English Vocabulary UK MCQs

English Vocabulary UK MCQs

These English Vocabulary UK multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of English Vocabulary UK. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these English Vocabulary UK MCQs.
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1: Which is not what it seems to be?

A.   allusion

B.   illusion

2: Which kind of person can keep a secret?

A.   discrete

B.   discreet

3: A practitioner of law is referred to as a _________ in British English.

A.   notary

B.   lawyer

C.   barrister

D.   attorney

4: Which of the following is an antonym to "steadfast"?

A.   fickle

B.   staunch

C.   evocative

D.   loyal

5: Which of the following is an antonym to "ample"?

A.   mitre

B.   meagre

C.   buxom

D.   copious

6: Which of the following would measure the size of a diamond?

A.   carat

B.   karat

C.   carrot

D.   caret

7: Which of the following is used in a religious ritual?

A.   sensor

B.   censor

C.   (None of these)

D.   censer

8: Which is the best definition for "irascible"?

A.   easy to anger

B.   hard to grow

C.   complicated to explain

D.   difficult to understand

9: The new edition conflates the original text with scholarly commentary. "Conflates" most nearly means ...

A.   confuses

B.   caresses

C.   combines

D.   collapses

10: Which of the following is the best definition of venerable?

A.   inevitable

B.   varied

C.   valuable

D.   respected

11: Which of the following is a synonym for "before"?

A.   err

B.   ere

C.   heir

D.   air

12: Which is most commonly used as a verb?

A.   effect

B.   affect

13: Which type of person is likely to believe something uncritically?

A.   credible

B.   credulous

14: Which is the best definition for "emollient"?

A.   a piece of furniture

B.   a cream or lotion

C.   an eraser

D.   a container

15: Father was kind but parsimonious. "Parsimonious" most nearly means ....

A.   ungenerous

B.   angry

C.   amoral

D.   disabled

16: Which means "relating to the ears"?

A.   oral

B.   aural

C.   verbal

17: Which might describe the weather?

A.   averse

B.   adverse

18: We dove in search of starfish and other echinoderms. "Echinoderms" most nearly means ...

A.   spiny sea creatures

B.   sunken treasure

C.   sponges

D.   octopi

19: Which of the following is an antonym to "discord"?

A.   dissuade

B.   disagreement

C.   dissonance

D.   concord

20: Which of the following is a synonym for "praise"?

A.   confirmation

B.   acclamation

C.   conformation

D.   acclimation

21: He disdained doing his math homework. "Disdained" most nearly means:

A.   disliked

B.   disavowed

C.   ignored

D.   enjoyed

22: Galileo was forced to recant his heliocentric theory. "Recant" most nearly means ...

A.   angrily defend

B.   loudly shout

C.   quietly recast

D.   publicly renounce

23: Choose the best word to complete the following sentence: The woman just started playing chess, so she was a true ________.

A.   seer

B.   sage

C.   expert

D.   novice

24: Leonardo da Vinci was the quintessential polymath. "Polymath" most nearly means ...

A.   someone with a rebellious attitude

B.   someone born in Europe

C.   someone knowledgeable in many areas

D.   someone with great artistic talent

25: Which is the best definition for "concatenate"?

A.   snip

B.   join together

C.   agree

D.   hasten

26: Which properly completes this sentence: "She gave the dog ____ bone"?

A.   it's

B.   its

27: Which means "against the rules"?

A.   illicit

B.   elicit

28: Which of the following is the best definition of amicable?

A.   friendly

B.   disorderly

C.   boring

D.   amusing

29: Which does an artist use?

A.   palette

B.   pallet

C.   palate

30: Which means "to determine the value of"?

A.   appraise

B.   apprise

31: Which kind of person is unable to believe something?

A.   incredulous

B.   incredible

32: Which is a baby deer?

A.   faun

B.   fawn

33: The embattled politician was granted asylum in a nearby country. "Asylum" most nearly means:

A.   office

B.   victory

C.   refuge

D.   funding

34: Choose the best word to complete the following sentence: The _____ woman used her wealth to help others.

A.   malevolent

B.   seruptitious

C.   benevolent

D.   swift

35: Which is the middle number in a set (half the values are above and half are below)?

A.   median

B.   mean

C.   mode

36: Which is used to tie up a package?

A.   cord

B.   chord

37: Which of the following is a synonym for "change"?

A.   assent

B.   ascent

C.   altar

D.   alter

38: The professor gave the student sagacious advice. "Sagacious" most nearly means:

A.   wise

B.   whimsical

C.   mysterious

39: The side dish was a mélange of runner beans and carrots. "Mélange" most nearly means ...

A.   bowl

B.   disaster

C.   cornucopia

D.   mixture

40: Whose keys are they? ____ keys.

A.   Their

B.   They're

C.   There

41: He poured the soup into a tureen. "Tureen" most nearly means ...

A.   a dustbin

B.   a type of spoon

C.   a type of bread

D.   a large bowl

42: Which means "morally wrong"?

A.   amoral

B.   immoral

43: Where might you have left your keys?

A.   they're

B.   there

C.   their

44: Who would you go to for relationship advice?

A.   counsellor

B.   councillor

45: Which means "relating to the weather"?

A.   climactic

B.   climatic

46: Which means "to start something"?

A.   incite

B.   insight

47: ____ not leaving without their keys, are they?

A.   Their

B.   They're

C.   There

48: Which means "not including"?

A.   accept

B.   except

49: Wilde spawned a multitude of epigones, but no true successor. "Epigones" most nearly means ...

A.   patrons

B.   followers

C.   enemies

D.   soldiers

50: Which of the following is an antonym to "diminish"?

A.   lessen

B.   harm

C.   increase

D.   reduce