Information System and Security MCQs

Information System and Security MCQs

Try to answer these 200+ Information System and Security MCQs and check your understanding of the Information System and Security subject. Scroll down and let's begin!

1: ___ of breaches are caused by stealing a password

A.   A very low percentage (somewhere around 1%)

B.   A low percentage (around 10%)

C.   A moderate percentage (around 25%)

D.   A high percentage (around 50%)

E.   A very high percentage (around 80%)

2: ____ can be used to determine whether new ip addresses are attempting to probe the network.

A.   Virtualization

B.   Firewall logs

C.   Network Layer

D.   IEEE 802.1x

3: ____ supports network neutrality

A.   Content-filtering software

B.   Google

C.   Emoney

D.   Pervasive

4: _____ networks use multiple wi-fi access points to create a wide area network.

A.   Mesh networks

B.   Pervasive networks

C.   Global networks

D.   Fixed networks

E.   Ubiquitous networks

5: _____ prevents new adware from being installed on your computer.

A.   Web harvesting

B.   Cybersquatting

C.   Intelligent agents

D.   Antispyware

6: _____ provide the standards, syntax, statements, and instructions for writing computer software.

A.   Operating systems

B.   Application servers

C.   Database management systems

D.   Platforms

E.   Programming languages

7: ________refers to a precise set of instructions that tell the computer hardware what to do.

A.   A mnemonic

B.   An input device

C.   An output device

D.   Software

8: ___________________ is the act of protecting information and the systems that store and process it.

A.   Guidelines

B.   Acceptable use policies

C.   Label

D.   Information systems security

9: A ____ is a cryptographic means of authentication.

A.   CryptoHeaven

B.   Message-digest

C.   Digital signature

D.   Idle CPU Time

10: A ____ is a shared electrical or optical channel that connects two or more devices.

A.   Trace

B.   Bus

C.   Route

D.   Connection

11: A ____ is usually the best approach to security project implementation.

A.   Parallel operation

B.   Direct changeover

C.   Phased implementation

D.   Pilot

12: A _____ is a simple database program whose records have no relationship to one another.

A.   Flat file

B.   Schema

C.   Relational system

D.   User view

13: A ________________ is a software tool for specifying the content and format for a database report.

A.   Structured

B.   Report generator

C.   Analytical

D.   Scale up, scale out

14: A computer hacker usually gets into a company’s network by _____.

A.   Befriending someone who works for the company

B.   Finding a single unlocked door in a virtual hallway

C.   None of the above

15: A computer is the ____ of an attack when it is used to conduct the attack.

A.   Subject

B.   Target

C.   Object

16: A field or a group of fields that make a record unique in a table is called a(n) ________.

A.   Primary key

B.   Autonumber.

C.   Central entity

17: A genetic algorithm is an approach to solving problems based on the _____.

A.   Theory of evolution

B.   Theory of relativity

C.   Compton Effect

18: Global positioning system (gps) consists of ____ and a group of gps satellites.

A.   GPS transmitters

B.   Wi-Fi receivers

C.   GPS amplifiers

D.   GPS receivers

19: A merge operation in word generally requires _____ files(s).

A.   Two

B.   Three

C.   Four

20: A secure system includes _____ that can log every instance of data entry and changes.

A.   Audit trails

B.   Trap trails

C.   Batch trails

D.   Control trails

21: A security awareness program includes ________

A.   Motivating users to comply with security policies

B.   Informing users about trends and threats in society

C.   Teaching employees about security objectives

D.   All of the above

22: An example of a wi-fi security standard is ____.

A.   WPA

B.   SSL

C.   WIP

D.   OTP

23: In comparison with unstructured information, semi-structured information ________.

A.   Is more difficult to break down

B.   Has no inherent order

C.   Is easier to query and aggregate

D.   Is more difficult to link together

24: In data encryption, the https indicates a safe http connection over _____.

A.   Proxy server

B.   Social engineering

C.   Virtual private network

D.   Secure Sockets Layer

25: In information systems, saas stands for ________.





26: In order to protect your password, you should never ________.

