Educational psychology (EdPsych) MCQs

Educational psychology (EdPsych) MCQs

Answer these Educational psychology (EdPsych) MCQs and assess your grip on the subject of Educational psychology (EdPsych).
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1: Strategies for processing information within working memory _____.

A.   Concrete situations (tangible, visible)

B.   Can be culturally specific

C.   Maturation and experience

D.   Selective attention

2: The research on methods for teaching a second language reveals _____.

A.   Immersion is the best approach

B.   Mainstreaming is the best approach

C.   Bilingual schooling is the best approach

D.   The best approach is not clear

3: John horn maintains that in middle adulthood, _____ intelligence continues to increase.

A.   Crystallized

B.   Presipitation

C.   Hallucinogen

D.   Fluid

4: The majority of early psychologists were all of the following except __________.

A.   White

B.   Male

C.   European

D.   Wealthy.

5: The occupation studied in hawkins (2012) work was________________.

A.   Administrative assistants

B.   Validity generalization.

C.   Synthetic validity.

D.   Predictive validity.

E.   Concurrent

6: Knowledge is necessary for self-regulation and behavior modification because __________.

A.   If one isn't driven to change behaviors, then one cannot change

B.   Coping with weakness is a necessary skill for changing behavior

C.   Understanding current behaviors is vital to changing them

D.   Recruiting others is helpful for changing behaviors