Web Content Writing MCQs

Web Content Writing MCQs

Answer these 50+ Web Content Writing MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Web Content Writing.
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1: What things should you bear in mind when writing something?

A.   Your target audience.

B.   Your purpose for writing.

C.   The message you want to convey.

D.   a and b

E.   b and c

F.   a, b and c 

2: What is "misinformation"?

A.   Mystery information partially hidden on the internet

B.   Information which is misleading or distracting or at least partially wrong

C.   Mr. Information

D.   Completely wrong information on all counts

E.   None of the above

3: What are "blooks"?

A.   Books that are written by bloggers and generally grow out of their blogs

B.   People who like to blog

C.   People who promote their blogs on the inside pages of a book

D.   All of the above

4: What is the best style of writing for online content?

A.   Formal style

B.   Conversational style

C.   A mix of formal and conversational style

D.   Depends on the target audience

5: There is little need to copy text before trying to publish it to the web because you rarely lose the text at the time of publication.

A.   True

B.   False 

6: Which of the following is/are important component/s of formatting?

A.   Font size

B.   Font type

C.   Size of paragraphs

D.   Use of headings and sub-headings

E.   a and b

F.   c and d

G.   a, b, c and d 

7: Copying a few lines from one of Shakespeares works without giving credit to him would be considered:

A.   Copyright violation

B.   Plagiarism

C.   Theft

D.   Piracy

8: What does the term "spomment" refer to in the blogosphere?

A.   Special comments

B.   Spam on a posting

C.   Comment spam

D.   Tiny gremlins inside the computer system

E.   All of the above 

9: Which of the following is most likely to guarantee the content on your blog is professional, subject-appropriate and grammatically correct?

A.   Copying it into Word, spell-checking, and copying it back

B.   Asking a friend to read it

C.   Reading it through before posting

D.   Having several specialist readers check out the content for its relevance, sense, argument, and keywords 

10: What are some of the ways to make an article effective?

A.   Write long articles. The longer an article, the more informative it is.

B.   Provide a catchy title, preferably containing a keyword.

C.   Break the rules of grammar.

D.   Write short and crisp sentences and stick to the point.

11: Where did the term "blog" originate?

A.   It was invented by Mr. James Blog

B.   An abridgment of the two terms, "web" and "log"

C.   An abridgment of the two terms, "book" and "log"

D.   b and c

E.   None of the above, it was a spontaneous new coinage derived from Old English 

12: Which of the following are most important when optimizing content for search engines?

A.   Regular updating of your blog

B.   Making sure your URL is simple

C.   Adding keywords, tags, metatags and having quality content and regular updating

D.   Having quality content  

13: What kind of writing style will you use for describing a university application process meant to be read by the student applicants and/or their parents?

A.   Use italics for the parents and bold text for the students or vice versa.

B.   Use your normal writing style.

C.   Use a style suited for the parents, as they are more important.

D.   Use a style suited for the students, as they are more important.

E.   Use a style that will be read by both the students and the parents equally successfully. 

14: At the end of an article, the reference list to other relevant works that may or may not have been cited is called the _________________.

A.   Footnotes

B.   Bibliography

C.   Original material

D.   Endnotes

E.   All of the above

15: What distinguishes a blog from a website?

A.   Postings that occur according to a timeline that is updated so old posts can be traced

B.   More content

C.   Flashier images

D.   Contact details

E.   More professional content 

16: What is a "biz blog"?

A.   A blog owned and run by a company or corporation

B.   A private blog for the blogger and his or her family

C.   A blog in the biz of blogging only

D.   A blog about finance, especially related to the London Stock Exchange

E.   None of the above 

17: What is an "anonoblog"?

A.   A general blog with multiple authors

B.   A blog about people who used to be famous

C.   A blog written and maintained by an anonymous author, often under a pseudonym or pen name

D.   All of the above 

18: Which of the following is the term used for the collective blogging intelligentsia, namely the most influential bloggers online by page rank owing to their high traffic count?

A.   Glamorati

B.   Hoi polloi

C.   Rich and reckless

D.   Beautiful and damned

E.   Blogerati 

A.   it is an offense in most countries

B.   the search engines may restrict your site or future listings, or ban you altogether

C.   it could reduce the traffic to your blog

D.   All of the above 

20: Which of the following is not a blogging provider or blogging service available on the web free of cost?

A.   Wordpress

B.   Blogger

C.   Technorati

D.   BlueHost 

A.   No. A copyright notation is no longer an absolute necessity of the Copyright Act.

B.   Yes. The copyright notation is necessary to protect the content.

C.   No. As long as the website has a general copyright notation, it is not required to be placed below all content 

22: Which of the following features will increase the likelihood of a reader staying longer on your blog?

A.   Having mostly text rather than pictures, slide shows or other interactive content

B.   Using external links to generate the new page as a pop-up window rather than going directly to the new site

C.   Offering links to great promotional deals on other sites

A.   When the author displays the copyright sign below the content or website.

B.   At the time the work is created.

C.   When the work is registered with the copyright and trademark office.

D.   When the work goes online.

24: What does "SEO" stand for?

A.   Sequeway Even Offered

B.   Service Engine Oriented

C.   Second Executive Officer

D.   Search Engine Optimization         

25: In terms of keywords for promoting a website about global money, which of the following groups would be the best choice?

A.   Football, shopping, racing, gardening

B.   10c, 5c, dollar, 50c, quarter

C.   The World Bank, the Olympics, the US government, the UEFA Cup

D.   Dollar, yen, pound sterling, exchange rate

26: What can you do to make your articles more appealing to online readers?

