Information Technology (IT) MCQs

Information Technology (IT) MCQs

These Information Technology (IT) multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Information Technology (IT). You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 80+ Information Technology (IT) MCQs.
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1: To move files between drives, you can use all of the following except ________.

A.   Hold down the Shift key while dragging

B.   Use the Cut and Copy commands

C.   Drag while holding down the right mouse key

D.   Use the Ctrl + M keys

2: The period of time that exist between wireless frames is called __________.

A.   Duration/ID field.

B.   NAV Value.

C.   Interframe Space.

D.   Carrier Sense

3: The organizational structure of the files and folders on a computer is the _______,

A.   Start Menu

B.   Menu folder

C.   File folder

D.   File directory

4: You relate tables to one another by using _______ fields.

A.   Common

B.   Source

C.   Criteria

D.   Starting

5: Your computer needs a(n) _____ to access a network.

A.   SMS

B.   LTE

C.   NIC

D.   Bot

6: The _____ system is used to represent rgb color in digital graphics.

A.   Hexadecimal

B.   Cloud computers

C.   Not decimal

D.   Battery life

7: The vga standard offers _______________ colors at a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels.

A.   16

B.   24

C.   32

D.   64

8: The set of possible values for an attribute is a ____.

A.   Key

B.   Set

C.   Range

D.   Domain

9: The term big data refers to the ________.

A.   Concerns about reactions to privacy infringement

B.   Identify customers and get to know them in as much detail as possible

C.   Exponential growth of structured and unstructured data that are difficult to process using traditional database techniques

D.   Customize some aspects of the products or services offered to each customer

10: The web was introduced in _______.

A.   1989

B.   1929

C.   1971

D.   1924

11: On a wiring diagram, s110 with a ".8 brn/blk" means ________.

A.   Circuit #.8, spliced under the hood

B.   A connector with 0.8 mm 2 wire

C.   A splice of a brown with black stripe, wire size being 0.8 mm 2 (18 gauge AWG)

D.   Both a and b

12: A ________ is a personal journal posted on the web

A.   Blog

B.   Podcast

C.   Wiki

D.   Webcast

13: A single spreadsheet document is often called a ____.

A.   Cell

B.   Database

C.   Workbook

D.   Worksheet

14: When loops are nested, _____.

A.   Both must be the same type—definite or indefinite

B.   One must end before the other begins

C.   They typically share a loop control variable

D.   None of the above

15: The control variable of a counter-controlled loop should be declared as ________to prevent errors.

A.   Int

B.   Float

C.   Double

D.   Any of the above

16: _______ are the fundamental activities that organizations use to do work and achieve their goals.

A.   Inputs

B.   Processes

C.   Operations

D.   Tasks

17: ________ information is information that directly pertains both to the context and to the subject.

A.   Measurable

B.   Relevant

C.   Expensive

D.   Timely

18: The ____ query combines rows from two queries and excludes duplicates.





19: _____ is a relational set operator.



C.   ALL


20: ________ is used to undo unwanted database changes.

A.   Rollback

B.   Rollforward

C.   Restart

D.   Encryption

21: A derived attribute ____.

A.   Has many values

B.   Must be stored physically within the database

C.   Must be based on the value of three or more attributes

D.   Need not be physically stored within the database

22: A ____ should be a derived attribute

A.   Person's name

B.   Person's age

C.   Person's social security number

D.   Person's phone number

23: An example of a(n) _____ is unix.

A.   Operating system

B.   SAN


D.   Server

24: _____ reduces the customer's need for software maintenance, operation, and support.

A.   Hardware as a Help

B.   Software as a Service

C.   Processing as a Product

D.   Storage as a Solution

25: Todos los lunes yo ______________ la ropa. (planchar)

A.   Escribían

B.   El conductor

C.   Planchaban

D.   None of these

26: If an organization opts for software as a service (saas), it will have to ________.

A.   Install an operating system on the server

B.   Purchase licenses for software replication

C.   Transfer data and develop procedures

D.   Install a database management system

27: ____ are the characteristics that define an object as part of a class.

A.   Attributes

B.   Features

C.   Both a & b

D.   Non ot above

28: A(n) ______ database is a huge database used to analyze transactions.

A.   Object-oriented

B.   Relational

C.   Data warehouse

D.   Distributed

29: Isp stands for ________.

A.   Internet Survey Period

B.   Integrated Service Provider

C.   Internet Security Protocol

D.   Internet Service Provider

30: A computer program that imitates human thinking is a(n) ________.

A.   Information interface

B.   Decision support system

C.   Enterprise resource planning system

D.   Expert system

31: Clerical workers using computers for word-processing tasks is an example of job _____.

A.   Job rotation

B.   Job deskilling

C.   Job upgrading

D.   Job virtualization

32: ____ allows you to specify multiple images and their properties in a comma-separated list.

A.   CSS3

B.   Cover

C.   Auto

D.   CSS

33: ________ can cause data to arrive at uneven intervals on wireless networks.

A.   Multiple propagation modes

B.   Crosstalk

C.   Subnet mask

34: According to mcafee, ________ now pose the greatest security risks.

A.   Databases

B.   Software as a service

C.   Email

D.   Mobile devices

E.   Social media

35: Airlines take advantage of ____ technology to inform users of flight delays and itinerary changes.

A.   Smart phone

B.   Laptop

C.   Computer

D.   None of these

36: All of the following are tips for professional e-mail etiquette except ________.

A.   Be concise and to the point

B.   Use spell-checker and proofread before sending

C.   use abbreviations such as "u," "r," and "BRB" to keep the e-mail message shorter

D.   Include a meaningful subject line

37: An ________________ modifies or further describes the function of an element.

A.   Tag

B.   Doctype

C.   Attribute

D.   None of the above

38: An agency that offers accreditation for health-oriented websites is ____.





39: An uninvited email solicitation to buy something is an example of ________.

A.   Flaming

B.   Spam

C.   Pharming

D.   Instant messaging

40: Border widths can be expressed using the keywords ____, medium, or thick.

A.   Thin

B.   Auto

C.   Average

D.   Slim

41: Cd-rom is an example of a(n) _______ type of storage medium.

A.   Head crash

B.   Optical disc

C.   Nonvolatile storage

D.   Cloud storage

42: Character entity references are inserted using the syntax _____.


B.   Charset=”encoding”

C.   &char

D.   “charset=utf-8”

43: Hr apps are leased in __________ arrangements.

A.   Social networks

B.   ERM

C.   SaaS

D.   Virtual

44: The "fathers of the internet" are vinton cerf and ________.

A.   Robert Cailliau

B.   Bill Gates

C.   Tim Berners-Lee

D.   Robert Kahn

45: The web page displayed when a user first visits a site is called a(n) _____.

A.   Push technology

B.   Splash screen

C.   Optical center

D.   Display/banner

46: Businesses should consider twitter as a social network where the dominant focus is on ________.

A.   Status updates

B.   Local news

C.   Customer experience

D.   Generating sales

47: _____ was one of the first to offer saas for crm software.

A.   Microsoft


C.   Oracle

D.   SAP

48: After a workers h-1b visa expires, the foreigner must _____.

A.   Remain outside the United States for one year before another H-1B petition will be approved

B.   Work in specialty occupations that require at least a four-year bachelors degree

C.   Even if contractors sign an agreement indicating that they are contractors and not employees

D.   None of the above

49: ______ information can be proved as correct or incorrect.

A.   Accurate

B.   Useful

C.   Verifiable

D.   Organized

50: A _____ is an audio output device that converts text to speech.

A.   Custom

B.   Voice Synthesizer

C.   Programming

D.   System