Theology MCQs

Theology MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Theology MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Theology by answering these 20+ multiple-choice questions.
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1: The book of _____________ opens the section of the historical books in the english bible.

A.   False

B.   Ezra

C.   Joshua

D.   Elisha

2: In the _______________ campaign, the town of ai was captured.

A.   Central

B.   First

C.   Last

D.   None of these

3: Ruth was a gentile and a moabitess. this means she was a descendent of _____________.

A.   Joshua

B.   Lot

C.   Ehud

D.   All of these

4: The contributions of the pre-socratics include ____.

A.   Teaching us to rely on reason

B.   Teaching us to search for new ways of looking at reality

C.   Introducing the problem of

D.   All of the above

A.   Muslim prayer.

B.   Indian tombs.

C.   Christian basilicas.

D.   Roman temples

6: Confucianism was the state religion of the _____ dynasty

A.   Gupta

B.   Chattel

C.   Twelve Tables

D.   Olmec

E.   Triumvirate

7: Wundt's doctrine of apperception was also known as the ____.

A.   Principle of creative synthesis

B.   Law of psychic resultants

C.   Principle of psychic compounding

D.   Law of Gestalt resultants

E.   Law of creative resultants

8: Wundtian psychology in germany was slow to develop because ____.

A.   Experimentation was not valued

B.   It was not seen as having practical value

C.   Germans were resistant to introspection

D.   Wundt could not adequately distinguish between feelings and sensations

E.   There were not enough journals and textbooks

9: The single most important event in jewish history is their exodus from _____.

A.   Egypt.

B.   Persia

C.   Babylon

D.   Egypt

10: Titchener argued that psychology is unique among the sciences because ____.

A.   Psychology alone is dependent on experiencing persons.

B.   Both Wundt and Titchener

C.   Herbert Spencer

D.   That it had hard data to support it

E.   Physical arousal precedes emotions

11: The event that made the great schism forever permanent was the _____.

A.   Fourth Crusade

B.   Kiev

C.   Greek Orthodox Church

D.   Roman Catholic Church

E.   None of these

12: Chalmers argues that his zombie is _____.

A.   Undertake

B.   Consciousness

C.   Rudimentary

D.   Conceivable

13: Moral rules are _____, while conventional rules are _____.

A.   Co-rumination

B.   Eating disorders

C.   Care perspective

D.   Obligatory; optional

E.   Decoding social cues

14: ________ is the science of taking reliable measurements from aerial photographs.

A.   Map projection

B.   Cartography

C.   Photogrammetre

D.   Multispectral scanning

15: At the cordoba maqsura, the architects experimented with ____.

A.   Calligraphic inscriptions

B.   Figural representations

C.   Fortifications

D.   Decorative,multilobed arches

16: The ____ is the leader of collective worship who preaches from the minbar.

A.   Iman

B.   Baghdad

C.   Mecca

D.   Free

17: In deuteronomy, moses predicts the _____________ that israels future generations will exhibit.

A.   Apostasy

B.   Faithfulness

C.   Benevolence

D.   Perseverance

18: In the _______________ campaign, the town of jericho was captured.

A.   Northern

B.   Southern

C.   Western

D.   Eastern

E.   Central

19: In the first section of romans paul shows that _____________ are under condemnation.

A.   Moralists

B.   Jews

C.   Pagans

D.   All of the above

20: Jehovah-rapha means the lord that ______.

A.   Heals

B.   Jonah

C.   Niall

D.   Liam

21: In __________ chapter 3, paul recounts his "righteousness" according to his own abilities.

A.   Pentecostals

B.   Regeneration

C.   Philippians

D.   Election