Microprocessor MCQs

Microprocessor MCQs

Try to answer these 200+ Microprocessor MCQs and check your understanding of the Microprocessor subject.
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1: The mode that is programmed using “end interrupt/error mode set command” is

A.   Scanned keyboard special error mode

B.   Scanned keyboard with N-key rollover

C.   Scanned keyboard mode with 2 key lockout

D.   Sensor matrix mode

2: The loosely coupled system has an advantage of

A.   More number of CPUs can be added

B.   System structure is modular

C.   More fault-tolerant and suitable for parallel applications

D.   All of the mentioned

3: The memory of a microprocessor serves as

A.   Storage of individual instructions

B.   Temporary storage for the data

C.   Storing common instructions or data for all processors

D.   All of the mentioned

4: In which of these modes, the immediate operand is included in the instruction itself?

A.   Register operand mode

B.   Immediate operand mode

C.   Register and immediate operand mode

D.   None of the mentioned

5: The master PIC 8259A decides which of its slave interrupt controllers is to return the vector address, as a response of

A.   First INTA (active low) pulse from 80286

B.   Second INTA (active low) pulse from 80286

C.   Third INTA (active low) pulse from 80286

D.   None of the mentioned

6: The mechanism that is executed at certain privilege levels, determined by CPL (Current Privilege Level) and I/O privilege level (IOPL) is

A.   Restricted use of segments

B.   Restricted accesses to segments

C.   Privileged instructions or operations

D.   None of the mentioned

7: The instruction that loads effective address formed by destination operand into the specified source register is

A.   LEA

B.   LDS

C.   LES


8: To estimate the size of an executable program before it is assembled and linked, the programming methodology concerned is by writing

A.   Programs with more than one segment for data and code

B.   Programs with FAR subroutines each of size upto 64KB

C.   Programs with more than one segment for stack

D.   All of the mentioned

9: Whenever a number of devices interrupt a CPU at a time, and if the processor is able to handle them properly, it is said to have

A.   Interrupt handling ability

B.   Interrupt processing ability

C.   Multiple interrupt processing ability

D.   Multiple interrupt executing ability

10: The number of pulses required for one complete rotation of the shaft of the stepper motor is equal to the

A.   Number of internal teeth on a rotor

B.   Number of internal teeth on a stator

C.   Number of internal teeth on a rotor and stator

D.   Number of external teeth on a stator

11: A machine language instruction format consists of

A.   Operand field

B.   Operation code field

C.   Operation code field & operand field

D.   None of the mentioned

12: The instructions which after execution transfer control to the next instruction in the sequence are called

A.   Sequential control flow instructions

B.   Control transfer instructions

C.   Sequential control flow & control transfer instructions

D.   None of the mentioned

13: The addressing mode that is used in unconditional branch instructions is

A.   Intrasegment direct addressing mode

B.   Intrasegment indirect addressing mode

C.   Intrasegment direct and indirect addressing mode

D.   Intersegment direct addressing mode

14: In PUSH instruction, after each execution of the instruction, the stack pointer is

A.   Incremented by 1

B.   Decremented by 1

C.   Incremented by 2

D.   Decremented by 2

15: The instruction that loads the flag register completely from the word contents of the memory location is


B.   POP



16: What is the name for all of a semiconductor's electronic components?

A.   Device

B.   Chip

C.   Board

D.   Wafer Fab

17: What is a wafer fab called if it fabricates multiple dies onto one silicon wafer?

A.   A semiconductor foundry

B.   A foundry

C.   A PCB fab

D.   A fab house

E.   A semiconductor fabrication plant

18: What is the process of placing hundreds of thousands of electronic components on a single chip?

A.   PCB photolithography

B.   Computer-aided design

C.   Photolithography

D.   VLSI Very Large Scale Integration

E.   Substrate lithography

19: What is the VLSI Very Large Scale Integration?

A.   A type of computer architecture

B.   A technique used in digital signal processing to reduce noise and interference

C.   The process of placing hundreds of thousands (between 100,000 and one million) of electronic components on a single chip

D.   An approach to computer architecture that uses a large number of interconnected microprocessors

E.   The size of a chip that can process large amounts of data

20: In which process are patterns on the layers of the microprocessor exposed to UV light?

A.   Etching

B.   Printing

C.   Photography

D.   Lithography

E.   Screen printing

21: What type of light is used to expose patterns on the layers of the microprocessor?

A.   X-Ray Light

B.   Ultraviolet Light

C.   Gamma Ray Light

22: How many transistors are on an Intel LSI chip?

A.   More than one million

B.   One million

C.   One

D.   Fewer than one million

E.   Five thousand

23: What is the acronym for LUSI?

