Supervision MCQs

Supervision MCQs

These Supervision multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Supervision. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Supervision MCQs.
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1: Which of the following is established and implemented to help employees behave in the best interest of a business?

A.   Customer organization

B.   Mission statement

C.   Control system

D.   Tactical plan

2: Which of the following is the most likely managerial benefit of technological advancements implemented in a manufacturing facility?

A.   Improved labor relations

B.   Increased production

C.   Lower energy costs

D.   Diverse workforce

3: Which of the following is characterized by high-level managers making the majority of decisions?

A.   Centralized organization

B.   High-involvement organization

C.   Decentralized organization

D.   Learning organization

4: Which of the following persons developed the first theory regarding management functions?

A.   Winslow Taylor

B.   Henri Fayol

C.   Max Weber

D.   Henry Mintzberg

5: Which theory is based on the idea that great leaders are born with self-assurance, integrity, and assertiveness?

A.   Content theory

B.   Path-goal theory

C.   Trait theory

D.   Behavioral theory

6: Which of the following control systems is most commonly used by firms?

A.   Clan

B.   Market

C.   Bureaucratic

D.   Organizational

7: Which of the following has the power to regulate X-ray machines and blood glucose meters?

A.   Occupational Safety and Health Administration

B.   Environmental Protection Agency

C.   Food and Drug Administration

D.   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

8: Which of the following is in daily contact with blue-collar workers in an organization?

A.   Middle-level manager

B.   Tactical manager

C.   Operational manager

D.   Strategic manager

9: Which of the following focuses on short-term goals of an organization?

A.   Strategic planning

B.   Control planning

C.   Operational planning

D.   Tactical planning

10: Which of the following methods of departmentalization is most likely to trigger confusion regarding authority?

A.   Product organization

B.   Matrix organization

C.   Customer organization

D.   Functional organization

11: Which of the following is NOT one of the four established functions of management?

A.   Evaluating

B.   Leading

C.   Planning

D.   Controlling

12: Which of the following best describes operational planning?

A.   Short-term time frame and low level of details

B.   Short-term time frame and high level of details

C.   Long-term time frame and low level of details

D.   Medium-term time frame and medium level of details

13: Which type of consequence is exemplified when a manager fails to show appreciation to an especially helpful subordinate?

A.   Positive reinforcement

B.   Punishment

C.   Negative reinforcement

D.   Extinction

14: A rational and analytical way of looking at decisions is called the ________.

A.   Efficient & logical

B.   Decision-making process

C.   Availability heuristic

D.   Escalation of commitment