Internet Protocol MCQs

Internet Protocol MCQs

Try to answer these Internet Protocol MCQs and check your understanding of the Internet Protocol subject. Scroll down and let's begin!

1: Voip uses ____ technology similar to email to transmit voice over the internet

A.   Digital rights management

B.   Digital

C.   Digital Convergence

D.   False

2: ____ is an example of a search engine that specializes in indexing websites that offer video clips.

A.   Yahoo! Screen

B.   Homepage

C.   Google Screen

D.   None of these

3: ____ refers to any instruction delivered via the web.

A.   Web-based teaching (WBT)

B.   E-training

C.   Web-based training (WBT)

D.   Distance lessons

4: The term deep web refers to ____.

A.   Information contained in databases used to create dynamic Web pages

B.   The editors volunteer their time to create the directory's entries

C.   Revise and narrow the question

D.   None of these

5: Vanity searches ____________________________

A.   Describe the basic privacy concerns related to search engines.

B.   Online behavioral advertising

C.   Cloud computing

D.   On-demand service

6: ____ checks a web servers security certificate to determine if the site is legitimate.



C.   SSL


7: ____ is the first step toward conveying information and facts in a written report.

A.   Researching

B.   Flow charting

C.   Creating a bibliography

D.   Determining your writing style

8: The apa and mla citation schemes both call for citing all of the following except ____.

A.   The author's last name, if known

B.   The day, month, and year the page was published

C.   The web page and website titles

D.   The day, month, and year you viewed the page

9: ________ is the development of web pages in a manner that is friendly to search engine spiders.

A.   SEP

B.   SEO

C.   SEM

D.   None of these

10: Good names for a new internet brand should do all of the following except ________.

A.   Differentiate the product from competitors

B.   Translate well into other languages

C.   Be similar to other brand names

D.   Be suitable for legal protection

11: Arpanet, a new network of computers funded by arpa, was based on a plan developed by ____.

A.   Lexis Nexis

B.   Lawrence Roberts

C.   Chrome

D.   U.S. government

12: A ____ ftp website allows anyone to log on using "anonymous" as their username.

A.   Public

B.   Secret

C.   Privated

D.   Protected

13: Companies such as blackboard or moodle offer ____.

A.   Bill payment services

B.   Market spaces

C.   Course management systems

D.   Enterprise information

A.   Phishing

B.   Threat

C.   Hotspot

D.   Secrecy

15: In the united states, the ____ oversees the handling of internet traffic.

A.   FCC

B.   EDI

C.   Zetabytes

D.   None of these