Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) MCQs

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) MCQs

Try to answer these Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) MCQs and check your understanding of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) subject.
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1: WPF supports which brush?

A.   None

B.   NonLinearlGradientBrush

C.   RadialGradientBrush

D.   CircuarlGradientBrush

2: Which of the following operation are possible in XBAP?

A.   Writing the registering

B.   None

C.   Reading the registry

D.   Access local database

3: How you can set a working mnemonic key for a label?

A.   None

B.   You must place both the Label control and the Target property in the same container.

C.   Set the Target property to the target control. Precede the letter for the mnemonic key with an underscore symbol in the Content property of the Label control.

D.   Set the Mnemonic Key property on the Label control.

4: To play a .wav file which class is used?

A.   WavPlayer

B.   None

C.   AllPlayer

D.   SoundPlayer

5: WPF application can be deployed by?

A.   ClickOnce

B.   None

C.   ClickTwice

D.   ClickThrice

6: Which property you can use to make the control semi-transparent?

A.   Mask

B.   OpacityMask

C.   Semi-Tranceparent

D.   TranceParent

7: Which of the following is true?

A.   MouseDown Event is Tunneling Event

B.   Bubbling Event are raised last in the control where they originate

C.   None

D.   Bubbling Event are raised first in the control where they originate

8: Which layout control would be the best choice for a user interface that requires evenly spaced controls laid out?

A.   EvenlyGrid

B.   Canvas

C.   UniformGrid

D.   Grid

9: Event supported by WPF is \ are?

A.   All

B.   Direct Event

C.   Bubbling Event

D.   Tunneling Event

10: WPF is supported by:

A.   .NET Framework 1.0

B.   .NET Framework 2.0

C.   .NET Framework 3.0 and above

D.   None

11: Which Two types of Logical Resources available in WPF?

A.   None

B.   WPF does not support Logical Resources

C.   StaticResource and CompileResource

D.   StaticResource and Dynamic Resource

12: What are the different Data Binding Modes available in Windows Presentation Foundation? 1)OneWay 2) TwoWay 3) OneWayToSource 4) OneTime

A.   1,2

B.   1,2,3

C.   1,2,3,4

D.   3,4

13: For 2-D Transformation WPF supports the following classes?

A.   All

B.   RotateTransform

C.   ScaleTransform

D.   SkewTransform

14: Which object can be used share the variable across pages in WPF?

A.   Application

B.   Cookies

C.   Session

D.   Viewstate

15: Which Triggers are available in WPF?

A.   Property triggers

B.   Data triggers

C.   All

D.   Event triggers