Engineering MCQs

Engineering MCQs

These Engineering multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Engineering. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Engineering MCQs.
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1: There are two types of security: ____ and ____.

A.   ​client, server

B.   ​internal, external

C.   ​physical, logical

D.   ​active, passive

2: To append output to an existing file, you use ____.

A.   >

B.   > >

C.   <

D.   < <

3: To arrange the elements in an array in ascending order, you use the ____ method.

A.   Array.Arrange

B.   Array.Ascending

C.   Array.Sort

D.   Array.Arrange

4: To close the resultset, use ____.

A.   Mysqli_close()

B.   Mysqli_exit()

C.   Mysqli_kill()

D.   Mysqli_free_result

5: To remove characters from only the beginning of a string, use the ____ method.

A.   Trim.

B.   TrimBegin.

C.   TrimStart.

D.   TrimLeft

6: When an exception occurs it is said to have been ________.

A.   Caught.

B.   Thrown.

C.   Declared.

D.   Handled

7: When it comes to right-of-way, ""first in, first out"" means _____.

A.   The first road user at an intersection does not have to check for cross traffic

B.   The first road user at an intersection must leave as quickly as possible

C.   Yield to any road users who arrived before you

D.   Yield to the first road user who arrives after you

8: When using a(n) _____ join, only rows that meet the given criteria are returned.

A.   Outer

B.   Inner

C.   Three

D.   MON

9: If you are worried you might be laid off, it is important to _________.

A.   Start rumors making it more likely others will be laid off

B.   Dress very casually on Fridays, so people can see you’re relaxed

C.   Mentor other employees, so you can have active associations

D.   Do the bare minimum at work, so you won’t be noticed

10: Another name for an input in a function is a(n) ________.

A.   Argument

B.   Property

C.   Value

D.   Expression

11: The length ____ contains the number of elements in the array.

A.   Area

B.   Box

C.   Block

D.   Field

12: Resonance occurs when ____ and _____ are equal.

A.   R and XL

B.   R and XC

C.   XL and XC

D.   R and Z

13: _____ knowledge is hard to measure and document and typically is not objective or formalized.

A.   Tacit

B.   Shared

C.   Technical

D.   Explicit

E.   Tacit.

14: A(n) ________ is a bi feature that presents performance data defined by users.

A.   Ad hoc query.

B.   Parameterized report.

C.   Interface.

D.   Portal.

E.   Dashboard.

15: Commerce service providers are also called _____ service providers.

A.   Managed

B.   Liaisoning

C.   Hosting

D.   Incubating.

16: Conversion to an e-commerce or m-commerce system enables organizations to _________.

A.   Improve the level of customer service

B.   That are convenient and efficient to use

C.   Confirm the identity of a user requesting access to information or assets

D.   By having the buyers enter products information themselves

17: In bronfenbrenner's ecological-systems approach, the _____ refers to the interactions among systems

A.   Macrosystem.

B.   Exosystem.

C.   Microsystem

D.   None of these

18: The haptic interface relays the sense of _____ in the virtual world.

A.   Sight

B.   Sound

C.   Touch

D.   Smell

19: The pre-training phase primarily involves _____.

A.   Encouraging learners to apply what they have learned to their work

B.   Preparing a concept map and curriculum road map to facilitate learning

C.   Preparing, motivating, and energizing trainees to attend the learning event

D.   Preparing instruction (classes, courses, programs, lessons) to facilitate learning

20: ____ is increasingly being tied to crime and even death in some vampires

A.   Internet addiction

B.   Technology transfer

C.   Green computing

21: The actionlistener interface contains the ____ method specification.

A.   ActionOccurred(Action e)

B.   ActionPerformed(ActionEvent e)

C.   ActionEvent(ActionEvent e)

D.   Action(Event e)

22: _____ is a method for analyzing and reducing a relational database to its most streamlined form.

A.   Procedural guides

B.   Normalization

C.   Cost less

D.   Clickstream data

E.   Tacit knowledge

23: Raid 0 technology is based on ____________________.

A.   Metadata

B.   Computer forensics

C.   Striping

D.   Sectors

24: The final task in designing a management information system (mis) is _____.

A.   Collecting and analyzing internal and external data for accuracy and relevancy

B.   Providing information in a useful format for decision-making purposes

C.   Clearly defining the system’s objectives

D.   Integrating hardware and software components

25: The balanced scorecard method is based on __________ dimensions of a firm's performance.

A.   Four

B.   Five

C.   Six

D.   Three

E.   Two.

26: To enhance salespeople's ability to cross-sell, the organization can perform _______.

