Adobe XD MCQs

Adobe XD MCQs

These Adobe XD multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Adobe XD. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these 20 Adobe XD MCQs.
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1: How to enable 3D transforms in Adobe XD ?

A.   Go to Transform and click 3D Cube

B.   Go to Layers and click 3D

C.   Go to property and select 3D

D.   None of the Above

2: How are components useful In Adobe XD ?

A.   Helps to make your work fast

B.   It helps us to create once and reuse again and again

C.   One component helps us to use in multiple states

D.   All of the above

3: Auto Animate features in Adobe Xd helps us to do what ?

A.   Add Animations

B.   Micro interaction

C.   Run parallax effects

D.   All of the above

4: Content aware layout in Adobe XD helps us to ..

A.   Swap

B.   Resize

C.   Ease to Align Layout

D.   All of the above

5: In Adobe XD we can repeat objects in any direction with the help of which command ?

A.   Duplicate items

B.   Transform

C.   Repeat Grid

D.   Paste in Place

6: In Adobe XD we can open which software file ?

A.   Adobe XD

B.   Adobe Photoshop

C.   Adobe Sketch

D.   All of the above

7: In Adobe XD assets panels can save which of the things?

A.   Colors

B.   Symbols

C.   Character Styles

D.   All of the Above

8: How Adobe XD will help developers when you share prototypes with them ?

A.   For viewing Measurements

B.   Getting Color Codes

C.   Knowing Character Styles

D.   All of the Above

9: What is the shortcut to Import Images in Adobe XD ?

A.   CTR + I

B.   CTR + SHIFT + I

C.   CTR + R

D.   ALT + I

10: In Adobe XD Which command is used to Repeat any objects in Rows and Columns ?

A.   Repeat Grid

B.   Repeat Row and Columns

C.   Table Command

D.   All of the Above

11: How Components helps us in Adobe XD ?

A.   To Create Buttons

B.   To Create Object Styles

C.   To Create Object Library

D.   All of the Above

12: What is the shortcut of Masking in Adobe XD ?

A.   CTR + M

B.   CTR + SHIFT + M

C.   CTR + ALT + M

D.   None of the Above

13: "CTR + SHIFT + C" is the shortcut of which command in Adobe XD ?

A.   To Copy all contents

B.   To Add Components

C.   Copy Merge Command

D.   To Add Colors

14: How to Select Artboard in Adobe XD ?

A.   By Clicking on Artboard

B.   With Artboard Tool

C.   By Clicking on Name of Artboard

D.   By Select Tool

15: Can we Animate and Slide Banners through Adobe XD ?

A.   True

B.   False

16: How to add Names through Notepad file in Adobe XD ?

A.   By Draging Notepad File to Adobe XD

B.   By Copy and Paste Files

C.   By Copy Text and Pasting in Adobe XD

D.   None of the Above

17: Is Adobe XD a Free Software ?

A.   True

B.   False

18: What is the Shortcut to Add Components in Adobe XD ?

A.   CTR + SHIFT + C

B.   CTR + K

C.   CTR + ALT + C

D.   SHIFT + C

19: Which method for bringing Illustrator content into XD is not possible?

A.   Drag an Illustrator file (.Al) into an XD project.

B.   Copy and paste content from Illustrator to XD.

C.   Open an Illustrator file (.Al) in XD to convert it to an XD project.

D.   Import an Illustrator file (.Al) into an XD project

20: You created a button and converted it to a component in order to make the button interactive. When you open the Component (Master) area in the Property Inspector and click Default State, you notice the button already has one state applied to it. What state is applied?

A.   Hover

B.   Drag

C.   Voice

D.   Tap

21: You want to share your project to a blog or social media. How would you accomplish this?

A.   Link to the project from your Creative Cloud account.

B.   Use the prototype link.

C.   Add the prototype link to a blog.

D.   Add your social media accounts to your invitation list