Design for Mobile Web Applications MCQs

Design for Mobile Web Applications MCQs

These Design for Mobile Web Applications multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Design for Mobile Web Applications. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 30 Design for Mobile Web Applications MCQs.
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1: As defined by S60 UI style for index finger usage, the minimum size of an element on the touch screen should be ________________.

A.   6 x 6 mm

B.   7 x 7 mm

C.   8 x 8 mm

D.   9 x 9 mm 

2: Which of the following guidelines must be applied for the presentation of text in a mobile device?

A.   Use terminology that is familiar to the target users.

B.   Text should be ALL CAPS.

C.   Abbreviations must be used.

D.   Employ the user's native language.

E.   a, b, and d

F.   All of the above 

3: What will happen if a widget is running on a device and that same device receives an incoming call?

A.   The call will not be received as long as the widget is running.

B.   The widget will be closed automatically.

C.   The widget will automatically move to the background.

D.   The widget will crash.

E.   None of the above 

4: Which of the following Gestalt principles is used to visually set apart certain elements as belonging to a group even if they are far apart?

A.   Similarity

B.   Proximity

C.   Repetition

D.   Figure-to-ground relationship

E.   Closure 

5: SVGT is a language for describing 2D graphics using ___________.

A.   XML



D.   Javascript 

6: Which of the following technologies can be used to create innovation in mobile-based games?

A.   RFID and Near Field Communication

B.   Microphone

C.   Acceleration sensors

D.   Locationing

E.   All of the above 

7: When designing a game for mobile devices, which of the following pre-game usability guidelines should be followed?

A.   Make it possible to skip the introduction.

B.   If the user selects "Exit Game" or "Back to Main Menu," a confirmation should be displayed.

C.   Do not force the user to enter his login name and password every time the game is accessed.

D.   Technical terms like "Connect to Server" and "Create Server" should be used when connecting to Bluetooth.

E.   Do not use game graphics in the confirmation dialogue when handling payments.

8: Which of the following is/are the hardware limitation(s) that must be considered when creating a Mobile Application?

A.   Small display sizes

B.   Limited input method

C.   Wide variety of devices

D.   Limited processing and network capabilities

E.   All of the above

9: From the point of view of user experience design, who is the primary user and who is the secondary user if a hospital manager purchases software and the hospital staff uses it?

A.   The hospital manager is the secondary user, the staff is the primary user.

B.   The hospital manager is the primary user, the staff is the secondary user.

C.   The hospital manager and the staff are primary users.

D.   The hospital manager and the staff are secondary users. 

10: Which of the following statements regarding CSS in mobile widgets is/are correct?

A.   Font-size and font-color are not supported.

B.   Font-style variants normal, bold, and italic are typically supported.

C.   CSS opacity is not supported in WRT.

D.   The <canvas> tag is supported in WRT. 

11: What is the maximum bit rate suggested by RealNetworks guidelines for Local playback in Video encoding?

A.   64 kbit/s

B.   80 kbit/s

C.   100 kbit/s

D.   150 kbit/s 

12: What will happen if the name of a widget exceeds the maximum visible characters in the Application menu?

A.   The name will be overlapped to the next application name.

B.   The name will be shown on the next line.

C.   The name will be truncated.

D.   The widget name will not be displayed in the Application menu.


The widget name will be shown at the end of the menu list. 

A.   88 x 88 pixels

B.   64 x 64 pixels

C.   64 x 70 pixels

D.   100 x 100 pixels 

14: Which of the following style elements has the highest priority in the cascading rules?

A.   Default style sheet of the browser

B.   Style element in the document head

C.   External style sheet

D.   All elements have the same priority.

E.   It depends on the mobile browser. 

15: According to S60 usability guidelines for games, what should happen when a two-player game is paused by one of the players?

A.   The game should pause for both players.

B.   The game should pause only for the player who paused it.

C.   The player who paused the game should be dropped from it.

D.   The game should stop. 

A.   Cursor navigation

B.   Tab navigation

C.   None of the above

17: During Mobile Application Development, which option below represents the best order to follow for the usability implementation process?

A.   Design and specifications – Requirements – Implementation – Release – Testing – Maintenance

B.   Requirements – Design and specifications – Implementation – Testing – Release – Maintenance

C.   Requirements – Implementation – Design and specifications – Release – Testing – Maintenance

D.   Requirements – Design and specifications – Testing – Implementation – Maintenance – Release 

18: You are developing a Mobile Web Application for the Chinese market. Which of the following is true?

A.   Chinese design emphasizes a less-is-more approach.

B.   Empty, spacious, or simplistic visual design gives the impression that the product or service is not used in any significant capacity.

