Windows 10 MCQs

Windows 10 MCQs

These Windows 10 multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Windows 10. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Windows 10 MCQs.
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1: A method used to change the size of a(n) ____ is to drag the window borders.

A.   Folder

B.   Window

C.   Icon

D.   File

2: A copy or replacement of a file is known as a(n) ____.

A.   Extra

B.   Dupe

C.   Double

D.   Backup

3: A file ____ shows the location of a file or folder.

A.   Matrix.

B.   Path.

C.   Run

4: As you search for a file, a green progress bar appears in the ____ bar.

A.   File list

B.   Taskbar

C.   Details pane

D.   Address bar

5: What is the latest version of Windows as of September 2021?

A.   Windows 7

B.   Windows 8

C.   Windows 8.1

D.   Windows 10

6: Which feature in Windows 10 allows you to create multiple virtual desktops for organizing open applications?

A.   Task Manager

B.   Snap Assist

C.   Task View

D.   Start Menu

7: Which web browser is integrated into Windows 10?

A.   Mozilla Firefox

B.   Google Chrome

C.   Microsoft Edge

D.   Internet Explorer

8: How can you access the Action Center in Windows 10?

A.   By clicking on the Start button

B.   By pressing the Alt + Tab keys simultaneously

C.   By clicking on the system tray icon or pressing Windows key + A

D.   By right-clicking on the desktop

A.   Your Phone app

B.   Cortana

C.   Windows Defender

D.   Microsoft Office

10: How do you access the Windows 10 Settings app?

A.   By right-clicking on the desktop

B.   By pressing Windows key + S

C.   By clicking on the Start button and selecting Settings

D.   By pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete

11: Which feature allows you to quickly view and switch between open applications by pressing the Windows key + Tab?

A.   Task Manager

B.   Snap Assist

C.   Task View

D.   Timeline

12: How can you customize the Windows 10 Start Menu?

A.   By pressing Windows key + I

B.   By right-clicking on the Start button

C.   By dragging and dropping tiles and resizing them

D.   By typing "cmd" in the search box

13: What is the default antivirus and antimalware software included with Windows 10?

A.   Norton Antivirus

B.   Avast Antivirus

C.   McAfee Antivirus

D.   Windows Defender

14: Which Windows 10 feature allows you to create 3D models and view them in a virtual reality environment?

A.   Paint 3D

B.   Windows Media Player

C.   Microsoft Office

D.   File Explorer