Personnel Management MCQs

Personnel Management MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Personnel Management MCQs. We encourage you to test your Personnel Management knowledge by answering these multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: Which of the following role a manager performs as a Resource allocator?

A.   Interpersonal role

B.   Decisional role

C.   Informational role

D.   Supportive role

2: Which of these suggestions is an effective way to deal with stress?

A.   Meditation

B.   Exercise

C.   Talking with others

D.   All of the above

3: Which of the following is NOT a goal of HRM?

A.   Integration of HRM with the corporate strategy of the organization

B.   Producing the desired human behavior that helps to achieve the organizations goals

C.   Creation of a flexible environment that can easily adapt change

D.   To endure proper delivery of products

4: Who is the primary person responsible for doing the actual appraising of an employee's performance?

A.   The employee’s direct supervisor

B.   The company appraiser

C.   The human resource manager

D.   None of the above

5: Which of the following term is said to be a part of Organizational Structure?

A.   Goal attainment

B.   Hierarchy level

C.   Performance standards

D.   Supporting staff

6: Team working is which of the following forms of employee involvement?

A.   Task involvement

B.   Indirect involvement

C.   Representative involvement

D.   Co-determination

7: What do you understand by the term 'a prospector organisation'?

A.   An organisation that represents a good prospect for a firm looking to make an acquisition

B.   An organisation that actively seeks new opportunities and change

C.   An organisation with good growth prospects

D.   An organisation that has recently been founded as an entrepreneurial start-up

8: The Minnesota Test is used by HR managers for:

A.   Recruitment and Selection

B.   Training Effectiveness Review

C.   Performance Review

D.   None of the above

9: Representation system is a technique used by HR managers in

A.   Employee Counseling

B.   Competency mapping

C.   Both of the above

D.   None of the above

10: Which approach to the study of leadership is associated with Theory X and Theory Y?

A.   Trait approach

B.   Situational approach

C.   Behavioristic approach

D.   Style approach

11: The idea that collective bargaining limits conflict by virtue of the fact that it leads to small gains for employees which they then feel the need to protect and defend such gains, is summed up by which of the following terms?

A.   The institutionalisation of conflict

B.   The radicalisation of conflict

C.   The functionality of conflict

D.   The individualisation of conflict

12: Which of these items would be in the highest security category of a typical HRIS?

A.   Pet names and breeds.

B.   Employee name

C.   Former employers.

D.   Salary.

13: Which of these steps in the selection typically comes after the conditional job offer?

A.   Application form is completed.

B.   Employment tests are taken

C.   Initial screening is performed

D.   Medical examination is performed

14: Which of the following is likely to remove an applicant from the pool during the initial screening?

A.   Performance test data

B.   Personality test data

C.   Medical exam results

D.   Gaps in the applicant's job history

15: How do companies facilitate workforce diversity?

A.   Limit leadership influence to the executive levels

B.   Rely on external support systems for minority workers

C.   Encourage employees to challenge the beliefs and values of other employees

D.   Build in accountability through surveys and audits