Graphical User Interface MCQs

Graphical User Interface MCQs

These Graphical User Interface multiple-choice questions and their answers will help you strengthen your grip on the subject of Graphical User Interface. You can prepare for an upcoming exam or job interview with these Graphical User Interface MCQs.
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1: The ____ class provides the definitions for gui objects.

A.   Control

B.   Object

C.   Widget

D.   Gadget

2: What is a Graphical User Interface (GUI)?

A.   A text-based interface used for programming

B.   A hardware component of a computer system

C.   An interface that allows users to interact with a computer using graphical elements and visual indicators

D.   A protocol for data transmission between computers

3: What is the purpose of a GUI?

A.   To enhance computer security

B.   To improve computer processing speed

C.   To provide a user-friendly and intuitive interface for interacting with software applications

D.   To manage computer hardware resources

4: Which of the following is a characteristic of a GUI?

A.   Text-based commands and inputs only

B.   Use of icons, buttons, and menus for interaction

C.   Command-line interface with complex syntax

D.   Limited functionality and customization options

5: What is the role of windows in a GUI?

A.   To display error messages and system notifications

B.   To provide access to computer settings and preferences

C.   To organize and display multiple software applications and files

D.   To control the flow of data between hardware components

6: What are icons in a GUI?

A.   Small images that represent files, folders, or applications

B.   Graphs and charts used for data visualization

C.   Programming code used for software development

D.   Numeric codes representing hardware devices

7: What is the function of menus in a GUI?

A.   To display real-time system information

B.   To control the power and energy settings of a computer

C.   To provide a list of options and commands for users to choose from

D.   To connect to external devices and networks

8: Which GUI element allows users to input text or data?

A.   Icons

B.   Buttons

C.   Text boxes

D.   Scroll bars

9: What is the purpose of scroll bars in a GUI?

A.   To display system status and performance metrics

B.   To control the volume and audio settings

C.   To navigate through long documents or web pages

D.   To organize and manage files and folders

10: What is the concept of drag-and-drop in a GUI?

A.   A technique for moving files and folders by clicking and dragging them with a mouse

B.   A security feature to prevent unauthorized access to computer resources

C.   A method for resizing windows and adjusting their position on the screen

D.   A protocol for data transfer between computers on a network

11: What is the advantage of using a GUI?

A.   Improved computer performance and processing speed

B.   Enhanced security and data encryption

C.   Intuitive and user-friendly interface for easier interaction with software applications

D.   Greater control and customization options for advanced users