Database MCQs

Database MCQs

Answer these Database MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Database.
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1: The relational database model enables you to view data ____ rather than ____.

A.   Relationally, hierarchically

B.   Hierarchically, relationally

C.   Physically, logically

D.   Logically, physically

2: In a relational database, a row can be referred to as a(n) ____.

A.   Third

B.   Table

C.   Tuple

D.   First

3: The relationships between tables are handled through ____________________ columns.




D.   Common

4: The sdlc phase in which the detailed conceptual data model is created is the ________ phase.

A.   Planning

B.   Design

C.   Analysis

D.   Implementation

5: A(n) ____ is an application programs or an individual users picture of the database.

A.   View

B.   System Catalog

C.   Systematic Database

D.   Data Dictionary

6: _____ refer to databases focused on addressing the concerns of a specific problem or business unit

A.   Data mining

B.   Data marts

C.   Information

D.   Dbms

7: To include all fields in a sql query, use the ____ symbol after the word select.

A.   View

B.   Set

C.   Asterisk (*)

D.   Outer

8: The crows feet notation on an erd is a type of _______ constraint.

A.   ​cardinality

B.   ​relationship

C.   ​many-to-many

D.   ​multiplicity

9: A programming language typically used for cgi scripts is ____.


B.   SQL

C.   Java

D.   JavaScript

10: The term _________________________ refers to scattered locations storing the same basic data.

A.   Application Program

B.   Data independence

C.   Data redundancy

D.   Islands of information

11: The _____ component of a case tool produces the information system's input/output formats.

A.   Screen painter and report generator

B.   Front-end

C.   Database security officer

D.   Provide the data necessary for tactical decisions and planning

12: A(n) ____ is a query that is embedded (or nested) inside another query.

A.   Operator.

B.   Subquery.

C.   Alias.

D.   View.

13: A/an ___________________ report shows a summary but no details.

A.   Aggregate

B.   Surrogate

C.   Custom

D.   Standard

14: Some very specialized applications may require normalization beyond the _____.

A.   3NF

B.   1NF

C.   4NF

D.   2NFF

15: A(n) ____ is a piece of data required by an action in a macro.

A.   Code

B.   Argument

C.   Message

D.   Pointer

16: ____________________ is a process to help reduce the likelihood of data anomalies.

A.   Granularity

B.   Normalization

C.   Data warehouse

D.   Concept of keys

17: The default comparison condition for the subtype discriminator attribute is the _____ comparison.

A.   Nonequality

B.   Less than

C.   Greater than

D.   Equality

18: The _____ model uses the term connectivity to label the relationship types.

A.   Network

B.   Entity relationship

C.   Object-orientedd

D.   Relational.