Introduction To Business MCQs

Introduction To Business MCQs

These Introduction To Business multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Introduction To Business. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Introduction To Business MCQs.
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1: Franchise systems are one type of __________ distribution system.

A.   Corporate

B.   Wholesale

C.   Contractual

D.   Administere

2: Franchising involves a(n) __________ vertical marketing system.

A.   Cooperative

B.   Corporate

C.   Contractual

D.   Administered

3: Business buyer behavior refers to the ________.

A.   Buying behavior of consumers who buy goods and services for personal consumption

B.   Buying behavior of the organizations that buy goods and services for use in the production of other products and services that are sold, rented, or supplied to others

C.   Buying behavior of consumers who rely on small retailers for the regular supply of provisions

D.   Decision process by which business buyers determine which products and services their organizations need to purchase

4: ___________ are merchant wholesalers who perform all of the distribution functions.

A.   Providing place utility.

B.   Wholesaler

C.   Place

D.   Full service wholesalers

5: A _______ organization typically has a _______ span of control.

A.   ​flat; deep

B.   ​flat; narrow

C.   ​tall; wide

D.   ​shallow; narrow

E.   Flat; wide

6: Census data are ________ and ________ data for marketing researchers

A.   Internal; primary

B.   External; secondary

C.   Primary data

D.   None of these

7: Companies use _____ to coordinate their messages through every promotional vehicle.

A.   ​It provides a tool for analyzing the relationship between goods and services.

B.   ​integrated marketing communication

C.   If licensed products are of poor quality

D.   ​Both are focused toward enhancement and promotion of immediate sales

8: Functional departmentalization is used to divide an organization _______.

A.   Quicker responsiveness

B.   Chain of command

C.   Based on a​ group's activities

D.   Span of control

9: The many product lines at procter & gamble are an example of product ________.

A.   Mix width

B.   Line width

C.   Mix length

D.   Line length

10: Theory y assumes that people inherently ________.

A.   Want to work and can exercise self-direction

B.   Work to satisfy hygiene factors

C.   Avoid responsibility and need to be closely controlled

D.   Want to belong more than anything else

11: All of the following are businesses except ________.

A.   US Postal Service

B.   UPS

C.   FedEx

D.   From

12: All of the following are reasons why people start small businesses except ________.

A.   Small businesses flexibility allows them to react quickly to changing market needs and trends.

B.   Intrapreneur

C.   Reduced levels of responsibility

D.   Launching the first Starbucks store

13: The netherlands was the first nation built on _____.

A.   Socialism

B.   Capitalism

C.   Communism

D.   Democracy

14: The process of grouping jobs into logical units within the organization is known as _______.

A.   Delegation of authority

B.   Job specialization

C.   Decentralization

D.   The chain of command

E.   Departmentalization

15: __________ are responsible for directly achieving organizational goals.

A.   Organizational specialists

B.   Line personnel

C.   Chain of command managers

D.   Staff personnel

16: _____ reprocess a good or service they buy before selling it again to the next buyer.

A.   Retail firms

B.   Industrial firms

C.   Government agencies

D.   Resellers

17: Entrepreneurs tend to be ________.

A.   Risk averse

B.   Negative

C.   Optimistic

D.   Dispassionate

18: Entrepreneurs usually start _____, beginning with _____ resources.

A.   At the bottom/ limited

B.   Small/ limited

C.   Independently/ specialized

D.   Small/ patented

19: Fees charged to consumers include ____.

A.   Brokerage fees

B.   Sales commissions

C.   The costs of information search

D.   All of the above

20: Few people will use your business? internet site to purchase products if they feel it is ______.

A.   Not secure

B.   Easy to use

C.   Quick loading

D.   Professional looking

21: Firewire supports a maximum of _______________ devices.

A.   127

B.   63

C.   4

D.   2

22: For an entrepreneur, a business plan ________.

A.   A systematic, realistic evaluation of a venture's chances for success in the market.

B.   A way to determine the principal risks facing the venture.

C.   A game plan for managing the business successfully.

D.   All the above

23: Good decision making is ____.

A.   ​not predictive of real world behavior

B.   ​a product of nature over nurture

C.   ​an innate skill

D.   ​a skill that can be taught

24: Goods can be divided into __________ goods and __________ goods.

