Average MCQs (Basic Common)

Average MCQs (Basic Common)

Welcome to MCQss.com, your source for Average MCQs. This page contains a collection of multiple-choice questions that will test your knowledge and understanding of averages.

The Average MCQs cover a wide range of concepts related to calculating averages, including mean, median, and mode. These questions are designed to assess your proficiency in applying the formulas and concepts used to determine averages in various scenarios.

By attempting these MCQs, you can improve your skills in calculating averages and enhance your problem-solving abilities. Each question presents a scenario or data set, and you need to select the correct average value or apply the appropriate method to calculate it.

Whether you are a student preparing for an exam, a professional seeking to strengthen your quantitative skills, or simply someone interested in improving your understanding of averages, these MCQs are a valuable resource. They provide an opportunity to practice and reinforce your knowledge in an interactive and engaging format.

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1: What is the average of the numbers 10, 15, and 20?

A.   10

B.   15

C.   20

D.   25

2: In a class of 20 students, the average height is 150 cm. If a new student joins the class with a height of 160 cm, what happens to the average height?

A.   It stays the same, 150 cm

B.   It increases

C.   It decreases

D.   Cannot be determined without additional information

3: If the average age of a family of four members is 30 years, what is the sum of their ages?

A.   30 years

B.   60 years

C.   90 years

D.   120 years

4: A student scored 80, 90, and 85 on three exams. What is their average score?

A.   80

B.   85

C.   90

D.   85

5: A car traveled 200 miles on Monday, 250 miles on Tuesday, and 150 miles on Wednesday. What is the average distance traveled per day?

A.   200 miles

B.   250 miles

C.   150 miles

D.   200 miles

6: If the average of five numbers is 20, and four of the numbers are 10, 15, 25, and 30, what is the fifth number?

A.   10

B.   15

C.   20

D.   25

7: A store sold 100 items, with 50 items priced at $10 each and the remaining 50 items priced at $20 each. What is the average price of the items?

A.   $10

B.   $20

C.   $15

D.   $30

8: If the average speed of a car is 60 miles per hour for the first half of the journey and 40 miles per hour for the second half, what is the overall average speed?

A.   60 miles per hour

B.   40 miles per hour

C.   50 miles per hour

D.   Cannot be determined without additional information

9: The average temperature on Monday was 20 degrees Celsius, and on Tuesday it was 25 degrees Celsius. What was the average temperature over the two days?

A.   20 degrees Celsius

B.   25 degrees Celsius

C.   22.5 degrees Celsius

D.   45 degrees Celsius

10: A soccer team scored 2 goals in the first game, 4 goals in the second game, and 1 goal in the third game. What is the average number of goals scored per game?

A.   2 goals

B.   4 goals

C.   1 goal

D.   2.33 goals