A.   ​cross-prediction analysis

B.   OLAP reporting

C.   Customer analysis

D.   ​market-basket analysis

E.   RFM analysis

27: ________________ is the process of analyzing data warehouses for gems.

A.   Data combing

B.   Data translation

C.   Data mining

D.   Data searching

E.   Data manipulation

28: took crowdsourcing mainstream with its micro-task marketplace called ________.

A.   Local area

B.   Mechanical Turk

C.   Discussion forums

D.   Structural firmness

29: The weight of a body minus the fat content is known as the ____.

A.   Cherubic index

B.   ​lean body mass

C.   ​ideal body weight

D.   ​water

E.   Body mass index

30: Energy conservation in the united states ________.

A.   Is unlikely to ever occur

B.   Can be accomplished by changes in tax laws

C.   Will be a reality only if there is another major war

D.   Can be improved as individuals make conscious choices to reduce personal consumption

31: Energy from hot magma is called ____.

A.   Magnetic

B.   Nuclear

C.   Geothermal

D.   Hydroelectric

32: Energy in most ecosystems must flow through autotrophs because ______.

A.   Only autotrophs can convert solar energy into chemical energy

B.   Autotrophs are simpler organisms than heterotrophs

C.   Heterotrophs only generate a small fraction of their energy from photosynthesis.

D.   All of the above Please select the best answer from the choices provided

33: A drug user who reports "hearing" colors and "seeing" sounds has most likely used ___________

A.   LSD

B.   Speed

C.   Stimulants

D.   None of these

34: An approach where free content is available up to a point at which fees begin, is called a _____.

A.   Disintermediation

B.   Paywall

C.   Personal shopper

D.   None of the above

35: High humidity and wet weather can cause an increase in electrical ____ over a telephone system.

A.   Compression

B.   Jitter

C.   Attenuation

D.   Crosstalk

36: Housed at server farms, search engines use _____ to index data coming in from crawlers.

A.   Cookies

B.   Spiders

C.   Keywords

D.   Bots

37: A light source that may flicker at the same rate as an older crt display screen is a(n) ____ bulb.

A.   Battery

B.   Fluorescent

C.   Footprint

D.   Custom

38: _____ was developed so that users could communicate with computers in human language.

A.   Natural language processing

B.   Genetic algorithms

C.   Virtual language technology

D.   Personal agent technology

39: ________ are an essential component of a knowledge work system.

A.   Computer-aided design tools

B.   Three-dimensional modeling tools

C.   Tagging and classification tools

D.   Links to external knowledge bases

E.   Virtual reality tools

40: A tool used by installers to remove the case from a desktop pc is a ____.

A.   Nut driver

B.   Pocket knife

C.   A magnetic parts picker

D.   Needle-nose pliers

41: Graphic images can be stored in a variety of formats including _____.

A.   ISDB and DVB

B.   JPEG and GIF

C.   MP3 and MPEG

D.   WAV and MIDI

42: Tps do not process data using ___________.

A.   Batch processing



D.   Source data automation

43: A small and medium-sized enterprise (sme) is a legally independent enterprise with _____ employees.

A.   Up to 500

B.   Up to 550

C.   Up to 525

D.   Up to 700

A.   Educational games.

B.   Social media.

C.   E-Text

D.   Puzzles.

45: Knowledge and knowledge management processes usually have a(n) ________ format.

A.   Mini-structured.

B.   Unstructured

C.   Semi-structured.

D.   Structured.

46: Knowledge management (km) benefits organizations because it ________.

A.   Allows suppliers to work according to the organizational policies

B.   Improves process quality and increases team strength

C.   Knowledge discovery in databases (KDD)

D.   According to a schedule or as a result of an event or particular data condition

47: Lecture as a presentation method _____.

A.   Emphasizes active trainee involvement and feedback

B.   Is an expensive and time-consuming way to communicate information

C.   Can be easily employed with large groups of trainees

D.   Allows for strong connection to the work environment and easy transfer of training

48: Management information systems (mis) _____ include programs developed in-house.

A.   Information literacy

B.   Software components

C.   Database administrator

D.   None of these

49: Nonvolatile in the context of data storage means ________________.

A.   Data marts; data warehouses

B.   Big Data is valuable because it is structured.

C.   Create, capture, refine, store, manage, disseminate

D.   The data cannot be changed or updated by users of the data warehouse

50: Of the following, the only original tld is ____.

A.   Backbone

B.   Media.

C.   Client.

D.   TLD

E.   Mil.