A.   Use the password more than three times in a day

B.   Write down your password

C.   Use virtual keyboards to enter your password

D.   Create passwords containing multiple special characters

27: In terms of password management, when an account is created, users should ________.

A.   Immediately change the password they are given to a password of their own

B.   Documenting position sensitivity enables security personnel to prioritize their activities.

C.   The financial losses faced by companies due to human error are enormous.

D.   Personal identification number

28: In the context of web and network privacy, an acceptable use policy is _____.

A.   Use verification procedures to ensure data accuracy.

B.   Set of rules specifying the legal and ethical use of a system and the consequences of noncompliance.

C.   Spam

D.   Cybersquatting

29: Many corporations use a ____ to help secure the confidentiality and integrity of information.

A.   Weighted factor analysis

B.   Operational feasibility

C.   Disadvantage

D.   Data Classification Scheme

30: Scsi is a ____ interface and not just an interface technique for hard disk drives.

A.   Systems


C.   Synchronous

D.   InfiniBand

31: Security systems ultimately depend on the behavior of their ________.

A.   Users

B.   Hardware

C.   Software

D.   Data

32: To connect multiple businesses from different locations, a ____ area network setup could be used.

A.   Spider

B.   WiMAX

C.   Home

D.   Wide

33: The practice of using similar but not identical domain names is called _____.

A.   Domain tasting

B.   Smart cards

C.   Cybersquatting

D.   Government-to-citizen

34: The field in a table that is used to relate that table to other tables is called the ____.

A.   Index

B.   User interface

C.   False

D.   Primary key

35: When loops are nested, _____.

A.   Captive

B.   Unstructured

C.   Inner

D.   Outer

36: To avoid the look of missing data in a report, use the hide duplicates property on ____ fields.

A.   Control

B.   Sorted


D.   Date

37: To define styles under landscape orientation, use the @media rule, setting the orientation to ____.

A.   Landscape

B.   Portrait

C.   Normal

D.   Page layout

38: To delete rows from the database, use the ____ command.






39: To describe a queuing system, we use the term ____ for the object that provides the service.

A.   Overflow

B.   Server

C.   Simulation

D.   Customer

40: To display the contents of a file called data, use the command ____.

A.   Disp data

B.   Ls -l data

C.   Ls data

D.   Cat data

41: To organize large amounts of information, it is best to use ____.

A.   Banded

B.   Tables

C.   Tab stop

D.   True

42: Trait theorists are generally more interested in __________ rather than __________.

A.   Assessing abnormal behavior. . . explaining why behavior occurs

B.   Explaining why behavior occurs . . . predicting behavioral patterns

C.   Assessing abnormal behavior . . . describing patterns of behavior

D.   Describing patterns of behavior . . . explaining why behavior occurs

43: With respect to computer networks, ________ are also referred to as wi-fi networks.

A.   Storage area networks

B.   Wireless body sensor networks

C.   Wireless local area networks

D.   None of these

44: The _________ lock can make it difficult for thieves to steal a laptop.

A.   Bandwidth

B.   Kensigton

C.   Scareware

D.   Fiber-optic

45: The two types of malware that have the primary objective of infecting a computer system are ____.

A.   Signature

B.   Data backups

C.   Viruses and worms

D.   Buffer overflow

46: Whereas phishing attacks are ________, denial of service attacks are ________.

A.   Remote attacks requiring user action; remote attacks requiring no user action

B.   Remote attacks requiring no user action; attacks by a programmer developing a system

C.   Remote attacks requiring no user action; remote attacks requiring user action

D.   Distributed remote attacks requiring user action; attacks by a programmer developing a system

47: The application gateway is also known as a(n) ____

A.   All of the above

B.   Rating and filtering

C.   Application-level firewall

D.   Proxy

48: The best and most effective way to manage authentication is through ___________.

A.   Encryption

B.   Firewall

C.   Password

D.   Biometrics

49: The ________ component of the is framework provides instructions for people.

A.   Procedure

B.   Software

C.   Information

D.   Data

50: The term _____ best describes the level of technology skills needed in today’s business world.

A.   Computer knowledge

B.   Computer fluency

C.   Computer digitization

D.   Computer information