Answer these 80+ ArchiCAD MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of ArchiCAD.
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1: The Column tool allows you to place this type of column:

A.   Round

B.   Square

C.   All of these

D.   Steel Section

2: The following is NOT a form of Creative Imaging generated by ArchiCAD:

A.   Fly-Through

B.   Sun Study

C.   PhotoRender

D.   Construction Visualization

3: ArchiCAD files can NOT be directly saved into which format?

A.   DWG

B.   DGN

C.   3DM

D.   3DS

4: What is the correct Project Work-flow in ArchiCAD?

A.   Project Map -> View Map -> Layout Map -> Publisher

B.   Create -> Nursery -> Immature Project -> Mature Project

C.   Blueprint Creator -> Projection Map -> Modeler -> Construction

D.   View Map - > Project Map -> Layout Map -> Publisher

5: You can add roof tiles to a roof with a simple click by using:

A.   wall accessories

B.   roof extras

C.   roof accessories

D.   slab accessories

6: What is the difference between a series of lines drawn using the Line tool and a series of lines drawn using the Polyline tool?

A.   No difference

B.   The Line tool may not be used to draw consecutive lines sharing common endpoints.

C.   Polyline tool series are separate, independently editable segments

D.   Line tool series are separate, independently editable segments

7: what key should you press when you want to view the archicad model in perspective view

A.   F2

B.   F1

C.   F3

8: What are floors referred to as in ArchiCAD?

A.   Stacks

B.   Flats

C.   Levels

D.   Stories

9: By default, ArchiCAD files are saved using this format:

A.   .DXF

B.   .PICT

C.   .PLA

D.   .PLN

E.   .DGN

10: The Profile Manager, by default, controls these:

A.   None of these

B.   Masonry wall sections

C.   Steel profiles

D.   All of these

E.   Concrete profiles

11: What does BIM stand for?

A.   Basic Industrial Modeler

B.   Building Insulation Manager

C.   Building Information Modeling

D.   Business Integration Manager

12: The Lightworks rendering engine allows which of the following Lightworks light sources to be placed into the model?

A.   SunObject

B.   WindowLight

C.   All of these

D.   SkyObject

13: True or False? Roof thickness can be changed from its default thickness.

A.   False

B.   True

14: Using ArchiCAD, it is possible to mark-up drawings to show revisions or corrections.

A.   True

B.   False

15: Sections may be cut:

A.   To any depth

B.   Through any portion of the building's total height

C.   Through the entire model

D.   All of these

16: True or False? Slabs have a thickness.


B.   True

17: What is a pln. file ?

A.   pln. is file of Archi CAD saving

B.   is not dwg.file

18: Unlike many other programs, ArchiCAD 15 allows you to prepare drawings directly within the program.

A.   True

B.   False

19: Which of the following in not a unit of measure form the Calculations Units and Rules menu?

A.   Meter

B.   Millimeter

C.   Centimeter

D.   Decimeter

20: Where does everything you draw or model in ArchiCAD begin?

A.   In the Blueprint

B.   In the Project Map

C.   In the Nursery

D.   In the Creation Wizard

21: What is the programming language of a Library Part?

A.   GDL

B.   Ruby

C.   Java

D.   Python

22: Which of the following rendering engines is incorporated into ArchiCAD?

A.   Luxology

B.   Blender

C.   Lightworks

D.   V-Ray

23: True/False: In archicad you can't change the floor plan cut plane height

A.   True

B.   False

24: What common household object is used as the icon for the Object Tool?

A.   A chair

B.   A roll of tape

C.   A hammer

D.   A pair of scissors

25: What is the term for the 3D symbols in ArchiCAD's symbol library?

A.   Construction Object Templates

B.   GDL Objects

C.   Model Component Objects

D.   CAD Objects

26: True or False? All the stories in a building CANNOT reside in the same project file.


B.   False

27: What keyboard shortcut allows you to fill a shape automatically by clicking on its center?

A.   Y-Key + Shift

B.   Spacebar + Click

C.   Backspace + Click

D.   X-Key + Shift

28: What are Xrefs?

A.   Extra Rendered Files

B.   Transferred Files and Plans

C.   Externally Referenced Drawings

D.   Cross Referenced Files

29: In which category in the Object Library are kitchen cabinets found?

A.   12 Furnishings

B.   11 Equipment

C.   22 Plumbing

D.   06 Wood and Plastic

30: what tool is used to create a terrain?

A.   slab

B.   all of the above

C.   mesh

31: What term does ArchiCAD use to denote two different floors of a building?

A.   Levels

B.   Plates

C.   Floors

D.   Stories

32: Gravity function doesn't works on:

A.   Shell surfaces

B.   Roof surfaces

C.   Morph surfaces

D.   Slab surfaces

33: True or False: Gradient Fills may now be placed using the Fill tool.

A.   True

B.   False

34: The trim command cannot be used on

A.   walls / beams

B.   slab / roof

35: What is the name of ArchiCAD's virtual building environment?

A.   Building Information Modelling

B.   Digital Construction Platform

C.   Builder's Virtual Construction

D.   Virtual Building Suite

36: In ArchiCAD, what is a Hotspot?

A.   Hotspots do not exist.

B.   A set point, which one can exclusively duplicate Objects to.

C.   A user-defined point that the cursor will snap to

D.   A geological disturbance

37: What type of file format other than .dwg can you add in the "attach xref" command?

A.   .dxf

B.   .3ds

C.   .jpeg

D.   .gdl

E.   .pln

38: "Shift + S" Key shortcut Switches among cursor snap grid options: none, snap grid and construction grid.

A.   true

B.   false

39: Which of the following cannot be placed as a Corner Window?

A.   Arched

B.   Awning

C.   Casement

D.   Double Hung

40: Which of the following woods is not included as a default material?

A.   Walnut

B.   Oak

C.   Pine

D.   Cherry

41: Which of the following tools does NOT appear in the Toolbox toolbar?

A.   Lamp

B.   Zone

C.   Curtain Wall

D.   Duplicate

E.   Detail

42: A ghosted view of another story in a Floorplan is called a:

A.   Linked Marker

B.   Hidden Story

C.   Ghost Story

D.   Trace Reference

43: True or False: Curtain Walls may only be fabricated using Library Parts.

A.   True

B.   False

44: What type of file format is the archicad archive project?

A.   .pln

B.   .mod

C.   .bpn

D.   .pla

45: Which of the following statements is True? Morphs can be converted to Shells. Shells can be converted to Morphs.

A.   Morphs can be converted to Shells.

B.   Shells can be converted to Morphs.

46: to modify the " ganging" of a door you go to :

A.   Frame style & dimensions

B.   Tolerrances

C.   Options

D.   General settings

E.   Shape

47: Which of the following is NOT deleted if a wall it is placed upon is deleted?

A.   Wall End

B.   Door

C.   Window

D.   Object

48: By default, the Project Map contains all of these categories, EXCEPT:

A.   Details

B.   Renderings

C.   Project Indexes

D.   Sections

49: What is a shortcut key for trim in Archicad?

A.   Ctrl

B.   del

C.   none of the above

D.   e

E.   T+enter

50: Which of the following is a layer property in ArchiCAD?

A.   None of these

B.   Line Type

C.   Color

D.   Line Weight