Applied Philosophy MCQs

Applied Philosophy MCQs

Our team has conducted extensive research to compile a set of Applied Philosophy MCQs. We encourage you to test your Applied Philosophy knowledge by answering these 30+ multiple-choice questions provided below.
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1: Wilhelm wundt was the founder of _____, whereas william james was the founder of _____.

A.   Structuralism/behaviorism

B.   Behaviorism/functionalism

C.   Functionalism/behaviorism

D.   Structuralism/functionalism

2: "apparent movement" is another term for ____.

A.   Gestalt quälitaten

B.   Existentialism

C.   Extensity

D.   The phi phenomenon

E.   Vectors

3: An essentialist would argue that essentialism is an approach to _____.

A.   Tendency to view one's own culture as superior to others

B.   Gauging a student's prior knowledge and understanding

C.   Both aim to enhance students' moral qualities.

D.   Ensure a common culture among Americans

4: An observation is _______.

A.   A possible explanation for events using prior knowledge

B.   Always quantitative

C.   Made using any of the five senses

D.   Always qualitative

5: Habit strength is a function of repetition. this is an instance of ____.

A.   Thorndike's law of effect

B.   Thorndike's law of exercise

C.   Pavlov's law of reinforcement

D.   Skinner's principle of the extinction of competing responses

E.   Vicarious learning

6: The use of a system of positive reinforcement to promote desired learning is based on _____.

A.   Behaviorism

B.   Functionalism

C.   Progressivism

7: _____________ is/are important in establishing a foundation for normative values.

A.   Corporate conduct

B.   Descriptive approaches

C.   Codes of ethics

D.   Institutions

E.   Opportunity

8: For wertheimer, rote memorization and/or rote learning ____.

A.   Was an effective way to learn

B.   Was inefficient compared to insight learning

C.   Was appropriate only for those of below-average intelligence

D.   Had the fastest decay period

9: Wertheimer suggested that brain activity is ____.

A.   Configural whole process

B.   Incongruent with conscious experience

C.   Rather like fields of force

D.   None of these

10: The most outstanding feature of lewin's social psychology is ____.

A.   Sensitivity dynamics

B.   Group dynamics

C.   The social field

D.   Leadership styles

11: ____ manufacturing philosophy emphasizes quality and zero defects.

A.   Lean

B.   Traditional

C.   Chinese

D.   Zero-Based

12: The view that we lack knowledge in some fundamental way is known as _____.

A.   Skepticism

B.   Pragmatic view

C.   Both a and b

D.   None of the above