Hard Drive MCQs

Hard Drive MCQs

Answer these Hard Drive MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Hard Drive. Scroll below and get started!

1: An 8×4×32× cd-rw drive reads at a speed of _______________.

A.   33×

B.   68×

C.   32×

D.   16×

2: The hard disk is assigned to drive ____.

A.   Folders

B.   C

C.   Local

D.   ISPs

3: The ________ has the largest capacity of any storage device.

A.   Solid-state drive

B.   The chip's proximity to the CPU

C.   Mechanical hard drive

D.   Sound card

4: All basic hard drive partition tables support up to _______________ partitions.

A.   One

B.   Two

C.   Four

D.   Six

5: The ____-conductor ide cable has half the number of pins as it has wires.

A.   40

B.   60

C.   80

D.   100

6: A logon identifier is a type of __________ control.

A.   Functional

B.   Access

C.   Technical

D.   Procedural