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1: With ____, you can apply the full range of css styles not available to columns and column groups.

A.   Pseudo-classes

B.   Type=

C.   Aspect-ratio

D.   Border box

2: What is software?

A.   The physical components of a computer system

B.   The set of instructions that tell a computer how to perform specific tasks

C.   The data and information processed by a computer

D.   The network of interconnected computers

3: What is an application software?

A.   The operating system that manages computer resources

B.   The software that controls hardware devices

C.   The software designed to perform specific tasks or functions for users

D.   The software used for network communication

4: What is the purpose of an operating system?

A.   To provide security for computer systems

B.   To manage computer hardware resources and provide a user interface

C.   To develop software applications

D.   To store and retrieve data on computer systems

5: What is a web browser?

A.   A software that allows users to access and view websites on the internet

B.   A software that protects computer systems from viruses and malware

C.   A software that provides word processing and document editing capabilities

D.   A software that enables communication over a network

6: What is the role of a database management system (DBMS)?

A.   To provide security for database systems

B.   To manage and organize data in a structured manner

C.   To establish network connections and manage network traffic

D.   To create and edit graphical images and designs

7: What is the purpose of an antivirus software?

A.   To optimize computer performance and speed

B.   To create and edit spreadsheets and perform calculations

C.   To protect computer systems from viruses and malware

D.   To manage and control access to network resources

8: What is the function of a spreadsheet software?

A.   To create and manage databases

B.   To perform mathematical calculations and data analysis

C.   To develop and test software applications

D.   To provide word processing capabilities

9: What is the purpose of a software development kit (SDK)?

A.   To scan and remove malicious software from computer systems

B.   To provide a set of tools and resources for developing software applications

C.   To manage and control access to network resources

D.   To create and edit graphical images and designs

10: What is a content management system (CMS)?

A.   A software that provides secure communication channels for network users

B.   A software that enables the creation and management of digital content on websites

C.   A software that performs backups and restores data on computer systems

D.   A software that analyzes network traffic and logs information for analysis

11: What is a programming language?

A.   A software that translates high-level programming code into machine-readable instructions

B.   A set of rules and syntax used to write computer programs

C.   A software that optimizes computer performance and speed

D.   A software that manages and controls access to network resources