you enable?

A.   Make Google Chrome the default web browser.

B.   Select

C.   Select

8: Search results in Google Chrome appear instantly as you type queries in the omnibox (address bar), and in-line predictions are shown in a drop-down menu to assist you with your search. Which of the following is true regarding this functionality?

A.   This is a feature of the selected search engine

B.   This is Google Chrome's instant search feature.

C.   This is a prediction service that helps the browser complete search queries and URLs typed in the address bar.

D.   None of the above.

9: If you share your computer with other people, how can you keep your Google Chrome settings separate from everyone else

A.   By adding a new user in the Users section in the Settings menu.

B.   By requesting other users to use a browser other than Chrome.

C.   By manually noting down the settings and reconfiguring them each time you start Chrome.

D.   By creating a backup of the browsing history and the temporary files.

10: Consider the following: You have always been able to print web pages using Internet Explorer, but after upgrading your operating system, you are unable to do so. You click OK in the Print dialog box, but nothing is printed and no error is displayed. Even the print preview shows nothing. Which of the following can cause this to happen?

A.   It can happen due to an interrupted internet connection.

B.   It can happen if the folder used for saving the temporary print job files is missing in the new operating system.

C.   It can happen if the printer is busy with another print job and the system is unable to render the preview for the current print job.

D.   None of the above

11: Suppose that your home page in Mozilla Firefox says that you need to update the browser, even though you have the latest version of the same. Why do you think your browser

A.   The new version of Mozilla Firefox does not recognize your operating system.

B.   The homepage used by the older version of Mozilla Firefox is still being used, which shows the same prompt in the new version.

C.   Some of the Mozilla Firefox browser files are corrupted.

D.   None of the above.

12: How can you view the list of all the add-ons that are currently loaded in Internet Explorer?

A.   The currently loaded add-ons list can be viewed only when you update the browser version.

B.   The currently loaded add-ons list can be accessed through the Manage Add-ons window

C.   By starting Internet Explorer in the No Add-ons mode and then viewing the list from the Help menu.

13: Which of the following can be done using the Bookmarks manager of Google Chrome?

A.   Users can move bookmarks or folders within the folder list.

B.   Users can edit the name or the web address of a bookmark or a folder name.

C.   Users can search for bookmarks present in the list.

D.   Users can add a new bookmark folder.

E.   All of the above.

14: Which of the following can lead to incorrect rendering of a web page in Internet Explorer?

A.   .Browser incompatibility

B.   Interrupted internet connection

C.   Browsing with multiple tabs opened

D.   InPrivate Browsing


While browsing a website with Internet Explorer 10, you see the following error screen in the videos section.

Which of the following can make the video playable?


Turning on the compatibility view.


Searching and installing the required plugin.


Updating the browser version.


None of the above.

16: What are the benefits of using "Incognito mode" in Google Chrome?

A.   It prevents the browser from permanently storing any browsing history or cookies from the websites visited.

B.   It disables the add-ons for tabs or windows opened in

C.   It ensures that any files downloaded or bookmarks created are not preserved.

D.   None of the above.

17: You are able to play a YouTube video in Internet Explorer without encountering any issues. However, when you try to play the same video in Google Chrome, you get the message "Video is no longer available". What could be the reason behind this?

A.   The antivirus software may be preventing the browser from playing the video.

B.   Other programs running on the computer may be preventing the browser from playing the video.

C.   A plug-in for a particular site may be missing.

D.   None of the above.

18: Which of the following can cause Firefox to hang randomly?

A.   Using hardware acceleration with some particular graphics cards or graphics drivers.

B.   Sites that use plug-ins such as Java, Adobe Reader, or Flash can cause Firefox to hang.

C.   Firefox may hang if multiple copies of its Session Restore file have been created.

D.   All of the above.

19: If searching with Google Chrome is taking a long time, and you are repeatedly getting the "Resolving proxy" message, what would you do to resolve the issue?

A.   Disable the

B.   Clear the browser cache and cookies

C.   Scan the computer for malicious software.

D.   Wait until the browser restarts automatically.

20: While using Firefox, a Flash game on a website becomes unresponsive. What can you do to fix the problem?

A.   Ensure that JavaScript is enabled in the browser.

B.   Allow the game to use Flash Local Storage through the Flash plug-in.

C.   Change the accessibility settings of the browser

D.   None of the above.

21: How can you enable Internet Explorer 10 to automatically fill in forms on websites?

A.   By changing the AutoComplete settings.

B.   By changing the cookie settings.

C.   By changing the

D.   None of the above.

22: Suppose that you frequently visit an air ticket booking website using Firefox. One day you notice that the website is showing an old flight schedule instead of the latest one. Which of the following can be a possible cause of this problem?

A.   The content displayed is being served from the internal cache of the operating system.

B.   The content displayed is being served from the Firefox cach

C.   The content settings of the browser have not been configured properly.

D.   None of the above.


Is the following illustration true or vague for Firefox 16?

To set your home page, follow the following steps:

1.Open the website you want to set as your home page.

2.Drag the icon on the left of the URL to the Home button, and release.

3.Click "Yes" in the pop-up that appears.





24: You notice that the websites you have been visiting aren't displaying any images. Which of the following actions can help you fix the problem?

A.   Enabling

B.   Enabling JavaScript from the Content tab of the Options window in the Tools menu. c.Disabling hardware acceleration.

C.   None of the above.

25: What component of Google Chrome lets users see the amount of resources, such as memory, CPU and network consumed by tabs, add-ons or plug-ins, and provides the ability to terminate them?

A.   Process Manager

B.   Task Manager

C.   Operation Manager

D.   Google Manager

26: Suppose that you have an unwanted add-on or toolbar (say the Babylon toolbar) installed in Internet Explorer. You have already tried every possible way of uninstalling it, but the problem still persists. How can you troubleshoot the problem?

A.   By running the browser in the No Add-ons mode.

B.   By using some other browser.

C.   By running the browser in the compatibility mode.

D.   None of the above.

27: In Internet Explorer 10, the Tab key can be used to move forward through the items on a webpage, the address bar, or the Favourites bar. What shortcut can be used to move backward through these items?

A.   Alt+Tab

B.   Ctrl+Tab

C.   Shift+Tab

D.   Up Arrow

28: Which of the following is a special Firefox mode which helps you troubleshoot problems with Firefox by starting it with add-ons and custom settings disabled?

A.   Debug Mode

B.   Safe Mode

C.   Active Mode

D.   None of the above

29: A domain name is a unique text-based internet address corresponding to a unique ____________.

A.   IP address

B.   Domain name

C.   URL

30: Using one browser window for all open pages is called ____.

A.   Multitasking

B.   Multiboxing

C.   Tabbed browsing

D.   Power-using

31: A browser __________ adds features to a browser.

A.   Plugin

B.   Extension

C.   Executable

D.   OS

32: Each time you ____, a new webpage appears in the browser window.

A.   Microsoft Edge

B.   Click a link

C.   Nonprofit

D.   Address bar

33: In a business _____ is equal to sales minus expenses

A.   Profit

B.   Price

C.   Standard of living

D.   Raise

34: E-commerce websites integrate ____ features into their e-commerce operations to attract visitors.

A.   Social opinion

B.   Phishing

C.   Stock-manipulation

D.   Open list