C.   Chinese popular culture values the aesthetics of abundance.

D.   Consumers in the Chinese market are heavy users of mobile phone features. 

19: When designing a game, the designer can detect multiple key presses in which of the following platform(s)?

A.   Java only

B.   Symbian C++ only

C.   Both Java and Symbian C++

D.   Multiple key presses cannot be detected in any platform. 

20: The color depth of the majority of Mobile devices is _______________.

A.   1-4 bit

B.   4-12 bit

C.   12-24 bit

D.   None of the above 

21: Is the following statement true or false?
S60 devices from Nokia use font S60 Sans.

A.   True

B.   False 

22: If the screen width measures between 160 and 176 pixels, in which group will the mobile device be categorized in terms of screen width?

A.   Tiny

B.   Small

C.   Medium

D.   Large 

23: When using Flash Lite for mobile web applications, why should alpha transparencies and gradients be avoided?

A.   They affect the performance.

B.   On small phone displays, much of the effect is lost.

C.   They do not create better looking animation.

D.   Mobile web applications do not allow alpha transparencies and gradients 

24: If a video conversion is completed using Nokia Video Manager, what will the output of an .AVI file be?

A.   *.rm

B.   *.dat

C.   *.mpeg

D.   *.3gp

E.   None of the above 

25: Which of the following components can be used to achieve unity in the design of Mobile Applications?

A.   Space

B.   Visual flow

C.   Color

D.   Animations and transitions

E.   c and d

F.   All of the above

26: Is the following statement true or false?
The Best Practices Working Group for Mobile Web Application recommends that percentages and relative measures be avoided in favour of pixel and absolute measures.

A.   True

B.   False 

27: Which of the following is/are the most important factor(s) affecting mobile video production, distribution, and playback?

A.   Display size

B.   Network connection speed

C.   Absence of pointing device

D.   Limited keyboard features

E.   Video playback support

F.   a, c, and d

G.   a, b, and e

28: The term Card in Mobile Applications refers to ________________.

A.   a container that stores phone contact information and other applications

B.   a single WML navigational and user interface unit

C.   a unit that contains all CSS styles

D.   an entity in XML that describes structure and content of information 

29: When designing Mobile Applications, what must the designer keep in mind with regard to the end users of the mobile phone?

A.   The user's environment (e.g., extremely dark or bright)

B.   How long it takes for the battery to run out

C.   Whether the user performs another task at the same time he is using the mobile phone

D.   All of the above

E.   a and b

30: With respect to sound guidelines, which of the following should be avoided when designing a mobile game?

A.   Making a game's sounds similar to the sounds of the device

B.   Turning off the game sound when the user profile sound is turned off

C.   Ensuring that the game sound volume level is at or close to the volume level of the device

D.   Synchronizing background music for all players in a Bluetooth multiplayer game 

31: With respect to game user experience guidelines, which of the following should a game designer avoid to keep players motivated and interested?

A.   Providing a variety of challenges

B.   Providing rewards

C.   Allowing the player to skip levels that he/she has already cleared

D.   Requiring the user's personal information when the game starts or ends

E.   Adding invisible walls or barriers to make the game interesting 

32: You are designing a fighting game with six levels. Suppose a user clears the fourth level and then loses all his lives. To ensure the best gaming experience, which of the following features should you provide for the user?

A.   The user should be shown a message and the game should begin from the first level the next time the user starts it.

B.   The game should start from the fifth level, but there should also be an option to start it from the beginning.

C.   The levels that have already been cleared should not be available for playing again.

D.   The game should not be stopped; rather, the user should be awarded a bonus life. 

33: What is the advantage of aggregating static images (sprites) into a single composite resource?

A.   It increases the visibility of the image.

B.   It helps reduce the trips to the server.

C.   It takes less space and therefore helps space management on the screen.

D.   It has no advantage; rather, it has a disadvantage due to increased image size 

34: What is the function of the left softkey in a mobile user interface?

A.   It is used as a yes/positive key.

B.   It is used as a no/negative key.

C.   It allows the user to scroll the options up or down.

D.   It allows the user to scroll the options left or right. 

35: How can the Figure-to-ground Gestalt principle be achieved?

A.   Through differences in color

B.   Through differences in brightness

C.   Through differences in visual accents

D.   All of the above

E.   None of the above 

36: With regard to Mobile Web Applications, which of the following types of files does not benefit from transfer compression, and have a negative net impact instead?

A.   JPEG images

B.   Video files

C.   Files smaller than 1k

D.   Applications 

37: Dynamic web applications are often referred to as ________ applications.

A.   User

B.   Web 2.0

C.   Service

D.   Static interaction