Email Etiquette MCQs

Email Etiquette MCQs

Our experts have gathered these Email Etiquette MCQs through research, and we hope that you will be able to see how much knowledge base you have for the subject of Email Etiquette by answering these 80+ multiple-choice questions.
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1: It is important to read your email before sending it.

A.   True

B.   False

2: True or false? A business email account falls under the same privacy laws as a personal account.

A.   False

B.   True

3: When replying to a group email address i.e., what is something you should pay attention to?

A.   Assure you copy every person in the group even though they are in the group email address, just in case.

B.   Only respond to the original group email address, making sure no other individual names in the group are copied so duplicates are not received.

C.   Nothing, you know how to respond to a group email address, it is simple.

D.   Bolding your response

4: Use the "Reply to All" feature when the information is important to _____________.

A.   the majority of the group

B.   the original sender

C.   half of the group

D.   everyone

5: True or False: It is always appropriate to introduce two people over email without checking with each first.

A.   False

B.   True

6: What do the meaning of ‘FWIW’ and ‘FYI’ stand for?

A.   For Whom It Worries, Forget Your Instructor

B.   For Whom It Worries, Fax Your Information

C.   For What It’s Worth, For Your Information

D.   Future Wear Inside Walls, Fool Your Insides

7: Which folder will an incomplete email reside in?

A.   Sent

B.   Inbox

C.   Draft

D.   Contacts

8: What does "NNTR" stand for?

A.   Not needed Thursday

B.   No need to ring

C.   None of these

D.   No need to respond

9: When should you use "reply all" for sending an email response?

A.   Always

B.   When you want to show your boss how smart you are.

C.   Rarely. It should be used only if the reply email applies to all recipients.

D.   Never

10: True or False? It's important for a Subject line to indicate content and purpose.

A.   False

B.   True

11: True or False? An email signifying your involvement with an illegal act can be used against you in a court of law.

A.   True

B.   False

12: How often should you mark an email as high priority?

A.   never

B.   frequently

C.   sparingly

13: True or False? Punctuation is not important when composing email messages.

A.   True

B.   False

14: When unsure of how to end an email, use:

A.   Thanks or Thank You

B.   Love

C.   Goodbye

D.   Until next time

15: What should you do if you do not want to type your name at the end of every email you send?

A.   Do not sign at all as people know who the email is from, courtesy your return email address

B.   Create a signature that will get automatically attached to every email you sen

C.   Only sign emails which you send to business associates

D.   Include the ‘from’ information in the subject line so you can save the time of ‘signing’ the email

16: You should click on "Reply all" if you disagree with someone on the address list. True or False?

A.   False

B.   True

17: True or false? It is inappropriate to use a company email list for personal use.

A.   True


18: Your subject line should:

A.   use all uppercase letters

B.   always include the name of the person to whom you are sending your message

C.   always be consistent with the body of your email

D.   always be more interesting than your email

19: True or False? It is generally best to include as many acronyms as possible in an email to save time.

A.   False

B.   True

20: True or false? You should always respond when your address is in the "Cc:" line.

A.   True

B.   False

21: True or false? You are expected to respond to every email you are Bcc'd on.


B.   False

22: To symbolize aggressive shouting through text, one should:

A.   use many exclamation points

B.   use italics

C.   use all capital letters

D.   add spaces between letters

23: When sending emails what is one feature you should ALWAYS use?

A.   Return Receipt

B.   Spell Check

C.   CC Line

D.   BCC Line

E.   Delayed Delivery

24: What should you not include in email communications?

A.   Sensitive Information

B.   Links to websites

C.   Lengthy details

D.   Your Phone Number

E.   Your Name

A.   Escalate the issue to your superiors

B.   Add their messages to a spam folder so you can address the emails at your leisure

C.   Inform them that you only need to be updated a few times, or when a decision is made

D.   Simply stop reading emails from those individuals

26: True or False? Recipients who are cc'd are expected to reply.