A.   Land-based Unmanned System Integration

B.   Large Scale Integration

C.   Large UAV Integration

D.   Substantial Scale Integration

E.   Ultra Large Scale Integration

24: In what year did the transistor first appear?

A.   1927

B.   1948

C.   1839

D.   1947

E.   1949

25: Where were transistors invented?

A.   Sony

B.   IBM

C.   AT&T

D.   Bell Labs

26: What type of material can change its electrical state?

A.   Semiconductor

B.   Metal

C.   Liquid

27: What do TLB's cache?

A.   Server response time

B.   The translation

C.   Part of the translation

D.   Performance data

E.   Memory

28: What is a term for the hardware that caches part of the translation from virtual addresses to physical addresses?

A.   Virtual Address Extension

B.   Physical Address Extension

C.   Address Resolution Protocol

D.   Translation Table

E.   Translation Lookaside Buffer

29: Which CPU architecture allows more than one instruction to be executed in one clock cycle?



C.   Superscalar

30: In a superscalar architecture, how many instructions can be executed in one clock cycle?

A.   Fewer than one

B.   One

C.   More than one

31: In what year did Intel acquire Digital's chip manufacturing facilities?

A.   1999

B.   2006

C.   2007

D.   1997

E.   2001

32: What company made the StrongARM chips?

A.   AMD

B.   ARM

C.   Intel

D.   ARM Holdings

33: What does SMP stand for?

A.   Shared Memory Pool

B.   Serial Memory Page

C.   Single Message Processing

D.   Symmetric Multiprocessing

E.   Supercomputing

34: What is SMP Symmetric Multiprocessing?

A.   A software application that helps manage large data sets

B.   A computer architecture that allows multiple processors to share common memory

C.   A computer architecture that allows multiple processors to share a single memory

D.   A programming language that supports parallel processing

E.   A computer architecture that provides fast performance

35: What type of code is AMD trying to extend their architecture to support?

A.   64-bit

B.   CPU

C.   32-bit

D.   Graphics

E.   64-bit ARM

36: What is the name of AMD's x86-64 design?

A.   Jaguar

B.   Bobcat

C.   Rome

D.   Sledgehammer

E.   Bulldozer

37: Cut from what is the silicon wafer used to make microprocessors?

A.   A solar panel

B.   A water pipe

C.   A silicon wafer

D.   A silicon ingot

E.   A photoresist

38: What do semiconductors allow to be changed?

A.   Negative charge or positive charge

B.   Metal or an insulator

C.   Conductor or metal

D.   Conductor or an insulator

E.   Magnetism or an atom

39: What item is grown on a wafer during chip fabrication to serve as an insulating layer?

A.   Metal

B.   Copper

C.   Glass

D.   Silicon Dioxide

40: What does SiO2 serve as?

A.   A buffer against corrosion

B.   A polar molecule

C.   An insulating layer

D.   A type of rock

E.   A material used in lenses

41: What are thin wafers made into?

A.   TV antennas

B.   Jewelry

C.   Cigarette filters

D.   Computer chips

E.   Transistors

42: What are thin wafers used for?

A.   Making DVDs

B.   Filling cavities in teeth

C.   Holding food

D.   Making computer chips

E.   Making CDs

43: What is the most significant product built from a semiconductor?

A.   Computer

B.   Processor

C.   Integrated circuit

D.   Memory chip

E.   Transistor

44: What type of processor packaging did Intel first use with the Pentium II?

A.   Single Edge Connect

B.   Dual Edge Connect

C.   Quad Edge Connect

D.   Double Edge Connect

45: What does the term "Single Edge Connect" refer to?

A.   The termination point of a cable

B.   A data communications protocol

C.   A telecommunications technology

D.   A form of processor packaging

E.   A computer networking standard

46: What is a microprocessor architecture that recognises a limited number of instructions?




47: What does a RISC microprocessor architecture recognize?

A.   A relatively limited number of instructions

B.   A relatively high number of registers

C.   A relatively large number of registers

D.   A relatively large number of addressing modes

E.   Multiplexed data and address buses

48: What is the abbreviation for RISC?

A.   Reconfigurable Instruction Set Computer

B.   Reduced Instruction Set Computer

C.   Redundant Instruction Set Computer

49: What is an example of a resistor?

A.   Electronic component that resists the flow of current

B.   Metal bar that provides a resistance to the flow of electric current

C.   Device that smooths out the power supply to a device

D.   Metal disk that resists the flow of heat

50: What is another term for resistor?

A.   Wiring harness

B.   Electronic component

C.   Metal wire

D.   Electrical load

E.   Electrical wire