Advance Database MCQs

Advance Database MCQs

These Advance Database multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Advance Database. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Advance Database MCQs.
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1: A characteristic of decision support data is ____.

A.   Data warehouse

B.   High query activity

C.   High normalization

D.   Governance

2: Data mining is part of the “____” section of the business intelligence framework.

A.   Processes

B.   Governance

C.   Portals

D.   Data warehouse

A.   Portals

B.   Metrics

C.   Matrix-like

D.   Foreign

4: In _______, data is processed at the same time the transaction occurs.

A.   Batch processing

B.   Group processing

C.   Real-time processing

5: In _______, transactions are collected over time and then processed all at once.

A.   Batch processing

B.   Group processing

C.   Real-time processing

6: The basic star schema has four components: facts, _____, attributes, and attribute hierarchies.

A.   Dimensions

B.   Data store

C.   Data marts

D.   Aggregation

7: A correlated subquery is evaluated _____ for each row processed by the parent statement.




8: Vba procedures are created, modified, and displayed in the ____ window.

A.   Immediate

B.   Code

C.   VBA

D.   Query