Autodesk Inventor MCQs

Autodesk Inventor MCQs

Answer these 70+ Autodesk Inventor MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Autodesk Inventor.
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1: Inventor was primarily created for modeling and analysis of:

A.   Agricultural parts

B.   Bioplastics

C.   Mechanical parts

D.   Website parts

2: True or False? Part Files hold together Assembly Files.

A.   True

B.   False

3: All of these items are located in the Representations folder EXCEPT :

A.   Position.

B.   Level of Detail.

C.   View.

D.   Browser Folder.

4: Constraint inference and persistence:

A.   Is a fixed setting

B.   Can be switched on and off

C.   Is only applied when constraints are visible

D.   Is only applied while dimensioning

5: You use this tool to measure the space between components in an assembly :

A.   Distance.

B.   Ruler.

C.   Length.

D.   Measure.

6: In an assembly, what constraint would provide the quickest means to constrain a bolt to a hole?

A.   Tangent

B.   The time would be equal for all

C.   Insert

D.   Mate

7: Presentations are saved as _____ files.

A.   .ipn

B.   .iam

C.   .doc

D.   .pst

8: The Project Geometry command copies to the current sketch:

A.   All of these

B.   Edges from parts in the same assembly

C.   Edges from the current part

D.   Work feature edge and points

9: The ______ command creates a copy of sketch across an axis.

A.   flip

B.   mirror

C.   duplicate

D.   switch

10: True or false? Editing a component in assembly, it modifies all instances of the component in its source file and in other assemblies.


B.   True

11: A design layout is a ______ drawing.

A.   intricate

B.   3D

C.   2D

D.   big

12: The Hole command will build a hole at:

A.   A point concentric to an existing radius

B.   All of these

C.   Sketch points, end point, midpoints

D.   A point offset from two edges

13: What is the purpose of the view cube?

A.   It calculates the envelope volume of a solid

B.   It provides a sectional view for solids

C.   It provides a means to store saved views

D.   It provides quick access to standard and isometric views

E.   It provides a preview of a render

14: What is the extension for an assembly file?

A.   .iam

B.   .ass

C.   .ipt

D.   .asf

15: A feature that adds depth to a sketch is called a/an __________ feature.

A.   deep

B.   3D

C.   extruding

D.   depth

16: Which of the following is the file extension for an Inventor drawing?

A.   .ipn

B.   .idw

C.   .iam

D.   .ipt

17: You would use the fillet feature to ________.

A.   None of these

B.   delete projects

C.   slice a sketch into multiple pieces

D.   round off or cap corners

18: To render and animate, you should use ________.

A.   Adobe Illustrator

B.   AutoCAD

C.   Stress Analysis

D.   Inventor Studio

19: A 3D Sketch provides the ability to produce geometry that is the result of:

A.   All of these

B.   The intersection of two surfaces

C.   The generation of silhouette edges

D.   A curve projected on a surface

20: What is the basic file type of Inventor?

A.   Base file

B.   Land file

C.   Part file

D.   Assembly file

21: True or false? Drawing files can contain: sheet formats, title blocks, borders, and sketched blocks.

A.   True


22: What is the extension of a part file?

A.   .ipt

B.   .par

C.   .pt

D.   .iam

23: True or false? A 2D sketch is the first step of the parametric modeling process.


B.   True

24: What term describes testing how an object will react under real world stress (weight, torque, etc.)?

A.   Extrusion

B.   Weather

C.   Dynamic Simulation

D.   Spline

25: What does FEA stand for?

A.   Finite Element Analysis

B.   Free Element Analysis

C.   Fixed Element Analysis

D.   Force Element Analysis

26: In a drawing, the first view created is the:

A.   Projected view

B.   Layout view

C.   Base view

D.   Initial view

27: If you transfer a file from SolidWorks to Autodesk Inventor, you most likely will save it as a ______ file.

A.   .ipn


C.   MAC


28: True of false? If your model fails a stress analysis it will create an exploded view

A.   False


29: Where will you change the units for a part or assembly.

A.   manage - styles and standards editor - material

B.   tools - document settings - units

C.   tools - application option - part/assembly

30: A loop refers to a _________.

A.   open sketch

B.   material thickness

C.   closed sketch

D.   joint union

31: True or False? Setting a subassembly as "phantom" prevents it from being listed in the bill of materials while still allowing the parts contained within the subassembly to be listed.

A.   False

B.   True

32: In a multiuser environment, Inventor's primary means for organizing data, including files, libraries, and revision control is a:

A.   Vault project

B.   Path statement

C.   Application option

D.   Template file

33: True or False? Within Inventor a 'drawing' is 2D.

A.   False

B.   True

34: How do you create a tank cone

A.   Straight cone face

B.   combining sketch straight length and knuckle radius and revolve at the vertical center line

C.   curved cone radius

35: In an assembly, what is the maximum degrees of freedom a component can have?

A.   2

B.   6

C.   4

D.   7

36: Autodesk Inventor modules don't include:

A.   Dynamic simulation

B.   Tube and pipe design

C.   Plant layout

37: On the Ribbon, View tab, where would you find the command for visual styles?

A.   In the Windows panel.

B.   In the Visibility panel.

C.   In the Appearance panel.

D.   In the Navigate panel.

38: What does HUD stand for?

A.   Hook Under Designs

B.   Heads-Up-Display

C.   Hard Uther Donations

D.   Honed Use Dimensions

39: Replace All will replace each occurrence in:

A.   a presentation document.

B.   an assembly document.

C.   a drawing document.

D.   a part document.

40: To analyze characteristics of an assembly in motion, you would use _______.

A.   Motion Analytics

B.   Dynamic Simulation

C.   Movement Metrics

D.   Dynamic Analytics

41: What is the default Extents option for the Extrude command?

A.   Between

B.   All

C.   To

D.   Distance

42: Which of the following lists contains only sketch based features?

A.   Extrude, Revolve, Loft, Sweep, Coil

B.   Thicken, Bend, Revolve, Combine

C.   Extrude, Shell, Emboss, Coil

D.   Combine, Loft, Hole, Extrude

43: The ______ specifies which add-ins to load at startup.

A.   None of these

B.   User Profile

C.   Add in Manager

D.   Macro Manager

44: Precise input allows the user to:

A.   Control view precision

B.   Manually enter specific point coordinates

C.   Improve sketch accuracy using a wizard

D.   Change part tolerances

45: When creating a drawing view, Tangent Edges:

A.   Created manually

B.   Can be shown from the view component window

C.   Cannot be shown

D.   Can be shown from the view display option window

46: You can create Inventor presentation files by opening a new file with the _____ extension.

A.   .ips

B.   .ipt

C.   .iam

D.   .ipn

47: To join axes you would likely use a _______ constraint.

A.   joint

B.   connect

C.   mate

D.   union

48: The coordinate system of a sketch:

A.   Must be defined each time

B.   Is fixed

C.   Constantly changes

D.   Can be modified

49: The Loft command will create a loft using:

A.   All of these

B.   A closed profile sketch and a sketched point

C.   Multiple closed profile sketches

D.   Multiple closed profile sketches and one or more rail sketches

50: In an Assembly, what constraint would you use to align two part faces so that their direction arrows are parallel?

A.   Insert with a Solution of Aligned

B.   Mate with a Solution of Mate

C.   Mate with a Solution of Flush

D.   Insert with a Solution of Opposed