Augmented Reality MCQs

Augmented Reality MCQs

The following Augmented Reality MCQs have been compiled by our experts through research, in order to test your knowledge of the subject of Augmented Reality. We encourage you to answer these 70+ multiple-choice questions to assess your proficiency.
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_____ is a breakthrough technology that can reconstruct the user’s physical environment as a 3D mesh. It enables developers to create a whole new class of games and realistic product visualization experiences, where the content can interact with physical objects and surfaces in the real world?

A.   Image Targets

B.   Smart Terrain

C.   Frame Markers

D.   VuMarks


Multiple can be used to represent different objects or coordinate systems in an AR application. Additionally, a pattern can perform an important function in calculating the orientation of a square , since a pattern, being rotationally asymmetric, distinguishes between the four possible orientations of a marker in two dimensional space?

A.   Trackers

B.   Markers

C.   Calibrators

D.   Comparators


The source code for this project is hosted on _____ and the compiled SDKs for all platforms (Mac OS X, PC, Linux, Android, iOS), along with the ARToolKit plug-in for Unity3D?

A.   GitHub

B.   Server Side

C.   AWS

D.   None of the above


The __ is the mandatory blank area that appears adjacent to the border along its entire length. The can be either inside or outside of the border and is required in order to guarantee there is enough contrast for the algorithm to detect the Contour?

A.   Clear Space

B.   Border

C.   Code

D.   Design Area


Vuforia, as well as other AR software kits, supports the tracking of multiple targets simultaneously.Which of the following is NOT a factor that impacts the maximum number of targets that can be tracked at the same time?

A.   device camera's field of view

B.   computational performance of the device

C.   type of marker


One of the most difficult parts of developing an augmented reality application is precisely calculating the user's viewpoint in real time so that the virtual images are exactly aligned with real world objects. ARToolKit uses computer vision techniques to calculate the real camera position and orientation relative to square shapes or flat textured surfaces, allowing the programmer to overlay virtual objects. ARToolKit currently do NOT support?

A.   classical square marker

B.   2D barcode

C.   multimarker

D.   natural feature tracking

E.   3D-image marker


There are key optical variables (for camera hardware) of interest to AR SDK (like ARToolKit). Which of the following is NOT an important camera characteristic?

A.   Light-gathering power of the lens

B.   Aperture

C.   Aliasing

D.   Sensor size


(...) are stored on the device with your app. You can load and unload (...) programmatically, and activate or deactivate them using the ObjectTracker API. Activating a loaded database enables Vuforia to detect any of the targets included in that database. The number of targets that can be active simultaneously, across one or more loaded (...), is constrained by the device context and its available resources?

A.   Cloud Databases

B.   Device Databases

C.   Local Databases

D.   Target Databases


_____ provide 512 numerically encoded markers that can be used with any image. Markers may be small and you can detect and track several of them simultaneously?

A.   Image Targets

B.   Smart Terrain

C.   Frame Markers

D.   VuMarks


Which of the following are types of HMDS?

A.   video see-through

B.   optical see-through

C.   video through

D.   optical through


AR blends live and digital images in real time, using a and a screen?

A.   Audio, video

B.   Camera, video

C.   Device, motion

D.   3D, content


Considering Vuforia software, the _____ is a part of the VuMark that is implied by the line created when placing the Border and the Clear Space next to each other?

A.   Code / Elements

B.   Contour

C.   Background / Design Area

D.   Clear Space


Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR) augments real world objects and scenes without the use of special displays such as monitors, head mounted displays or hand-held devices. SAR makes use of digital projectors to display graphical information onto?

A.   Physical Objects

B.   Real Objects

C.   Dynamic Objects

D.   Hardware Objects


One of the most difficult parts of developing an augmented reality application is precisely calculating the user's (...) in real time so that the virtual images are exactly aligned with real world objects. ARToolKit uses computer vision techniques to calculate the real camera position and orientation relative to square shapes or flat textured surfaces, allowing the programmer to overlay virtual objects?

A.   projection

B.   view-direction

C.   viewpoint

D.   geolocation


ARToolKit is software that lets programmers easily develop Augmented Reality applications. Which of the following is NOT a feature currently available?

A.   Natural Feature Tracking

B.   Camera Calibration Support

C.   Text recognition

D.   Unity3D and OpenSceneGraph Support


Considering Vuforia software, which of the following is NOT a component of VUMARK?

A.   Contour

B.   Border

C.   Clear Space

D.   Encryption


Represent images that the Vuforia SDK can detect and track. do not need special black and white regions or codes to be recognized. The SDK detects and tracks the features that are naturally found in the image itself by comparing these natural features against a known target resource database.

A.   Data matrix codes

B.   QR codes

C.   Fiducial markers

D.   Image Targets


A larger lens and a larger physical sensor size are always desirable, so generally the choice of lens and sensor is determined primarily by cost and size constraints. Sensors on most consumer-level webcams are 1/4 inch ____ or CMOS sensors?

A.   ilumination-noise

B.   signal-to-noise

C.   light-gathering

D.   CCD


The ___ consists of Elements and the type of data and length of the value/ID that is encoded determine the number of Elements. The larger the value length, the larger number of elements that are required?

A.   Border

B.   Code

C.   Contour

D.   Background


ARToolKit is software that lets programmers easily develop Augmented Reality applications. __ is multi-platform, running on the Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems?

A.   ARToolKit

B.   VRToolKit

C.   AutoToolKit

D.   None of the above


A Systematic review of usability studies in Augmented Reality between 2005 and 2014?

