Web Programming MCQs

Web Programming MCQs

These Web Programming multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Web Programming. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 30 Web Programming MCQs.
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1: The ____ of a table helps to define what formatting is appropriate.

A.   Rules


C.   Purpose

D.   None

2: The _____ element is used to mark the form controls that are designed to receive user responses.

A.   Button

B.   Type

C.   Inline

D.   Input

3: Text formatted with the tag is displayed in a(n) ____ font.

A.   Spanning

B.   Caption-side

C.   Collapse

D.   Boldface

4: The ____ attribute allows you to determine which sides of the table will have borders.

A.   Rules

B.   Frame

C.   False

D.   True

5: The ____ attribute creates blank space between the div element and elements nested inside it.

A.   Padding

B.   Inline

C.   External

D.   Text-Align

6: The ____ attribute has two possible values: get and post.

A.   Method

B.   Server

C.   Border box

D.   Img

7: The ____ attributes define the dimensions of a text area.

A.   Display: block

B.   Rows and columns

C.   Size="value"

D.   Inline validation

8: The ____ style can be used to separate the table borders.

A.   Table column

B.   Cellspacing

C.   Wider, narrower

D.   Border-collapse

9: The _____ attribute is used to identify the image file being inserted in a webpage.

A.   GIF

B.   Pixel

C.   Head

D.   Src

10: The _______ defines every object and element on a web page.

A.   Document.bgcolor

B.   Document.write()

C.   Document Object Model

D.   $(document).ready

11: The _______ is between the padding and the margin.

A.   Margin

B.   Gradient

C.   Border

D.   Border radius

12: The ________ html5 element indicates a portion of a document, like a chapter or specific topic.

A.   Header

B.   Article

C.   Aside

D.   Section

14: The character set used for the english alphabet is the _____.

A.   Tel:phone

B.   Header cells and data cells

C.   Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

D.   American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII

15: To style the div id=""container"" element, _____ is used as the selector.

A.   %container

B.   ​:container

C.   .container

D.   ​#container

16: Use the _____ element to code embedded styles on a web page.

A.   Style

B.   .offer { color: blue; }

C.   In the head section of the web page document

D.   Inline, external

17: With a(n) _____ style, one adds a style to the start tag for an element.

A.   ​semantic

B.   ​inline

C.   External

D.   Embedded

19: Use the ________ tag to code embedded styles on a web page.



C.   None of the above


20: To create a textarea control, one needs to use the _____ instead of the input element.

A.   ​output element

B.   ​textarea element

C.   ​control element

D.   Label element

21: All block elements, like the body element, have a default width of _____.

A.   ​50%

B.   ​150%

C.   ​0%

D.   100%

22: The _____ value of the display style removes an element from a rendered page.

A.   ​null

B.   ​none

C.   ​empty

D.   Hide

23: Fractional numeric variables that contain a decimal point are known as ____ variables.

A.   Partial

B.   String

C.   Integer

D.   Floating-point

24: You can create web pages using a(n) ____, such as adobe dreamweaver or amaya.

A.   Whitespace


C.   WYSIWYG editor

D.   Headings

25: Web based application software is software that ________

A.   Architects to create virtual models

B.   True

C.   Is stored completely on a web server instead of your hard drive

D.   Formula

26: Web pages are accessed through a software program called a _____.

A.   Listersery

B.   Web Browser

C.   Web Server

D.   Hyperlinks

27: Web pages are seen within a window called the _____.


B.   Embossed

C.   Viewport

D.   Media queries

28: The ____________________ data types are used to store whole numbers.

A.   Integer

B.   String

C.   Float

D.   All of these

29: Use the ____ element to configure a table heading cell.

A.   Td

B.   Th

C.   Head

D.   Tr

30: Use the _____ element to contain a table row.

A.   Td

B.   Tr

C.   Table

D.   Row

31: Use the ______ attribute to display an image to the right of a block of text.

A.   Align

B.   Spacing

C.   Alt

D.   Right

32: Use the ______ element to contain an html table.

A.   Th

B.   Td

C.   Tr

D.   Table

33: An external style sheet uses the _____ file extension.

A.   Css

B.   No file extension is necessary

C.   Ess

D.   Htm