A.   Create external links and quality posts

B.   Add a message board and / or chat room to encourage interactivity

C.   Increase the product or site image / professional branding

D.   All of the above

27: What is a "tag"?

A.   An external link

B.   A language element, such as a word, often used in blogs to identify the type or types of content that makes up a particular post

C.   A long post that goes onto another page

D.   Both b and c

28: What is "podcasting"?

A.   Making the entire blog available in a single downloadable file

B.   Redirecting traffic through a portal hidden on the blog called a "pod"

C.   Distribution of audio and other media files for download to digital music or multimedia players such as iPods

D.   Mass e-mailing for marketing purposes to promote several blogs at the same time 

A.   Yes

B.   No 

30: Given below are some examples of sentences that must be avoided in formal writing.
I. All is fair in love and war.
II. It is not rocket science.
III. I am not gonna talk to that guy again.
IV. Oh, he is such a cool dude!
Select the answer options that correctly describe these sentences.

A.   I and II are cliches.

B.   III and IV employ slang words.

C.   I and III contain oxymorons.

D.   II and IV are colloquialisms. 

A.   2008 indicates the year for which the copyright is valid.

B.   2008 indicates the year of first publication.

C.   Mathew S. Johnson is the author of the content, even though he may not hold the copyright.

D.   Mathew S. Johnson is the copyright holder 

A.   Google will find all the web pages containing the words "sport" and "basketball"

B.   Google will find the web pages about "sport" and also those containing the word "basketball"

C.   Google will find the web pages about "sport" that do not contain the word "basketball"

D.   Google will find all the web pages in which the words "sport" and "basketball" appear together

E.   None of the above

33: What is "placing of keywords in the important parts of a webpage so that search engines may give them priority" called?

A.   Keyword prominence

B.   Optimization guesswork

C.   Partial selection

D.   Keyword density  

34: What are "grey hat techniques"?

A.   Techniques attracting people over 65 to your blog

B.   Advertising techniques through images specifically aimed at older readers

C.   Techniques involving part online and part store sales

D.   An optimisation strategy defining an unknown area of reputability/validity 

35: Search engines will return different results depending on the word order of the search terms.

A.   True

B.   False 

36: Blog comments show up in Google searches in addition to the blog posts.

A.   True

B.   False

37: If words/phrases are lifted from an original writing on the internet - not from a printed book - it is not plagiarism.

A.   True

B.   False 

38: What is a "bye-line"?

A.   The text at the end of a post that identifies the poster, and a play on "byline", used to identify the writer of a newspaper article

B.   The headline

C.   The secondary headline

D.   b and c

E.   None of the above 

39: What is a "newbie"?

A.   A term - potentially negative - applied to someone new to a discussion or blog

B.   A new technological addition to the internet

C.   An innovation that took blogs into Web 2.0

D.   The latest fashion on the blogosphere  


a and d

40: What are the websites "writework.com" and "schoolsucks.com"?

A.   Sites where teachers can obtain their students' papers in an educational exchange program?

B.   Websites dedicated to stopping plagiarism on the web

C.   Websites where students can obtain papers to wrongfully use as their own, often for free

D.   A community of online papers backed by most US and UK school programs

41: What is the term used for "the number of times the keyword is used divided by the total word count on the page"?

A.   Keyword density

B.   Keyword distribution

C.   Word hardness

D.   Density of syllables

E.   Blog Page Intensity 

42: Which of the following is a good approach to planning to write a blog posting?

A.   Source content, write draft, save, post to blog

B.   Idea, source content, post to blog, read

C.   Idea, source content, write draft, save, read and edit, post to blog

D.   Write draft, edit, post to blog, read and edit later 

43: If you write something libelous in a blog, you can still be sued for written defamation despite the apparent freedom of expression on the Internet.

A.   True

B.   False 

44: Online articles do not need to be cited especially when taken from another online source.

A.   True

B.   False 

45: What is an "open thread"?

A.   A thread that is open for discussion by those posting to it

B.   A thread that has closed links

C.   Multiple posts focused around one specific subject

D.   All posts made openly by the same blogger

E.   All of the above

46: Which of the following are good ways of protecting your online content?

A.   Searching for the plagiarists of your content

B.   Embedding your images

C.   Potentially encrypting your HTML

D.   Joining a plagiarism forum

E.   All of the above

47: Why is it sometimes a good idea to create a blog independently with a host other than a free blog hosting service such as the Blogger?

A.   You can add more intelligent interactivity such as widgets, site design, custom URLs etc

B.   You can then have two blogs and disconnect your old one

C.   You will be able to keep the old free service

D.   You will automatically get more traffic

48: What is a "plagiarism warning banner?"

A.   A banner e-mailed to you by a potential plagiarist to warn you of their potential copying of your site

B.   A banner you place on your site or blog to deter potential plagiarists

C.   A government service that bans plagiarists from the Web with an official warning, usually a letter to their home address

D.   None of the above  

49: Is it a good idea to have two blogs with the same content to try and increase traffic?

A.   No, as search engines such as Google will most likely list only one blog which may not be your preference

B.   Yes, two blogs, even with the same content, will most likely double your traffic on the web

C.   Yes, and to have three would be still better

D.   No, because search engines will be advised to close down one, if not both, of your blogs 

50: What can you do to make your articles more appealing to online readers?

A.   Create external links and quality posts

B.   Add a message board and / or chat room to encourage interactivity

C.   Increase the product or site image / professional branding

D.   All of the above