A.   Functional: aesthetic

B.   Required: desired

C.   Tactile: conceptual

D.   Durable: nondurable

E.   Product: service

25: Google and its adwords program is an example of a ________ disruptive business model.

A.   Low-end

B.   New-market

C.   High-quality

D.   Low-price

E.   New-channel

26: Graphical elements that precede each item in a list are known as ________.

A.   Call-outs

B.   Slugs

C.   Buttons

D.   Bullets

E.   Captions

27: Since the united states imports more products than it exports, it has a(n) _____.

A.   Trade deflict

B.   Trade surplus

C.   Exchange rate

D.   None of these

28: Teams have better communication than other workers because they get to ______.

A.   Know each other better

B.   Attend communication seminars

C.   Earn extra benefits packages

D.   Use better telephones

29: The term operations (or production) refers to all of the activities involved in producing _______.

A.   Goods

B.   Services

C.   Both

D.   None of these

30: In return for a fee to a franchiser, a business owner receives the right to _____.

A.   Exempt from paying income taxes

B.   Sell the franchiser's goods and services

C.   Sole proprietorship

D.   Are limited from personal liability in certain situations

31: Increased participation in small business exporting owes credit to _______.

A.   Political constituents who have made inroads abroad.

B.   Large events such as the Olympics that have brought attention to the potential in world markets.

C.   Technological advances such as the Internet and PayPal for safely fulfilling orders.

D.   Partnerships that small businesses have formed with large businesses.

32: Most workplace messages should be __________.

A.   Indirectly

B.   Chronologically

C.   Directly

D.   Topically

33: The number of employees reporting to a manager is referred to as the manager's _______.

A.   Span of control

B.   Centralized organization

C.   Virtual organization

D.   None of these

34: To strengthen your ideas and opinions with examples, facts, or details is to add _____ details.

A.   Supportive

B.   Analyzing

C.   Informative

35: When stock prices decline steadily, investors refer to the market as a ________ market.

A.   Bear.

B.   Bull.

C.   Dog.

D.   Lion

36: The social and economic goals of __________ include private ownership of land and business.

A.   Free Market

B.   Communism

C.   Capitalism

D.   Socialism

37: When consumers reach the point of brand ______, the product becomes a specialty good.

A.   Association

B.   Desire

C.   Awareness

D.   Insistence

38: With ____ departmentalization, most employees report to two bosses.

A.   Geographic.

B.   Product.

C.   Customer.

D.   Matrix

39: Assumes that challenging, creative work will motivate employees to do their best.

A.   Job self-actualization

B.   Job equity

C.   Job enrichment

D.   Job enlargement

40: A brand can be any of the following except a ________.

A.   Name

B.   Term

C.   Symbol

D.   Price

41: Jasmine is categorizing journal entries in order to post to the _______.

A.   Income statement.

B.   Balance sheet.

C.   Working papers.

D.   Ledger

42: A(n) ______________ distribution strategy uses only one retail outlet in a given geographic area.

A.   Exclusive

B.   Convenient

C.   Intensive

D.   Selective

43: __________ warehouses are used to gather and redistribute products.

A.   Storage

B.   Distribution

C.   Wholesale

D.   Merchandising.

44: __________ warehouses are used to hold products for a relatively long time.

A.   Packing.

B.   Distribution.

C.   Bonded.

D.   Storage

45: __________ workers have a higher skill level than their current job requires.

A.   Structurally unemployed

B.   Frictionally unemployed

C.   Contingent

D.   Underemployed

46: 4. william ouchi referred to the american approach to management as _______ management

A.   Recognition for a job well done

B.   Type A

C.   Motion Economy

D.   Pay increases

E.   Hygiene

47: Abraham maslow proposed the ____.

A.   Hierarchy of human needs

B.   Hawthorne effect

C.   Hierarchy of production

D.   Self-managed teams

E.   Worker empowerment theory

48: Marketers define a ________ as any physical good, service, or idea that satisfies a want or need.

A.   Product

B.   Brand

C.   Prototype

D.   Concept testAModule

49: The ___________ is the nerve center of the informal organization.

A.   Organizational database.

B.   Intranet.

C.   Grapevine.

D.   Company newsletter

50: ____ is a payment representing some percentage of sales revenue.

A.   A salary.

B.   A commission

C.   A wage.

D.   None of the above