Business Information MCQs

Business Information MCQs

These Business Information multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Business Information. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Business Information MCQs.
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1: Studying a variety of ecommerce ____ helps to understand the true importance of ecommerce.

A.   Data Input

B.   Lights out

C.   Implementation

D.   Online Flyers

A.   Mirroring

B.   Duplicating

C.   Grouping

D.   Clustering

3: Unlike the united states, most countries across the globe rely on the _____ to measure units.

A.   Barter system

B.   Stoney unit system

C.   Metric system

D.   Planck unit system

E.   Imperial unit system

4: Clarifying the issues of a problem is the _____ step in the problem-solving process.

A.   First

B.   Sixth

C.   Seventh

D.   Second

5: In the problem solving process, the first step is to try to ______.

A.   Generate multiple solutions

B.   Review your results

C.   Decide on a solution

D.   Evaluate your choices

6: A(n) ________ cost is one whose total amount changes in direct proportion to a change in volume.

A.   Variable

B.   Fixed

C.   Mixed

D.   Irrelevant 2

7: Balance of payments is a ____ concept than balance of trade.

A.   Broader

B.   More difficult

C.   Nearly identical

D.   Less difficult

E.   Narrower

8: A(n) ____ converts all of the statements in a program in a single batch.

A.   Interpreter

B.   Compiler

C.   Translater

D.   None of the above

9: In order to make your career as mobile as possible, it is important to ________.

A.   Stick closely to the job tasks that are given to you

B.   Let your boss know that you are willing to change jobs

C.   Expand your responsibilities by accepting new projects

D.   Accept any new job opportunities that come your way

10: The best way to correct any new problems that arise because of a solution is to ________.

A.   Address problems with a counterplan

B.   Deal with those issues all at once

C.   Ignore those problems until they are severe

D.   All of the above

11: Folds are an example of ________.

A.   Brittle deformation b.

B.   Ductile deformation c.

C.   Elastic deformation d.

D.   Shear deformation 205

12: _____ of all students who do not complete high school cannot find work.

A.   Two thirds

B.   One half

C.   One quarter

D.   Three fourths

13: “like”, “um”, and “you know” are all examples of _____.

A.   1-3

B.   3-5

C.   5-7

D.   7-9

14: A fairly subtle approach to advertising is _____.

A.   Product placement

B.   Television advertising

C.   Radio advertising

D.   Integrated marketing communications None

15: During the 1980s, incompatible computer products resulted in ____.

A.   Excessive spare parts inventories

B.   A lack of transferable employee skills

C.   Increased support costs

D.   All of these

16: It is estimated that a first time dui costs roughly______ once all potential costs are factored in.

A.   $1,000.

B.   $2,000.

C.   $4,000.

D.   $8,000

17: _____ and fotolia are examples of web sites where you can download graphics and photos for a fee.

A.   Software suite

B.   Shutterstock

C.   Video editing

D.   Contrast

A.   Thousand

B.   Million

C.   Billion

D.   Drillion

19: _____ is an example of transaction-processing system.

A.   Fair Use Doctrine

B.   Tax records

C.   Resource allocation

D.   Automated payroll

20: The business architecture describes __________.

A.   Significantly speed up integration and consolidation of data

B.   The hardware and software infrastructure that supports applications and their interactions.

C.   The organization's strategic direction.

D.   The processes the business uses to meet its goals

21: An important feature of emergency operation plans is that they ________________________________.

A.   Provide a uniform response to all hazards that a community may face.

B.   Are specifically tailored to recovery and contingency plans.

C.   Are available electronically and may be updated throughout the incident.

D.   May be used in place of the National Incident Management System

22: Cohabitation is _____ and marriage rates are _____ with adults.

A.   Decreasing; decreasing

B.   Decreasing; increasing

C.   Increasing; decreasing

D.   Increasing; increasing

23: A disadvantage of a franchise is that the franchise owner must _____.

A.   Compete with other franchises

B.   Send all profits after salaries and taxes to the other parent company

C.   Guarantee product quality

D.   Sacrifice some freedom in return for the parent company’s guidance

24: ____________ is an example of a retailer whose merchandise mix is both wide and deep?

A.   A farmers' market

B.   City Lights Bookstore

C.   Sunglass Hut

D.   Costco

E.   Amazon

25: A client-server relationship is the basic form of a _____.

A.   Customized software package

B.   Work for hire contract

C.   Computer network

D.   Service support contract

26: The best way to convince employers of your skills and abilities is to _____.