A.   True

B.   False

27: Joke and chain letter emails are:

A.   A main reason for email server overload

B.   A recommended way to increase workplace morale

C.   A relaxing and recommended start to the workday

D.   Typically unproductive and not recommended

28: If an email does not include a response deadline, it is polite to reply:

A.   no later than 72 hours

B.   no later than one week

C.   within 24 to 48 hours

D.   immediately or not at all

29: An email that contains content that is not true is known as a:

A.   Plum

B.   Pit

C.   Trap

D.   Hoax

30: Which of these are not appropriate types of messages to send by email?

A.   Confirmation of a document received by fax

B.   Revisions to a scheduled meeting time and date

C.   Emotional explanations of misunderstood actions

D.   Lists of what each employee will be bringing to the company potluck

31: True or false? The best mode of communication is always email.

A.   True

B.   False

32: Which of these words or symbols have the possibility of triggering a spam flag?

A.   Free

B.   Discount

C.   Save

D.   All can be flagged for spam

33: An <AR> in an email typically denotes what?

A.   Action Required

B.   Already Read

C.   Attentive Response

D.   Anonymous Response

34: What does NRN mean?

A.   No Reply Needed

B.   Need Response Now

C.   No Recipients Notified

D.   Not Really Necessary

35: What is an email signature block?

A.   None of these

B.   A program that blocks the recipient from seeing the sender.

C.   Signature information that is appended at the bottom of an email.

D.   A virus that blocks and replaces your email signature.

36: When sending emails to numerous recipients, how should you send to keep everyone anonymous? a) To b) cc c) bcc

A.   c) Blind Copy

B.   a) & b)

37: When addressing someone for the first time via email, it's important to refer to them by their:

A.   Middle name

B.   First name

C.   Honorific and last name

D.   Nickname

A.   2 (!!)

B.   1 (!)

C.   4 (!!!!)

D.   3 (!!!)

39: When you write an email in capitals what impression does this generally give to the reader?

A.   That you are angry over an issue.

B.   That's how you always send emails.

C.   You think it makes it easier to read.

D.   You want to draw attention to the contents of the email.

E.   That you have left your "Caps Lock On".

40: "Bcc" differs from "Cc" in its:

A.   visibilty to other recipients

B.   ability to respond the the message

C.   priority in the email chain

D.   ability to see other recipients' responses

41: True or False? It is unnecessary to scan an attachment through anti-virus software when sending it via email.

A.   True

B.   False

42: What does Deliverability mean?

A.   The likelihood that an email gets beyond ISP's and spam filters

B.   The likelihood that an email is read in its entirety

C.   The likelihood that a subject line is noticed by a recipient

D.   The accuracy of a recipient's understanding of a message

43: White space in the body of an email:

A.   shows laziness

B.   makes the message seem scattered

C.   is distracting

D.   makes it easier to read

44: How often should exclamation points be used in a business email?

A.   sparingly

B.   never

C.   frequently

45: When quoting a long email one is replying to, one should:

A.   summarize the quotation to be concise

B.   substitute each line with a letter to be concise

C.   use "[...]" to be concise

D.   use the entire quote

46: It is necessary for a U.S. based help desk agent to send an email to its British client using the U.K. English spelling.

A.   False

B.   True

47: What is the best alternative to sending an image as an attachment?

A.   Use an online hosting service

B.   (all of these)

C.   Fax the image to the recipient

D.   Tell them where to find a similar image online

48: An email signature should be no longer than:

A.   3 lines

B.   7 lines

C.   1 line

D.   5 lines

49: Which of the following is an email introduction best practice?

A.   follow up to close the loop

B.   keep the introducer on all subsequent replies to the introduction

C.   refrain from asking both parties in advance of the introduction

50: Which of the following is NOT a safe way to punctuate after a URL?

A.   https:// .

B.   (https://

C.   https://

D.   <https://>.