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A.   Ethernet


C.   ATM

D.   Local Talk

2: The computers in a lab on a floor of a building would be connected using a ________.

A.   LAN

B.   WAN

C.   PAN

D.   MAN

3: ____ area networks can cover large geographic distances, including the entire earth.

A.   Personal

B.   Wide

C.   Local

D.   Universal

4: Voip is a type of ______ output.

A.   Video

B.   Audio

C.   Text

D.   Plotting

5: A switch is typically preconfigured with one _______________ that includes all its ports.

A.   Bridged mode

B.   Default VLAN

C.   Virtualization


6: What does LAN stand for?

A.   Long Access Network

B.   Localized Area Network

C.   Local Area Network

D.   Limited Access Network

7: Which of the following is a characteristic of LAN?

A.   Covers a large geographical area, often spanning multiple cities

B.   Uses public infrastructure for data transmission

C.   Connects devices within a small geographical area, such as an office or a building

D.   Operates at very high speeds, typically over 10 Gbps

8: Which device is commonly used to connect devices in a LAN and forward data packets between them?

A.   Router

B.   Switch

C.   Modem

D.   Hub

9: What is the maximum data transmission speed for a traditional Ethernet LAN using twisted-pair copper cables?

A.   10 Mbps

B.   100 Mbps

C.   1 Gbps

D.   10 Gbps

10: Which LAN topology connects all devices in a linear manner with each device having exactly two neighbors?

A.   Star topology

B.   Bus topology

C.   Ring topology

D.   Mesh topology

11: In a wireless LAN (WLAN), what is the technology that allows devices to connect to the network without using physical cables?

A.   Fiber optics

B.   Wi-Fi

C.   Bluetooth

D.   Zigbee

12: Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for addressing, packaging, and routing data packets in a LAN?

A.   Physical layer

B.   Data link layer

C.   Network layer

D.   Transport layer

13: Which LAN component is responsible for converting data between digital signals used by computers and analog signals used by communication channels?

A.   Switch

B.   Hub

C.   Modem

D.   Router

14: Which LAN topology offers redundancy and fault tolerance as data can take multiple paths to reach its destination?

A.   Star topology

B.   Bus topology

C.   Ring topology

D.   Mesh topology