Introduction to information Technology MCQs

Introduction to information Technology MCQs

These Introduction to information Technology multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Introduction to information Technology. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 70+ Introduction to information Technology MCQs.
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1: An example of an app you can use to create letters, reports, and other documents is a ____ program.

A.   Memory card

B.   Word processing

C.   Chat room

D.   Input device

2: Another word for existence-independent is ____.

A.   Unary

B.   Strong

C.   Alone

D.   Weak

3: Application software that is intended for use in a specialized business environment is called ____.

A.   Personal information manager

B.   Application software development

C.   An invasion of privacy

D.   An industry-specific application

4: Careers in computer ____ focus on the design of computer hardware.


B.   Beta testing

C.   Engineering


5: Carrier sense multiple access (csma) is a ____-based access protocol.

A.   Round robin

B.   Contention

C.   Reservation

D.   Detection

6: Cloud computing will offer applications that are _______.

A.   More expensive than most software

B.   Only accessible over the Internet

C.   Useable only from smart phones

D.   Installed on your physical computer

7: For the ____ operation, it is required that the the two tables have a common attribute.

A.   Flat file

B.   Record

C.   Bit

D.   Join

8: In order to make effective use of a new or upgraded technology, a user may require ____.

A.   User support center

B.   Training

C.   All of these

D.   User mistake

9: Inheritance enables a ____ to derive one or more of its attributes from a parent.

A.   Child

B.   Oval

C.   Dashed

D.   Indices

10: Once ____, you can run an application so that you can interact with it.

A.   Laptop

B.   Installed

C.   Chat room

D.   Digital camera

11: Word shades fields ____ on the screen.

A.   Blue

B.   Green

C.   Gray

D.   Tan

12: A _____ page is an unchanging page retrieved from a file on a web server.

A.   Static

B.   Customized

C.   Personalized

D.   Dynamic

13: A mistake programmers often make with loops is that they ____.

A.   Include statements inside the loop that belong outside the loop

B.   Entire loop must be executed

C.   Terminal

D.   Increment the loop control variable

E.   Initialize the loop control variable Correct

14: A(n) ____ backup only archives the files that have been modified since the last backup

A.   Daily

B.   Differential

C.   Incremental

D.   Copy

15: A(n) ____ is anything about which data are to be collected and stored

A.   Attribute

B.   Entity

C.   Relationship

D.   Constraint

16: Adware and spyware are similar to each other in that they both ________.

A.   Masquerade as useful programs

B.   Are specifically programmed to spread

C.   Are installed with a user’s permission

D.   Reside in the background and observe a user’s behavior

17: Application servers are usually grouped into two types: page-based and _____ systems.

A.   Group-based

B.   Script-based

C.   Server-based

D.   Component-based

18: Arguments are passed to the base class destructor function by the ________ class ________ function.

A.   Derived, constructor

B.   Derived, destructor

C.   Base, constructor

D.   Base, destructor

E.   None of these

19: Cloud resources are ________ because many different organizations use the same physical hardware.

A.   Portable

B.   Pooled

C.   Programmatic

D.   Elastic

20: Protected members of a base class are like ________, but they may be accessed by derived classes.

A.   Constructor functions

B.   Static members

C.   Private members

D.   Public members

21: The ____ loop is particularly useful when processing arrays.

A.   For

B.   Infinite

C.   While

D.   Nested

22: The data ____ component is used to create and maintain the data dictionary.

A.   Manipulation

B.   Administration

C.   Generation

D.   Definition

A.   Composition

B.   Extension

C.   Is-a

D.   Scope

24: The term _________________ refers to configuring a web page is optimally ranked by search engines

A.   Search engine optimization

B.   Social media optimization

C.   Web analytics

D.   Search engine results page

25: Two of the most common graphical charting techniques are ____.

A.   Can be updated dynamically

B.   Cascading style sheets

C.   Bar charts and pie charts

26: Key components of dashboards are design, api, access, and ______________.

A.   Metrics

B.   Functionality

C.   Mobility

D.   Accessibility

27: To generate unique numbers in sequence, you use the ________________ attribute.



C.   Both of these

D.   None of these

28: During the ____ cycle of the cpu, the transformation takes place and data output is stored.

A.   Execution

B.   Fetch

C.   Store

D.   Wait

29: The characteristics of online processing systems are that _____.

A.   Users can access data randomly

B.   Users interact with the information system

C.   The system process transactions completely when and where they occur

D.   All of these

30: Cloud pricing structure is a ____-based model.

A.   Flat

B.   Box

C.   Subscription

D.   Pay-as-you-go

31: A logical function is a function that works with values that are either ____

A.   True or false

B.   Right or wrong

C.   Absolute or relative

D.   Positive or negative

32: An advantage of using a heuristic over an algorithm is ________.

A.   The heuristic takes longer and is more accurate.

B.   The heuristic can be quicker.

C.   The heuristic always works the same way.

D.   The heuristic fosters greater creativity

A.   Desktop software

B.   System utilities

C.   Web-based software

D.   All of these

34: Recent nhtsa research reports that an estimated ________ lives are saved by air bags each year:

A.   1,500

B.   100

C.   150

35: Harvard researchers are experimenting with robot swarms which are groups of robots that ________.

A.   Work together to perform a task without human intervention

B.   Commits unethical behavior

C.   Storm buildings

D.   Harvard researchers

36: A(n) _____ is the set of possible values for a given attribute.

A.   Group

B.   Domain

C.   Set

D.   Range

A.   Citation

B.   Index

C.   Attribute

D.   Field

38: "using a web browser, you type the url you would like to visit into the ____.

A.   Status bar

B.   Browser body

C.   Hyperlink bar

D.   Address bar

39: Injuries to the external male genitalia _______.

A.   Are often life-threatening

B.   Usually result in permanent damage

C.   Frequently lead to hypovolemic shock

D.   Are rarely life-threatening

40: When a patient stiffens the muscles of the abdomen, it is known as _______.

A.   Crepitus.

B.   Distention.

C.   Instability.

D.   Guarding

41: You should suspect a kidney injury anytime the patient presents with _______.

A.   Abdominal distention

B.   Dyspnea

C.   A hematoma in the flank region

D.   Nausea

42: Web pages are accessed through a software program called a _____.

A.   ​web crawler

B.   ​web browser

C.   ​web server

D.   ​web app drawer

43: Data that a computer accepts and processes is called ______.

A.   Input

B.   Information

C.   Bytes

D.   Digital facts

44: Simon wants to change the chart’s border. to do this, he should select the chart tools ____ tab.

A.   Format

B.   Edit

C.   Design

D.   Layout

45: The ____ data type is considered compatible with varchar(35).


B.   INT


D.   CHAR(15)

46: The number of bytes in an array is always a multiple of the number of ____ in an array.

A.   Indexes

B.   Subscripts

C.   Iterators

D.   Elements

47: The memory allocated for a float value is ____ bytes.

A.   Two

B.   Four

C.   Eight

D.   Sixteen

48: A(n) ____________________ in a hierarchical model is the equivalent of a record in a file system.

A.   Class

B.   Segment

C.   Data model

D.   Crow's Foot notation

49: An element of a two-dimensional array is referred to by ________ followed by ________.

A.   The correct answer is: constant integer expression, zero

B.   The correct answer is: the row subscript of the element, the column subscript of the element

C.   The correct answer is: a loop to assign the elements of one array to the other array

D.   The correct answer is: string names[5

50: ____ is one of the primary operations of a computer

A.   C:browser

B.   C:Processing

C.   C:The Internet

D.   A:Supercomputers