IP Addressing And Routing MCQs

IP Addressing And Routing MCQs

Answer these IP Addressing And Routing MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of IP Addressing And Routing.
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1: TCP/IP is a five-layer hierarchical protocol suite developed before the OSI model.

A.   True

B.   False

2: Which is a stream-oriented protocol?

A.   TCP

B.   FTP


D.   UDP

3: Which is used by a host to test itself without going into the network?

A.   Compatible address

B.   Mapped address

C.   Loop back address

D.   Network address

4: In the TCPIIP architecture, the label assigned to a process is called a?

A.   Specific Address

B.   Physical address

C.   Logical address

D.   Port address

5: Which address in the Internet is currently a 32-bit address that can uniquely define a host connected to the Internet?

A.   None

B.   Logical address

C.   Physical address

D.   Port address

6: Which address in TCPIIP is 16 bits in length?

A.   Specific Address

B.   Port address

C.   Logical address

D.   Physical address

7: Which protocol allows the administrator to assign a cost for passing through a network based on the type of service required?

A.   RIP

B.   CBT


D.   BGP

8: Which is an intradomain routing protocol used inside an autonomous system.

A.   CBT

B.   RIP

C.   BGP


9: Which address is associated with a single device or host but it is not a one to one correspondence?

A.   Unicast

B.   Broadcast

C.   Telecast

D.   Multicast

10: A loopback address is used by a host to test itself without going into the network.

A.   True

B.   False

A.   Check sum

B.   Cyclic Redundancy check

C.   Burst error

D.   Parity checking

A.   None

B.   Logical Addresses

C.   Broadcast Addresses

D.   Physical Addresses

13: In BGP, Which session is used to exchange routing information between two routers inside an autonomous system?

A.   E-BGP

B.   None

C.   I-BGP

D.   E-BGP And I-BGP

14: Which is an implementation of the path vector protocol?

A.   None

B.   Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)

C.   Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

D.   Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

15: Which protocol is used for multimedia?

A.   UDP


C.   TCP

D.   RIP

16: A ____ represents a network address that all hosts on a network must read.

A.   Broadcast address

B.   Physical numeric

C.   Mac layer address

D.   Subnet mask