Child Abuse and Neglect MCQs

Child Abuse and Neglect MCQs

Try to answer these 20 Child Abuse and Neglect MCQs and check your understanding of the Child Abuse and Neglect subject.
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1: Legislation that designates the state agency for investigating reports of child abuse and neglect and also lists persons mandated to report such abuse and neglect is known as Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.

A.   True

B.   False

2: Child fatality Review Teams are the teams composed of experts with _____ backgrounds that review suspicious deaths of children and statutory changes facilitating the prosecution of those involved in child maltreatment.

A.   Medical services

B.   Social services

C.   Law enforcement

D.   All of these

3: Child Neglect is the neglect that involves an individual under the age of _____ whose parent or person responsible for the child’s welfare does not provide the proper or necessary support, education as required by law, or medical or other remedial care recognized under state law as necessary.

A.   15

B.   16

C.   17

D.   18

4: Criminal Sexual Abuse is the abuse that involves the intentional fondling of the genitals, anus, breasts, or any other part of the body, through_____ for the purpose of sexual gratification.

A.   The use of force

B.   Threat of force

C.   Of a victim unable to understand the nature of the act

D.   Any of these

5: Injury to the intellectual or psychological capacity of a child, as evidenced by a discernible and substantial impairment in the ability to function within the normal range of performance and behavior is known as_____

A.   Emotional Abuse

B.   Psychological Abuse

C.   Child Abuse

D.   Emotional or Psychological Abuse

6: Family Violence is intentional violence _____ by spouses, ex-spouses, common-law spouses, boyfriends, or girlfriends past or present, and/or child abuse.

A.   Committed

B.   Attempted

C.   Threatened

D.   Any of these

7: Human Trafficking is a form of human slavery that includes _____

A.   Forced labor

B.   Domestic servitude

C.   Commercial sex trafficking

D.   All of these

8: The Internet has become a medium of choice that predators use to contact juveniles and transmit and/or receive child pornography because of_____

A.   Anonymity

B.   Rapid transmission

C.   Unsupervised nature

D.   All of these

9: Internet Offending refers to criminal acts that may include,_____ and corresponding with other individuals who may have a deviant sexual interest in children.

A.   Exchanging child pornography

B.   Locating potential victims for sexual abuse

C.   Engaging in inappropriate sexual communication

D.   All of these

10: With respect to child abuse, a process that begins with someone reporting the abuse or suspected abuse, moves into the investigatory stage that typically involves a home visit and interviews with the parties involved, and then moves to risk assessment and a decision concerning what type of action, if any, to take is known as_____

A.   Action

B.   Investigation

C.   Intervention

D.   Suspicion

11: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is a form of child abuse in which the abuser fabricates (or sometimes creates) an illness in the child victim.

A.   True

B.   False

12: Pedophile is a criminal offender who seeks out _____ for purposes of sexual gratification.

A.   Women

B.   Children

C.   Men

D.   Both a and b

13: Pedophilia is an ongoing sexual attraction to _____ children.

A.   Prepubertal

B.   Pubertal

C.   Postpubertal

D.   Any of these

14: Sexual Abuse is the abuse that consists of the involvement of children in sexual activity to provide _____ to the perpetrator, including contacts for sexual purposes, prostitution, pornography, or other sexually exploitative activities.

A.   Sexual gratification

B.   Financial benefit

C.   Emotional benefit

D.   Both a and b

15: Sexual Exploitation refers to an expanded statutes that typically include references to exploitation for_____

A.   Pornographic purposes

B.   Prostitution

C.   Financial benefit

D.   Both a and b

16: Sibling Abuse is the _____ abuse of one sibling by another.

A.   Physical

B.   Emotional

C.   Sexual

D.   All of these

17: A sexual relationship between individuals who have one or both parents in common or a violation of sexual barriers between two people who call themselves a family is known as_____

A.   Sibling Abuse

B.   Sibling Incest

C.   Sibling Exploitation

D.   All of these

18: Types of Neglect consist of _____ neglect.

A.   Physical

B.   Emotional

C.   Educational

D.   All of these

19: White v. Illinois is a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that affirmed the use of hearsay statements in child sexual abuse cases. In this case, the _____ -year-old child victim did not testify, but others to whom she had talked about the assault were allowed to testify.

A.   2

B.   3

C.   4

D.   5

20: White v. Illinois is a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that affirmed the use of hearsay statements in child sexual abuse cases. In this case, the 4-year-old child victim did not testify, but others to whom she had talked about the assault were allowed to testify who were_____

A.   Mother

B.   A doctor or a nurse

C.   A police officer

D.   All of these