Computer Aptitude MCQs

Computer Aptitude MCQs

Answer these 40 Computer Aptitude MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Computer Aptitude.
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A rectangle is three-times as long as it is wide, and its perimeter, i.e., the total length of all four sides, is 112 centimeters. What are its length and width?

A.   42 centimeters and 14 centimeters

B.   45 centimeters and 15 centimeters

C.   39 centimeters and 13 centimeters

D.   54 centimeters and 18 centimeters


What is the missing number in the following series?

14, 196, 16, ?, 18, 324

A.   256

B.   216

C.   238

D.   234


What can you infer from the following statement:

All liquids are pure, some liquids are dark brown

A.   All pure things are dark brown

B.   No pure liquid is dark brown

C.   All liquids are dark brown

D.   None of these


Which is the incorrect number in the following series?

11, 29, 84, 247, 734

A.   11*

B.   29

C.   84

D.   247

E.   734


Jack and Harry share 102 marbles such that Harry has 5 times as many marbles as Jack has. How many marbles does Harry have?

A.   75 marbles

B.   80 marbles

C.   67 marbles

D.   90 marbles

E.   85 marbles


When a certain number is tripled, the result is the same as adding 34 to the number. What is the number?

A.   20

B.   15

C.   18

D.   17

E.   21

F.   19


A solid cube is painted green on two adjacent sides and black on the sides opposite to the green sides and yellow on the remaining sides. The cube is then cut into 64 small cubes of equal size. How many cubes have three sides painted?

A.   2

B.   4

C.   6

D.   8


Consider the following statements:

P,Q,R are intelligent
P,S,T are hardworking
S,R,T are honest
P,Q,T are ambitious

Who among them is neither hardworking nor ambitious?

A.   P

B.   Q

C.   R

D.   T


Choose a pair of words from the options that expresses a similar relation as expressed by the pair of words given below.

Web : Spider

A.   Flower : Bee

B.   Cave : Lion

C.   Canal : Snake

D.   Nest : Bird


A is a sister of B, B is a daughter of C, C is the husband of D. What is D to B?

A.   Brother

B.   Sister

C.   Mother

D.   Father


Pete employed five men to develop a computer software, who were able to develop it in 13 days. Had Pete suspended two of them after the fourth day and the remaining three had continued to work, then the total number of days taken to complete the task would have been:

A.   14

B.   15

C.   17

D.   19


If 123 means "Very hot day", 356 means "hot filtered coffee" and 289 means "day and night", the numeral that stands for "very" is:

A.   5*

B.   2

C.   1

D.   9


The number which is one fourth of the one third of the quarter of 288 is:

A.   18

B.   6

C.   12

D.   3


If the 10th of January of a leap year falls on Saturday, then the 11th of March of the same year falls on a:

A.   Monday

B.   Wednesday

C.   Thursday

D.   Saturday


Fill the blanks in the following series:

l m _ n m l _ m n n m _ l _ n n m l l _ n

A.   mnlnm

B.   nllmm

C.   lmmnl

D.   nmlnn


Adam bought a painting for $100 and sold it to Brian at a profit of 25%. Brian further sold it to Chris at a loss of 25%. At what price did Chris buy the painting from Brian?

A.   $93.75

B.   $105

C.   $100

D.   $75

E.   $87.50


The term MATCHING is used as a code-word by a shopkeeper to indicate prices. As per the code, the letter M stands for 1; A for 2; T for 3; and so on. The price of an article priced TIN is:

A.   376

B.   367

C.   368

D.   None of these


Fill the blanks in the following sequence:

a b _ b c _ c _ b a _ c

A.   aaab

B.   caab

C.   baac

D.   cabb


What is the missing number in the following series?

5, 10, 19, __, 33, 38, 47

A.   36

B.   25

C.   38

D.   24


What will be the next term in the following series?


A.   STK

B.   UJO

C.   RST

D.   PQT


Arrange in meaningful order:


A.   2,5,4,1,3

B.   3,4,1,5,2

C.   2,4,1,3,5

D.   4,1,5,3,2


C is larger than B. D is smaller than A, which is larger than C. E is larger than D but smaller than B. The largest among them is:

A.   A

B.   B

C.   C

D.   D

E.   Cannot be determined


The word which cannot be formed from the letters used in "POSTENTATION" is:






B is the daughter of A and cousin of C. D's father is E and D is the father of C. Also, the father of A is E. Who is B to D?

A.   Grand daughter

B.   Daughter

C.   Niece

D.   Wife


Five books are lying in a pile. Q is lying on M and O is lying under N. M is lying above N and P is lying under O. Which one is lying at the bottom?

A.   M

B.   N

C.   O

D.   P


This question is based upon the figure shown below


Based on the diagram, find the missing number.

A.   3

B.   4

C.   5

D.   6


This question is based upon the figure shown below


Refer to the diagram.

From the 4 given options, choose the one that completes the series.

A.   1

B.   2

C.   3

D.   4


This question is based upon the figure shown below


Refer to the diagram.

Choose the missing figure from the 4 given options.

A.   1

B.   2

C.   3

D.   4

A.   feather

B.   tree

C.   branches

D.   kite

A.   Teacher : School

B.   Mayor : City

C.   Soldier : Country

D.   Monk : Temple


The day that  will come two days after tomorrow will be Saturday. What was the day that came two days before yesterday?

A.   Friday

B.   Sunday

C.   Saturday

D.   Monday


Ronald is taller than George, who is shorter than Bill. George is taller than Jimmy and Hillary, where Hillary is the shortest. Who is the tallest among all?

A.   Ronald

B.   Bill

C.   George

D.   Jimmy

E.   Cannot be determined


A boy cycles a distance of five miles at a speed of 15 miles per hour and then cycles all the way back at a speed of 10 miles per hour. What was the duration of the entire journey?

A.   1 hour

B.   40 minutes

C.   50 minutes

D.   30 minutes

E.   45 minutes






I am 4 times the age of my younger brother who is only three years old. After 10 years what will my age be?


A.   52

B.   42

C.   32

D.   22

E.   Cannot be determined


This question is based upon the figure shown below

Refer to the diagram.
Choose the missing figure from the 4 given options.

A.   1

B.   2

C.   3

D.   4


Analyse the series given below:

5, 13, 35, 73, 158

Which of the following numbers in the series is incorrect?

A.   5

B.   13

C.   35

D.   73


If 16 workers dig an 80-meter-long trench in five days, how long will it take 24 workers to dig a 72-meter-long trench?


A.   5 days

B.   4 days

C.   2 days

D.   3 days

E.   8 days


If C is equal to 24 and BAG is equal to 71, then DEAF is equal to:


A.   90

B.   92

C.   93

D.   94


A few days back, when Pete was down with fever, he was taken to his uncle's clinic, which is six kilometers to the right of Pete's house. As his uncle was not present in the clinic, Pete was taken to a hospital 12 kilometers to the left of the clinic. The doctor at the hospital checked him and prescribed a medicine, which was available at a chemist's shop one kilometer to the left of the hospital. The minimum distance that Pete had to cover to come back to his home from the chemist's shop was:

A.   7 Kilometers

B.   9 Kilometers

C.   11 Kilometers

D.   13 Kilometers


How do CRM(Customer Relationship Management) systems help in sending a consistent message to customers?

A.   The same draft of an email can be sent to every single customer thus ensuring consistency.

B.   They are used for all marketing efforts of a company.

C.   Information can be distributed via the CRM system for sending the same message to all the customers in the same group.

D.   The CRM system always works as the back end for the company website.