Computer Engineering MCQs

Computer Engineering MCQs

Answer these 20 Computer Engineering MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Computer Engineering.
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1: What is abstraction?

A.   Removing detail of something to focus on a subset of the features without confusing details.

B.   The description of something in detail

C.   Adding of detail to something

D.   Combination of two or more elements

2: What is the definition of "Address"?

A.   The contents of a file

B.   An internet connection

C.   The specification of a computer

D.   A location in memory or identifying a particular piece of memory

3: What type of modeling is Agent Based Modeling?

A.   Data mining

B.   Machine learning

C.   Predictive modeling

D.   Simulation of the real world

4: An Agent is best defined as:

A.   Computer software

B.   Independent acting sections of code and data that represent active interacting pieces of a model or system.

C.   A computer virus

D.   Instructions for operating a system

5: What is an algorithm?

A.   A set of instructions for accomplishing a task that when executed will terminate.

B.   A set of instructions for accomplishing a goal that when executed will never terminate

C.   A set of instructions for accomplishing a task that when executed will never terminate

D.   A set of instructions for accomplishing a task that requires no instruction

6: In the tag, the ____ attribute specifies the filename of the java class file.

A.   File

B.   Filename

C.   Code

D.   Class

7: In the dac model, ____________________ can create and access their objects freely.

A.   Owners

B.   End user

C.   Administrator

D.   Custodian

8: In the lab, you installed the __________ feature on a remote domain controller.

A.   Windows Server Backup

B.   Disaster Event Backup

C.   Active Directory

D.   Business Impact Analysis

9: In the music industry, ________ are considered a newer substitute for cd-based music stores.

A.   Internet music services

B.   Business processes

C.   Spreadsheets

D.   Cassette

10: The elimination of intermediate organizations between the producer and the consumer is called _____

A.   E-tailing

B.   Disintermediation

C.   Analytical crm

D.   Online marketplaces

11: The encryption keypair is stored in __________ in the users account.

A.   ASCII format.

B.   Hash codes.

C.   Binary format

D.   Clear text.

12: The erm forms the basis of a(n) ___________________________________.

A.   . keys. In the relational model, ...

B.   The 1NF has a composite PK.

C.   Characteristics of entities.


13: The fact that column b is functionally dependent on column a can be written as ____.

A.   A--->B

B.   3NF

C.   Primary key

D.   Candidate key

14: Optical fiber cords use two strands ________.

A.   For full-duplex transmission.

B.   Physical and data link

C.   Both wireless access points and voice over IP telephones

D.   None of these

15: Instead of using the if-then-else rules that expert systems use, _____ use patterns.

A.   Artificial neural networks

B.   Knowledge acquisition facility

C.   Expert systems

D.   None of these

16: It is considered best practice to __________ prior to encrypting with bitlocker.

A.   Empty all items from the recycle bin

B.   Make a backup of your data or disk drives

C.   Unlock all encrypted files throughout the domain

D.   Remove all disk drives from systems with removable drives

17: The c-string company[12] can hold ________.

A.   Twelve characters

B.   Thirteen characters

C.   Eleven characters and the null terminator

D.   Twelve characters and the null terminator

E.   None of the above

18: The children's online privacy protection act (coppa) focuses on ________.

A.   Operations regarding​ children's toys

B.   Applying safety ratings to​ children's toys

C.   Prohibiting children from using news sites

D.   Parental permissions

E.   Online sales to children

19: The crows feet notation on an erd is a type of _______ constraint.

A.   Cardinality ​relationship ​

B.   Many ​multiplicity

C.   Cardinality.

D.   None of these

20: It is relatively simple to multiplex four sts-12 signals into one ____ signal.

A.   Sts-24

B.   Sts-53

C.   Sts-52

D.   STS-48

21: The clearance volume of a compressor cylinder is the ____.

A.   Increases as the compression ratio increases

B.   Increases as the compression ratio decreases

C.   Decreases as the compression ratio increases

D.   Remains the same as the compression ration decreases

22: In january 2004, the u.s. ____ law went into effect.





23: In july ____, ansi/iso standard c++ was officially approved.

A.   1996

B.   1998

C.   1999

D.   2000

24: In an inheritance relationship, the __________ is the general class.

A.   Derived class

B.   Super class

C.   Dependent class

D.   Child class

25: In ascii, the number 1,234,567,890 requires ____ bytes of storage.

A.   Eight

B.   Nine

C.   Ten

D.   Twelve

26: A strong advocate of the singularity concept is ____.

A.   Bill Gates

B.   Steve Wozniak

C.   Ray Kurzweil

D.   Al Gore