English Test MCQs

English Test MCQs

Answer these 90+ English Test MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of English Test.
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Everybody _____ what is happening at the concert hall tonight.

A.   knews

B.   knows

C.   knowed

D.   knewed


I just finished this book and I like it __.

A.   very much

B.   very a lot

C.   really a lot

D.   muchly


We have been working toward this for __.

A.   two and a half month

B.   two months and one half

C.   two and a half months

D.   two months an half


The committee _____ what nominee will get a vote on the floor of the Senate.

A.   decider

B.   decides

C.   would decider

D.   did decides


The news __ doing a special edition tonight about the election.

A.   are

B.   will

C.   is

D.   aren't


He and his wife spent the weekend trying ___.

A.   buy one car

B.   to buy one cars

C.   to buy car

D.   to buy a car


He and his family _____ going on vacation soon.

A.   are

B.   is

C.   will

D.   isn't


____ about what will happen during my surgery tomorrow.

A.   I are scared

B.   I'm scary

C.   I'm scared

D.   Are scary


I can do it if you ___ how it works.

A.   explain to me

B.   explain me

C.   explain it to me

D.   see to me


We played three games and __ every time!

A.   we do win

B.   I win you

C.   I beat you

D.   win you


The people who believe the Earth is flat ___.

A.   is few

B.   is many

C.   are few

D.   isn't smart


Each of these sports cars ___ a powerful, well-built machine.

A.   were

B.   wasn't

C.   is

D.   are


Jim eats at the cafeteria most days, but ___.

A.   he don't like it

B.   don't like it

C.   don't like

D.   he doesn't like it


Either place you decide to visit _____ for its own reasons.

A.   is good

B.   are good

C.   are gooder

D.   isn't gooder


The monsters, and the dark forest they live in, __.

A.   are scare

B.   is scary

C.   are scary

D.   is scared


She is very pretty. Do ____?

A.   you know who she is

B.   you know who is that

C.   you know who is her

D.   you know who is she


One of the following sentences uses commas incorrectly or omits it where it should be.  Choose that incorrect answer.

John won't __ what happened to him at work.

A.   say me

B.   tell it to me

C.   explaned it to me

D.   tell me


Can you _____ me a few dollars for lunch?

A.   take

B.   donated

C.   borrow

D.   lend


Frank, please _____ me the book.

A.   bring

B.   brings

C.   will bring

D.   was bringing

E.   none of the above


Mary stopped at the crosswalk because the __ light was red.

A.   bulb

B.   candle

C.   spot

D.   traffic


___ of the class did well on the test. They didn't understand the lesson.

A.   None

B.   Every

C.   One

D.   The


The project must ___ by Friday.

A.   completed

B.   be completed

C.   completing

D.   complete

E.   none of the above


Sally went to the store and bought a _____ of bread.

A.   loaf

B.   load

C.   stack

D.   mix


One of the following sentences uses commas incorrectly or omits it where it should be. Choose that incorrect answer.

A.   Storms surged, and the lights never came back on.

B.   Storms surged and the lights never came back on.

C.   Mary's fast action saved many lives.

D.   The tractor pulled the truck from the mud, and that's when we found the problem.

E.   Before he sat down to eat, the host asked him to give a toast.


What does it mean when someone says you are "barking up the wrong tree?"

A.   making a mistake in the direction you are going

B.   lost in the woods

C.   loud and noisy

D.   about to get into an argument

E.   none of the above


If your boss told you to minimize expenditures, what would he mean?

A.   stop spending money

B.   reduce spending money

C.   spend more money

D.   keep track of the money you spend

E.   all of the above


What does it mean if a man is "rolling in the dough?"

A.   He is a baker.

B.   He is fat.

C.   He is skinny.

D.   He is rich.

E.   none of the above


If someone asks you to "give it a shot," what does he want you to do?

A.   Drink a beverage quickly.

B.   Shoot at a target with a weapon.

C.   Play basketball.

D.   Try something new.

E.   none of the above


Choose the word that best fits into the blank in the following sentence. I watched as my son _____ his money on toys and candy, and knew he would not have enough to attend summer camp.

A.   saved

B.   pocketed

C.   lost

D.   squandered

E.   hoarded


The dress is really cheap. What a great ____!

A.   tax

B.   half-price

C.   bargain

D.   rip-off


Your coworker liked your project but said it was unorthodox. Which of the following words could be a synonym for unorthodox?

A.   unique

B.   rare

C.   unconventional

D.   odd

E.   all of the above


Sometimes language is not very logical, so you have to learn it _____.

A.   by heart

B.   from the bottom of your heart

C.   heart to heart

D.   heartfelt


Which word is the opposite of elevate?

A.   raise

B.   move

C.   depress

D.   stairs

E.   work


They decided to work over the weekend to _____ lost time.

A.   do away with

B.   make up for

C.   do up

D.   make out


Which of the following words is a name for a person who takes photos? Choose only one.

A.   tourist

B.   traveller

C.   photographer

D.   writer

E.   illustrator


Jack is sitting ____ Michael and me.

A.   on the right

B.   between

C.   at

D.   in


The company was keen to hire him because of his _____ experience.

A.   relevant

B.   wealth of

C.   considerable

D.   extensive

E.   All of the above


Congratulations! That's ____ news Tommy!

A.   bad

B.   horrible

C.   terrific

D.   awful


The cashier will give you a __ in case you need to bring the dress back.

A.   bill

B.   check

C.   receipt

D.   paper


Which word means the same as the word "accomplished" in the following sentence? The team practiced and became accomplished in their skills.

A.   masterly

B.   finished

C.   completed

D.   execute

E.   realized


Onions, potatoes, celery, and green beans are all _____.

A.   meat

B.   dessert

C.   cold

D.   vegetables


Which word best fits into the blank in the sentence? The old man climbed down from the ladder and stood back to look at his work. He wasn't young anymore but he still had what it took! He felt _____.

A.   excited

B.   tired

C.   disappointed

D.   proud

E.   angry


Which of the words would make sense in the blank of the following sentence? The actress seemed to ___ from her quiet shell as she worked through the scene.

A.   tear

B.   finish

C.   emerge

D.   speak

E.   arrive


Choose the sentences that use the words that, which, and who correctly. Choose all that apply.

A.   That woman took my money.

B.   His mother who drove the red car could not stop.

C.   Which turtle won the race?

D.   I want which one.

E.   It was that man which did it.


Mary _____omelettes in the morning.

A.   is cook

B.   is cooking

C.   are cooking

D.   cooks

E.   none of the above


Choose the sentences that are fragments or not complete sentences. Choose all that apply.

A.   Thomas cried.

B.   Valerie wondered about the rest of the movie.

C.   Away on a trip.

D.   He finally sang.

E.   Finally singing.


The painting _____ like a maze. (check all that apply)

A.   looking

B.   looked

C.   looks

D.   look

E.   none of the above


Which of the word choices would best fit into the blank in the following sentence? That package is _____ gift.

A.   they're

B.   their

C.   there

D.   thair

E.   none of the above


Which word best fits into the blank in this sentence? Who is he waiting _____?

A.   about

B.   at

C.   to

D.   for

E.   around


He was _____ convinced that he had taken on the right person. Select all that apply.

A.   not altogether

B.   very

C.   completely

D.   absolutely