Application Software MCQs

Application Software MCQs

Answer these 20+ Application Software MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Application Software.
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1: Where are the alignment buttons available?

A.   Standard toolbar

B.   Formatting toolbar

C.   None

D.   Status toolbar

2: Which of the following is involved in creating form letters using Mail Merge?

A.   Creating the main document

B.   Creating the main document and data source

C.   Creating the main document and data source And Creating the main document

D.   None

3: Where is the taskbar located?

A.   On the quick launch toolbar

B.   On the start menu

C.   At the top of the screen

D.   At the button of the screen

4: The tool that enables you to add text to a slide without using the standard placeholders is:

A.   Text tool box

B.   Drawing tool

C.   Line tool

D.   Auto shapes tool

5: The menu which has “Replace” as an option is:

A.   Edit menu

B.   Insert menu

C.   File menu

D.   Tools menu

6: To select the whole document, the shortcut key that can be used is:

A.   Ctrl + W

B.   Ctrl + A

C.   Ctrl + S

D.   Ctrl + X

7: Data are organized in a spreadsheet with the help of:

A.   Rows and columns

B.   Layers and planes

C.   Height and width

D.   Lines and spaces

8: When is the enter key pressed when entering text within a document?

A.   At the end of every sentence

B.   At the end of every word

C.   At the end of every line

D.   At the end of every paragraph

9: The term used for creating, editing, formatting, storing, retrieving and printing a text document is:

A.   Web design

B.   Presentation Generation

C.   Database Management

D.   Word Processing

10: In MS-Excel, all formula start with the sign of:

A.   =

B.   #

C.   +

D.   @

A.   Illustration group

B.   Object group

C.   Tables group

D.   Text group

12: What is the advantage of using a spreadsheet?

A.   All

B.   Calculations are automatically updated if data is changed

C.   More flexibility

D.   Automatic calculations

13: In word how would you force a page break?

A.   By changing font size of the document

B.   By using the insert/section break

C.   By positioning cursor at appropriate place and pressing ctrl + enter

D.   By positioning cursor at appropriate place and pressing F1 key

14: From where does MS-Word insert/import the graphics?

A.   All

B.   Paintbrush

C.   Clipart gallery

D.   Autoshapes

15: Which one of the following is not acceptable while naming a file in MS-Word database?

A.   Space

B.   A letter


D.   Underscore

16: You are brought to the first slide in your presentation by using the command.

A.   Ctrl + End

B.   Ctrl + Home

C.   Next slide button

D.   Page up

17: What is the letter and number of the intersecting column and row called?

A.   Cell contents

B.   Cell position

C.   Cell location

D.   Cell address

18: What is the chart placed in a worksheet called?

A.   Hanging chart

B.   Formatting chart

C.   Embedded chart

D.   Aligning chart

19: The option for saving a file that can be used by user is:

A.   Pressing ctrl + s

B.   All

C.   Save option from file menu

D.   Save button on standard toolbar

20: ____ refers to programming using a scripting language that is executed from a web server.

A.   Server-side scripting

B.   PHP, ASP.NET, and Python

C.   Operands

D.   Reserved words

21: An application programming interface (api) is ________.

A.   The code the application software needs in order to interact with the CPU

B.   The code to interface between an application and a peripheral like a printer

C.   The currently active part of an application

D.   The code to interface between an application and RAM

22: Major coding mistakes made by programmers when they write software are called ____.

A.   New version

B.   Patch

C.   Bugs

D.   Update

23: The effectiveness of standardized services relies mostly on _____.

A.   Reduce the average checkout times of customers

B.   To gain insights into customer expectations and perceptions

C.   The quality of the retailer's policies and procedures

D.   Set service goals based on their beliefs about the proper operations of the business.

24: You can add rounded or _______ edges to the individual letters in wordart.

A.   Square

B.   Triangle

C.   Beveled

D.   Hollow