A.   Methodology

B.   Results

C.   Key

D.   Earlier


Traditionally, applications built on ARToolKit use a video feed on which augmentations are overlaid. ARToolKit also supports using __ displays for augmented reality. Instead of rendering both the background camera feed and the augmentations, the _____ renders the augmentations, and background is the world around you?

A.   Optical see-through

B.   Multimarker

C.   NFT

D.   2D-Barcode markers


Which of the following is NOT an area from which AR demands more from sensors and trackers?

A.   Greater input variety and bandwidth

B.   Higher accuracy

C.   Frequency filtering

D.   Longer range


A __ marker is an easily detected feature in proximity to and as a point of reference to an object targeted for tracking. __ markers can be knowingly and intentionally placed or naturally exist in a scene. Natural Feature Tracking (NFT) is the idea of recognizing and tracking a natural scene that is not (seemingly) augmented with markers.

A.   Appearance

B.   Fiducial

C.   Multi

D.   Single

E.   Barcode

A.   interest points

B.   fiducial markers

C.   optical flow

D.   projection mapping


ARToolKit is well known for the appearance of its about the traditional template square marker: square markers with a black border, and with an arbitrary user-definable image in the interior. The “__” marker used by default in the ARToolKit examples is an iconic example?

A.   Hiro

B.   Eagle

C.   One

D.   Snowman


In Vuforia Software kit, ___ allows the tracking a degree of persistence once a target has been detected. As the target goes out of view, Vuforia uses other information from the environment to infer the target position by visually tracking the environment?

A.   Extended Tracking

B.   GPS Tracking

C.   Voice Tracking

D.   None of the above


One of the most basic problems currently limiting Augmented Reality applications is the ____ problem. The objects in the real and virtual worlds must be properly aligned with respect to each other, or the illusion that the two worlds coexist will be compromised. More seriously, many applications demand accurate ____?

A.   Registration

B.   Distortion

C.   Rendering

D.   Processing


A _____ is a GPS coordinate that associates content such as videos, audio to a specific location?

A.   VR

B.   AR

C.   Geotag

D.   Map


Augmented reality allows video game players to experience digital game play in ___ environment?

A.   real world

B.   virtual world

C.   GPS

D.   Virtual object


AR displays can be ____ on devices resembling eyeglasses?

A.   Real world

B.   Rendered

C.   Display

D.   Sensor


AR applications can also present location information by?

A.   simulations

B.   audio

C.   video

D.   rendering

A.   Required a 2D-marker

B.   Interactive in real time

C.   Combines real and virtual

D.   Registered in 3D


In Vuforia, ___ allows you to detect and track intricate 2D objects. It has been designed to work with toys (such as action figures and vehicles) and other consumer products?

A.   Voice Recognition

B.   Object Recognition

C.   Text Recognition

D.   Video Recognition


The intended purpose of the _____ often forces very different form factors and interactions?

A.   HMD

B.   SW

C.   Leap Motion Sensor

D.   Tracking


AR on ____ devices can give us real time information being projected and interacted on real world elements?

A.   navigation

B.   3D

C.   touch

D.   mobile


The accuracy requirements for the trackers and sensors in AR applications are driven by the accuracies needed for?

A.   Visual Registration

B.   User Registration

C.   VR Registration

D.   None of the above


__ is a completely customizable marker that can be placed on any surface. It provides the freedom to create customized and brand conscious designs that support both AR experiences and data encoding in a variety of formats?

A.   Frame Marker

B.   VuMark

C.   Smart Terrain

D.   Image Targets


Sensors perceive data in the environment; they can be based on the _____ of different parameters?

A.   track

B.   touch

C.   detection

D.   sensor


Smart phones are the primary ____ for accessing AR content?

A.   tracking

B.   tools

C.   device

D.   None of the above


To enable rapid development of Augmented Reality Application, some software development kits (SDK) have emerged. Which of the following is NOT a well known AR SDKs?

A.   Vuforia

B.   ARToolKit

C.   Catchoom CraftAR

D.   ARUnity


Hardware components for augmented reality are: processor, _____, sensors and __. Modern mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablet computers contain these elements which often include a camera and MEMS sensors such as accelerometer, GPS.

A.   memory, input devices

B.   GPU, output devices

C.   display; input devices

D.   display, output devices


AR applications allow tourists to experience ___ of historical events, places and objects by rendering them into their current view of a landscape?

A.   Simulations

B.   Announcing

C.   System

D.   Live


It is referred to as Augmenting by a __ object when you are using a cell phone of other device like GPS.

A.   physical

B.   dynamic

C.   global

D.   None of the above


Which of the following values can be calculated and display the data in an Augmented Reality view? (choose all that apply)

A.   Distance

B.   Bearing

C.   Degree

D.   Sensor


A key measure of AR systems is how realistically they integrate augmentations with the real world. The software must derive real world coordinates, independent from the camera and camera images?

A.   camera

B.   AR

C.   VR

D.   Hardware


Recent hit game Pokemon Go use combination of technologies such as Augmented Reality and (...) , as “trainers” seek out and catch wild Pokémon monsters in real-world locations?

A.   Bluetooth

B.   Object Tracking

C.   Geolocation

A.   live, enhancing

B.   recorded, enhancing

C.   live, diminished

D.   recorded, diminished


What are gesture sensors integrated as add-ons to HMDs? (choose all that apply)

A.   Oculus DK2 and Leap Motion sensor

B.   Oculus Rift and Soft Kinetic

C.   Soft Kinetic and Meta Glasses

D.   Oculus DK3 and Motion

E.   None of the above


Which of the following is NOT a AR development toolkit?

A.   Layar SDK

B.   Blender 3D

C.   Catchoom CraftAR AR

D.   Vuforia