Google Search MCQs

Google Search MCQs

These Google Search multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Google Search. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Google Search MCQs.
So scroll down and start answering.

1: What is the alternate for an OR search in Google ? eg. Term1 OR term2

A.   term1,term2

B.   term1%term2

C.   term1 | term2

D.   term1/term2

2: The Google Search feature called "Instant Predictions" does what?

A.   Instantly shows related search terms for queries with few results.

B.   Shows you search results as you type your query.

C.   Makes predictions to questions you may search in Google.

3: According to Google Search, a short video is between what time limits?

A.   20+ minutes

B.   0-4 minutes

C.   Only 2 minutes or less

D.   4-20 minutes

4: True or False: You can search for specific text through the "highlight and right-click" method (then choosing the Google Search option).

A.   False

B.   True... only if your browser has Google installed as a Search Provider.

C.   True... only if you are using Chrome.

D.   True... always

5: Will Google Scholar search limit date criteria when searching?

A.   No, results show as "Any time" by default

B.   Yes, results show last ten years by default.

6: When searching for specific keywords contained within a web site address what is the appropriate Operator?

A.   contains:

B.   site:

C.   url:

D.   inurl:

7: What is a sitemap?

A.   XML document which tells Google's crawlers what to index on your site.

B.   A tool which visually maps out topical similarities among websites retrieved by your search terms.

C.   Sitemap is not relevant to Google services.

D.   A "heat map" of the most visited pages on a website.

8: How would you search for a page containing both hiking and Mt. Washington in the title?

A.   pagetitle:hiking mt washington

B.   title: hiking mt washington

C.   allintitle: hiking mt washington

9: How would you search for the word biking in a url?

A.   inurl:biking

B.   pageurl:biking

C.   url:biking

10: If you are searching for "food facts," how could you extend the search to include synonyms for food, including (but not limited to) "nutrition?"

A.   food synonym facts

B.   food OR nutrition facts

C.   ~food facts

D.   food OR nutrition OR other facts

11: How would you search for as saved by Google?




12: If Google Instant is enabled, what changes?

A.   Google Instant does not exist.

B.   When you open Google, it will have your most recent search already showing

C.   After you type in your query and press enter, Google will automatically bring you to the first site on its list

D.   As you type Google shows the most popular searches with the letters you have started typing

13: What symbol works as a "fill in a blank" for an unknown search term?

A.   -

B.   :

C.   ~

D.   *

14: What happens if you click "I'm Feeling Lucky" instead of " Google Search"?

A.   One result from each category will appear as your results

B.   The top news story for your search results appear

C.   The highest ranked site for your search automatically opens

D.   A random site from the search is automatically opened

15: What query is the best way to search for PDF files including the exact phrase: high school

A.   high school filetype:pdf

B.   "high school" filetype:pdf

C.   high school file:pdf

D.   "high school" file:pdf

E.   "high school" ext:pdf

16: Is there such a thing as a Google URL shortener?

A.   Yes, use and select "Google shortlink" to create a based shortlink.

B.   No, you have to use an external website to shorten any google or other URL's

C.   Yes, is Google's URL shortener.

D.   Google shortens URLs internally, but has not released the tool for public use.

17: How can you limit your search to only U.S.-accredited higher educational institutions?

A.   link:edu

B.   filetype:edu

C.   site:edu

D.   inurl:edu

18: Which of the following would exclude .doc files from this search's results?

A.   cats -filetype:doc

B.   cats except:.doc

C.   cats -filetype=doc

D.   cats w/o filetype:doc

19: What is the symbol to find similar search terms?

A.   ,

B.   ~

C.   =

D.   " "

E.   /

20: What is the name of the filter that blocks/limits objectionable content?

A.   SafeSearch

B.   GoogleProtection

C.   ChildLock

D.   ContentFilter

E.   SafeGoogle

A.   It is from the same website as the last unindented link listed

B.   It is one of the best sites found for the search criteria

C.   It is a shopping website

D.   It is a site that should not be viewed by children

22: Which Safe Search mode does Google recommend when searching for images?

A.   Moderate

B.   Light

C.   Strict

D.   Off

23: What happens when you leave the search bar blank and click the Google Search button?

A.   Google does a search for "google."

B.   You are sent to the Google Doodles home page.

C.   Google does a search for "blank."

D.   The screen begins to shake.

E.   Nothing

A.   The link opens Google's backup version of the site

B.   The link opens in a new tab

C.   The link is stored on a list of links on the side of your screen

D.   The link is saved in your bookmarks

25: Searching for ""...

A.   doesn't do anything

B.   hides all results from

C.   shows pages containing the words "cache" and ""

D.   shows only pages from website

E.   shows Google's cached version of the website

26: If you google " bird watching", which will you find in your search results?

