Sports MCQs

Sports MCQs

These Sports multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Sports. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Sports MCQs.
So scroll down and start answering.

1: When spotting an overhead press, the spotter would need to __________.

A.   A bad technique because he quickly locks a joint

B.   Poor technique because the spotter should have their hands underneath the bar

C.   Keep his or her hands beneath the bar and watch the bar carefully

D.   Do performance testing prior to setting up your workout routine, stretch before and after each workout, get the proper amount of rest and nutrition, and modify your workout as needed

2: Team sports can contribute to overall environmental health because __________.

A.   Most athletes are also devoted environmentalists

B.   Optimum athletic performance is dependent upon a clean environment

C.   Team sports are played outside so a clean environment is highly valued

D.   All of the above

3: ______, like ethics, is concerned with values guiding behavior.

A.   Morality

B.   Loyalty

C.   Moral principle

D.   All of these are correct.

4: A full stretching session should take between __________.

A.   Five and ten minutes.

B.   Half an hour to an hour.

C.   One and two hours.

D.   Ten and twenty minutes.

5: A tennis player who blames a loss on windy conditions would be likely to have ________.

A.   An internal locus of control

B.   No locus of control

C.   An external locus of control

D.   High-self monitoring

6: The ____________ would be considered a mid-range club

A.   5 Iron

B.   7 Iron

C.   8 Iron

D.   9 Iron

7: Nitrifying bacteria participate in the nitrogen cycle mainly by _____.

A.   Converting nitrogen gas to ammonia.

B.   Rivers and lakes

C.   Polar ice caps

D.   Glaciers

E.   Atmosphere

8: The ______ is responsible for landing and scheduling events for a facility.

A.   Public relations director

B.   Event director

C.   Booking director

D.   Marketing director

9: The concept of ______ is probably the best single measure of an industrys impact.

A.   Total output

B.   Total spending

C.   Aggregate market value of firms in industry

D.   Value added