Applications and Softwares MCQs

Applications and Softwares MCQs

The following Applications and Softwares MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Applications and Softwares. We encourage you to answer these multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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1: "twitter allows companies to reach consumers with ________.

A.   Think that they are being fair in their use

B.   Only accessible over the Internet

C.   Short, personal messages

D.   Can mislead or exploit consumers

2: With software as a service (saas), _____ are hosted on a remote server.

A.   Data and application

B.   Video streaming software

C.   Database software

D.   None of these

3: _______ provide additional information and request user input.

A.   Dialog boxes

B.   Windows

C.   Toolbars

D.   Ribbons

4: ____ is freeware software

A.   Norton AntiVirus (antivirus program)

B.   Image Shrinker (image optimizer)

C.   Internet Explorer (Web browser)

D.   Lynx (text-based Web browser

5: Adobe reader, flash player, and quicktime player are examples of software programs called ________.

A.   Aggregators.

B.   Plug-ins.

C.   Helpers.

D.   Browsers

6: Skype is an example of ______ software.

A.   Browser

B.   VoIP

C.   Server

D.   Plug-in

7: Application software is designed to accomplish ____ tasks.

A.   Real-world

B.   Computer-centric

C.   Only gaming

D.   Only operating system

8: A ____ attack uses password cracking software

A.   Brute force

B.   Sniffing

C.   Phishing

D.   Cracker

9: ________ is a very well known free voip provider

A.   Vonage

B.   Skype

C.   Verizon

D.   Comcast

10: The job characteristic model fails to consider the role ________ plays in employee motivation.

A.   Job design

B.   Meaningfulness

C.   Social support

D.   Growth need

E.   Responsibility

11: Skype is a ________.

A.   Wi-fi hotspot

B.   Voice over IP service

C.   Social network

D.   Crowdfunding app

12: ____ adds designs that repeat in rows across a slide.

A.   Solid fill

B.   Pattern fill

C.   Gradient fill

D.   Texture fill

13: To generate a hardcopy, you ____________________ a project.

A.   Print

B.   All calculations can be recalculated.

C.   To make users more productive

D.   Folder

14: Audio conferencing is a software-based, real-time audio conference solution for ________ callers.

A.   VoIP

B.   Analog

C.   Power over Ethernet (PoE)

D.   Voice