A.   YouTube videos of bird watching

B.   Informational websites about bird watching

C.   Videos of bird watching from various providers

D.   No results found

A.   Google will search for that exact word only.

B.   Google will omit that word from its results.

C.   Google will search for related words only (results will not include original word).

D.   Google will search for that word and related words.

28: Formerly, if you wanted Google to include only a specific word, and not just similar words, you used a plus sign, like this: [ +purple ]. What does Google now use in place of this syntax?

A.   Two plus signs, like this: [ ++purple ]

B.   One equals sign, like this: [ =purple ]

C.   Single-quotes, like this: [ 'purple' ].

D.   Double-quotes, like this: [ "purple" ].

E.   Two plus signs, like this: [ +purple+ ]

29: What happens when you include double quotes around a phrase when searching?

A.   Google search looks for quotations

B.   Google search performs a phrase match

C.   Google search excludes the words inside the quotes

D.   Google search performs a broad match

30: If you precede a word with a hyphen in a search criteria, e.g. salsa -dance, what results will be found?

A.   Pages with the word Salsa but NOT the word Dance

B.   Pages with both words, the hyphen is ignored

C.   Pages with the word Dance but NOT the word Salsa

D.   No results

31: What is the shortcut to find the weather near a zip code? (example 90210)

A.   weather=90210

B.   90210,weather

C.   weather:90210

D.   90210/weather

E.   weather near 90210

32: What does the term Keyword Prominence refer to?

A.   It refers to the fact that the keywords placed in important parts of a webpage are given priority by the search engines

B.   It refers to the fact that the importance of choosing high traffic keywords leads to the best return on investment

C.   It refers to the importance attached to getting the right keyword density

33: You enter: "I have a dream" into the search box with the quotation marks. What results will be displayed?

A.   No results because you cannot put more than two words into the search box

B.   Pages with the exact phrase I have a dream

C.   Pages with all the words I and have and a and dream anywhere on the pages even if not a phrase.

D.   Pages with the words I or have or a or dream

34: Which of the following will retrieve pages containing the exact phrase "all cats are grey in the dark"?

A.   (all cats are grey in the dark)

B.   phrase:all cats are grey in the dark

C.   allintext:all cats are grey in the dark

D.   all cats are grey in the dark

E.   "all cats are grey in the dark"

35: Which of the following products is not a part of the Google suite?

A.   Shopping

B.   Places

C.   Mapquest

D.   Gmail

E.   Youtube

36: True or False? You can only find images in Google by clicking on the 'Images' tab first.

A.   False

B.   True

37: Your child has a school project and needs you to find pictures of animals. Which set of actions will provide you with the most options to choose from?

A.   Click the ANIMALS button under Images and select which types you want

B.   Search for ANIMALS and then click on the Images link at the top of the page

C.   Type in the word ANIMALS and click the Search Button

D.   Type in the words ANIMALS PICTURES to the search box

38: How would you use Google to find all PDF files on the website

A. filetype:pdf

B. file:pdf

C. "pdf"

D. file:pdf

E. +pdf

A.   !

B.   &

C.   $

D.   #

E.   *

40: Which of the following would exclude "Cowell" from a search on American Idol?

A.   "American idol", Cowell

B.   American idol (Cowell)

C.   American Idol: Cowell

D.   American idol -Cowell

E.   American idol /Cowell

41: If you want to exclude a term, what symbol do you put in front of it?

A.   An exclamation point (!)

B.   A forward arrow (>)

C.   A dash (-)

D.   A star (*)

42: If you leave the search engine box empty and click on the News tab on the Google search engine what will happen?

A.   Nothing

B.   It will give you the top news stories on the internet.

C.   It will ask you to type in what you are searching for.

43: What Google product does not appear in the toolbar?

A.   Voice

B.   Maps

C.   Shopping

D.   Videos

E.   News

44: What kinds of directions are given in Google Maps?

A.   Public Transit, Drive, and Walk

B.   Drive Only

C.   Drive, Walk, Public Transit, and Bicycling

D.   Walk and Drive Only

45: How do you search for PDF results only?

A.   file.pdf

B.   filetype:pdf

C.   .pdf

D.   files:.pdf

46: How would you find Groups messages containing 'alternative music' in the subject?

A.   insubject: "alternative music"

B.   intitle: "alternative music"

47: You need to find information on the Canon MX340 printer. You only wish to view results from websites. Which is the correct entry?

A.   MX340

B.   MX340

C.   -MX340


48: How would you search for the phrase "puppy food" in the site

A. "puppy food"

B. “puppy food”

C. “puppy food”

A.   calculus filetype:pdf

B.   calculus file:pdf

C.   calculus pdf

50: True or False: Advanced search does not allow you to decide how many results per page you want to see.

A.   False

B.   True