Web Site & Design MCQs

Web Site & Design MCQs

Answer these Web Site & Design MCQs and see how sharp is your knowledge of Web Site & Design. Scroll down and let's start!

1: To display no default value on a selection list, you set its ____ property to -1.

A.   SelectedIndex

B.   Checked

C.   Selected

D.   Value

2: The _____ separates the padding and the margin of a block element.

A.   Border

B.   Width

C.   Timber

D.   Span

3: A(n) ____ class acts as a switchboard between the view layer and the domain layer.

A.   Boundary

B.   Control

C.   Entity

D.   Persistent

4: When you press the ____ key(s), word automatically carries forward the paragraph formatting.



C.   F1


5: The ________ html5 element is used to tangential or supplemental content.

A.   Aside

B.   Header

C.   Booth A and B

D.   None of these

A.   Hover

B.   Link

C.   Hyperlink

D.   Active

7: To create a button that will clear the form fields, you use a type of ____.

A.   Command

B.   Reset

C.   Option

D.   Submit

8: The ____ tag defines a container for an external application or interactive content.


9: The ________ event handler is triggered when the visitor places their mouse on an object.

A.   Onmouseover

B.   Event

C.   Return

D.   None of these

10: The ________ html5 element is used to configure the main navigation area on a web page.

A.   Tags

B.   Rat

C.   Par

D.   Nav

11: To make the webpage display the yacht club rules in a bulleted list, _____ should be used.

A.   ​display: list-item

B.   ​display: item-list

C.   ​display: list

D.   Display: top-list

12: Use the ________ attribute on a element to associate it with a table heading cell.

A.   Headers

B.   Girders

C.   Joists

D.   Rowspan

13: Use the ________ property to configure an image to use as a bullet point in an unordered list.

A.   Bullet-image

B.   Image-style

C.   List-style-image

D.   Bullet-style-image

14: Use the ________ tag pair to configure a table head row group.





15: Use the _______________ property to eliminate the bullets from an unordered list.

A.   List-style-type (remember, you only want TYPE to show, no bullets. So don't choose


C.   All of these (-hide non-essential content -use pt units on font sizes -use control page breaks)

D.   None of these

16: A web ____ can also be referred to as a customized web home page.

A.   Social media

B.   Google

C.   Source

D.   Portal


B.   Mailto:address

C.   &mail;

D.   Mail:

18: By default, a browser places a table caption _____.

A.   ​in the first row of the table

B.   ​below the table

C.   ​in the first cell of the table

D.   ​above the table

19: In cascading style sheets (css) every printed page is defined as a _____.

A.   Page box

B.   ​boxed schema

C.   ​boxed element

D.   Page schema