A.   Provide a written list, such as in your resume

B.   Offer proof by example in answering interview questions

C.   Have the employer contact your references

D.   None of the above

27: ________ is a traditional function of the mis department.

A.   Managing system integration including the internet, intranets, and extranets

B.   Creating business alliances with business partners

C.   Educating the MIS staff about the business

D.   Managing systems development

28: A company logo would be an example of a ________.

A.   Copyright.

B.   Patent.

C.   Trademark.

D.   Trade secret

29: ____ are particularly useful for individuals who need to scan barcodes while on the go.

A.   Portable barcode readers

B.   Quick Response barcode readers

C.   Two-dimensional (2D) barcodes

D.   Fixed barcode readers

30: When the price level decreases, _____.

A.   The demand for money falls and the interest rate falls

B.   Holders of financial assets with fixed money values decrease their spending

C.   Holders of financial assets with fixed money values have less purchasing power

D.   There is a decrease in consumer spending that is sensitive to changes in interest rates

31: _____ involves determining a structure for both individual jobs and the overall organization.

A.   Controlling

B.   Leading

C.   Organizing

D.   Planning

32: _____ means directing and motivating individuals to achieve organizational goals.

A.   Leading

B.   Equity theory

C.   Theory Y

D.   Theory X

33: _____ offer(s) consumers incentives to accept advertising and e-mail voluntarily.

A.   Viral marketing

B.   Personalized marketing

C.   Permission marketing

D.   Paper catalogs

E.   Direct mail

34: _____ refer to the pay that employees receive over a fixed period, most often weekly or monthly.

A.   Orientation

B.   Separation

C.   Job analysis

D.   Salaries

35: ______ is at the center of the diversity wheel.

A.   Philosophy.

B.   Personality.

C.   Psychometrics.

D.   Philanthropy.

E.   Psychology

36: ________ are informal standards of conduct that members share and that guide member behavior.

A.   Norms

B.   Expectations

C.   Dynamics

D.   Responsibilities

E.   Robert’s Rules of Order

37: _________ is an important part of the total product offer for a product.

A.   Consumer income

B.   Management style

C.   Employee personality

D.   Packaging

38: ___________ are good places to look to find your current expenses when building your budget.

A.   Banks and credit unions

B.   Grocery stores and concerts

C.   Banks and credit statements

D.   Online research websites

39: ______________ is the amount an employee earns before payroll withholding is performed.

A.   Net pay

B.   Gross pay

C.   Taxable interest

D.   An estate

40: _______________ is the process of selling goods and services to individuals for their personal use?

A.   Retailing

B.   Distribution

C.   Wholesaling

D.   Marketing

E.   Supply Chaining

41: ________________ is the money a company generates through the sale of products and services.

A.   Revenue

B.   Distribution

C.   Profit

D.   Social

42: Business writing should be purposeful, economical, and _____________________.

A.   Decoding

B.   Promote goodwill

C.   Audience Oriented

D.   None of these

43: A _____ can represent a digit, a letter, or a color.

A.   Byte

B.   Decimal

C.   Scheme

D.   Sample

44: A _____ is a document that thanks an interviewer and restates an applicant's interest in the job.

A.   Cover letter

B.   Acceptance letter

C.   Thank-you letter

D.   Rejection letter

45: A ________ is what a customer gains from the product or service feature.

A.   Feature

B.   Bonus

C.   Discount

D.   Benefit

46: A business opportunity is an idea, plus ________.

A.   It is attractive to customers

B.   It will work in your business environment

C.   It can be executed in the defined window of opportunity

D.   All of the above

47: A claim is ________; an adjustment is ________.

A.   A goodwill message; a means to an end

B.   An emotional reaction; a calculated response

C.   A formal complaint; a settlement of a claim

D.   An informal complaint; an emotional reaction

E.   An assertion; a shift in point of view

48: A company newsletter is an example of ________.

A.   Media relations

B.   Sponsorship

C.   Corporate identity

D.   Internal PR

E.   Publicity

49: A discount from the list, or retail, price offered to intermediaries is a(n) ____ discount.

A.   Quantity

B.   FOB price

C.   Cash

D.   Trade

E.   Cumulative

50: A good or service purchased to satisfy personal and family needs is a(n) ________ product.

A.   Convenience

B.   Shopping

C.   Consumer

D.   Industrial

E.   Specialty