English Spelling and Grammar MCQs

English Spelling and Grammar MCQs

Try to answer these 100+ English Spelling and Grammar MCQs and check your understanding of the English Spelling and Grammar subject.
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1: How old are you?

A.   I have 27 years.

B.   I am fine.

C.   I have 27 years old.

D.   I am 27 years old.

2: Choose the correctly spelled word:

A.   comandeer

B.   comandere

C.   commandeer

D.   commandere

3: Select the sentence with an error.

A.   Her answer was deceptive because she did not explain the vehicle's full history.

B.   I had an intuitive awareness of my sister's feelings.

C.   Her accent was easily misunderstood and mistaken.

D.   He was a trusted confident of the president.

E.   Hyperactive children are in dire need of a guardian with a firm hand.

4: "I called my mentor for some advise." Which word is used incorrectly?

A.   Advise

B.   Mentor

C.   Everything is spelled correctly

D.   Called

5: Choose the sentence with the correct grammar and spelling.

A.   Grandmother; who lives in Vermont most of the year and milks her cows religously.

B.   Grandmother, who lives in Vermont most of the year milks her cows religously.

C.   Grandmother, who lives in Vermont most of the year, milks her cows religiously.

D.   Grandmother who lives in Vermont, most of the year milks her cows, religiously.

E.   Grandmother who lives in Vermont most of the year milks her cows religiously.

6: I ______ down the street, taking in all of the incredible sights.

A.   wandered

B.   wondered

C.   wundered

D.   windered

7: How long have you been studying in London?

A.   since 5 years

B.   for 5 years

C.   5 years ago

D.   at least 5 years ago

8: _____ early for our appointment, we still had to wait.

A.   despite of being

B.   Despite be

C.   Despite being

D.   despite

9: My life experiences _____ been, for me, an amazing journey

A.   has

B.   are

C.   have

10: The business owner was a great _______.

A.   entrepreneur

B.   entrepraneur

C.   entrepeneur

D.   entrapreneur

11: I can't go right now because I still have ..... orders to fill by 5 o'clock.

A.   a little

B.   little

C.   a few

D.   few

12: Who is _____, Keshi or Lhiandra?

A.   more pretty

B.   prettier

C.   prettiest

13: Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct spelling of the missing word. He wrote __________on every topic from shoestrings to string theory.

A.   prollificaly

B.   prollifically

C.   prolificaly

D.   prolifically

14: The school principle called me into his office. Is "principle" spelled correctly?

A.   Yes

B.   No

15: Fill in the blank: I'm going to wring ___ neck!

A.   it is

B.   its

C.   you're

D.   it's

16: The dog ______ the boy yesterday.

A.   beat

B.   bite

C.   bitten

D.   bit

17: The professor made it clear that ___________ would not be tolerated.

A.   plagiarism

B.   plagerism

C.   plagiarizm

18: Correct this sentence: "When I will arrive, I will call you."

A.   When I'll arrive, I'll call you.

B.   When I'll arrivve, I'll call you.

C.   When I'll arrive, I call you.

D.   When I arrive, I'm call you.

E.   When I arrive, I will call you.

19: Choose the correct spelling:

A.   Receeve

B.   Receive

C.   Ricieve

D.   Recieve

20: Pick the word spelled correctly:

A.   vaporous

B.   vaprous

C.   vaperous

D.   vapirous

21: Choose the correctly spelled word: I ate a delicious cake for_____.

A.   disert

B.   dizzert

C.   desert

D.   dessert

22: Fill in the missing word with the correct spelling: Sam was ________ walking down the street.

A.   risque

B.   briskly

C.   brisque

D.   brusquely

23: She _______ time for breakfast this morning.

A.   didn't have

B.   haven't

C.   hadn't have

D.   had not

24: The best way to get there is _____ the train.

A.   in taking

B.   take

C.   to taking

D.   by taking

25: Which preposition is correct to use in this sentence? Do you want me to meet you _____ the airport?

A.   by

B.   in

C.   on

D.   at

26: Choose the correct spelling of the word from the options below.

A.   Excessive

B.   Excesive

C.   Exceesive

D.   Exccesive

27: Choose the one word that would best keep the meaning of the original sentence. Peter was an agile and athletic youth.

A.   inept

B.   active

C.   awkward

D.   ponderous

28: Little ______ little, the clouds dispersed and the sun shone through again.

A.   by

B.   for

C.   at

D.   from

E.   to

29: Omar owns a large _____ of cows.

A.   herd

B.   heard

C.   hard

D.   had

30: Which one is correct?

A.   If I was you

B.   If I where you

C.   If I were you

31: What's the correct Grammar

A.   It's Relly Hurts!

B.   It hurts!

C.   It's Hurts!

32: I want to go with her ___.

A.   too

B.   To

C.   to

D.   from

33: She was wearing a skirt. She was _____-legged.

A.   bear

B.   beer

C.   bare

34: He went to the store _____ a newspaper.

A.   to buy

B.   buy

C.   for buying

D.   for buy

35: What is the proper format?

A.   Mr john smith

B.   mr john smith

C.   Mr. John Smith

D.   Mr John Smith

36: Lou and I _____the house on Monday.

A.   will clean

B.   shall cleaning

C.   will cleaned

D.   shall cleaned

37: Is Jill _____ Jane?

A.   more older than

B.   older than

C.   more old than

D.   oldest

38: Choose the correct spelling: The defendant was clearly _______.

A.   lyin

B.   liein

C.   lying

D.   lieing

39: Could you pass me a ____ of pizza?

A.   piece

B.   peice

C.   peace

D.   pease

40: I'm going to the store, says Sally. Tim replies, "Oh, please get napkins while ____ out."

A.   ur

B.   your

C.   you're

D.   yore

41: Put the money ____________.

A.   there

B.   they're

C.   their

42: If you answer questions ---------- fast you will have ---- suffer the consequences!

A.   two, too

B.   to, too

C.   too, to

D.   two, to

43: Irritated means the same as ________ .

A.   happy

B.   excited

C.   joyful

D.   annoyed

44: Which is the correct sentence?

A.   We walked tow far today.

B.   We walked two far today.

C.   We walked to far today.

D.   We walked too far today.

45: It is time to do ____ homework.

A.   your

B.   yours

C.   you're

46: Where's the _____ post office, please?

A.   near

B.   more near

C.   most near

D.   nearest

47: Choose correct spelling.

A.   Communicate

B.   Comunicate

C.   Comunnicate

D.   Communecate

48: What is a noun?

A.   a person, place, thing or idea

B.   an action

C.   a descriptive modifier

D.   an adverb

49: Which one of these sentences is correct:

A.   She is in the house yesterday.

B.   She are in the house yesterday.

C.   She was in the house yesterday.

D.   She were in the house yesterday.

50: I can't reach my phone because it is ____ far away.

A.   to

B.   two

C.   too