Struts MCQs

Struts MCQs

Answer these Struts MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Struts.
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1: On which pattern does struts framework is based on?

A.   MVC 1 Pattern

B.   MVC2 Pattern

C.   None

D.   Bridge Pattern

2: The Object Graph Navigation Language (OGNL) is not an expression language?

A.   False

B.   True

3: The architecture and flow of struts 2 application is going to understand the struts flow by which ways?

A.   Basic And Standard

B.   Basic

C.   None

D.   Standard

4: In Which technology Struts 2 provides various types of tags such as UI tags, Data tags, control tags etc. to ease the development of struts 2 application?

A.   Theme and Template support

B.   Various Tag support

C.   Various Result support

D.   Integration Support

5: Which configuration files are used in Struts?


B. And struts-config.xml

C.   None

D.   Struts-config.xml

6: What is the limitation of creating ActionServlet instances per web application?

A.   Two

B.   Three

C.   One

D.   Unlimited

7: Which of the java bean tags is used to show the bean value on the web page?

A.   < bean:define>

B.   < bean:write>

C.   < bean:message>

D.   < bean:show>

8: Interceptor is used to perform operations such as?

A.   Validation

B.   Internationalization

C.   Exception Handling

D.   All

9: Struts combines which of these in to a unified Framework?

A.   Java Servlets

B.   Java Server pages

C.   All

D.   Custom tags and Message Resources

10: POJO means you are not forced to implement any interface or extend any class?

A.   True

B.   False

11: Struts 2 Aware interfaces are used to put information into the?

A.   All

B.   Response

C.   Request

D.   Session object

12: Abbreviate the term POJO?

A.   Plain Old Java Object

B.   Performance Optimize Java Object

C.   Performance Old Java Object

D.   None

13: Which validates the given string with the specified regular expression,it can be used in password, security key etc.?

A.   Regex Validation

B.   RequiredString Validator

C.   Url Validation

D.   Email Validation

14: Struts framework is based on:

A.   Applet, XML and Java

B.   Servlet, JSP, XML and Java

C.   Servlet, HTML and Java

D.   Servlet, JSP and Java

15: In interceptor which is used to display the intermediate result?

A.   ExecAndWait Interceptor

B.   Custom Interceptor

C.   Params Interceptor

D.   Prepare Interceptor

16: The i18n interceptor provides multi-lingual support for your application?

A.   False

B.   True

17: ActionServlet, RequestProcessor and Action classes are the components of:

A.   Model

B.   Controller

C.   Deployment

D.   View

18: Which are the ways to create zero configuration file, We can create struts 2 application without the configuration file struts.xml?

A.   By Convention And By Annotation

B.   By Annotation

C.   None

D.   By Convention

19: In which type of validation we must implement the Validateable interface (or extend ActionSupport class) and provide the implementation of validate method?

A.   By Custom Validation

B.   None

C.   By Ajax Validation

D.   By Input Validation